06/04/2009 Babe Visits David

"Marissa waited on Jake and Amanda at the restaurant. Jake and Amanda introduced themselves when they realized Marissa was Krystal's daughter. Marissa saw that Amanda was pregnant. She seemed excited to soon have a half-sibling. Jake said that David would never have access to Amanda's baby.

After Marissa returned to take Jake and Amanda's order, Jake apologized for being rude to Marissa. He said it was not right to talk badly about David to Marissa. Marissa said she did not know David well enough to take Jake's words to heart. Amanda and Jake ordered their food. Marissa took their menus and went to process the orders.

David told Krystal that he wanted to kill Adam, but could not go through with it. David wanted to know why Krystal was leaving him. Krystal said she was tired of David lying, drugging her and Adam, and attempting to buy Amanda's child. David admitted that he had made mistakes, but could never steal a child that rightfully belonged to him. Tad showed up to take Krystal to his house. Tad gleefully toted Krystal out of David's house. David threw a glass vase at the door.

Tad and Krystal decided to visit Marissa at the restaurant. Krystal told Marissa that she left David. Marissa asked Krystal if David really wanted to take Amanda's baby. Krystal said David was determined to get that baby. Tad and Krystal sat down at a table. Tad went to pick a song in the jukebox.

Marissa told Krystal that maybe she could fill the void David needed in his life. It might help David back off Little Adam and Amanda's baby. Krystal warned Marissa not to get sucked into David's ways. Krystal and Tad shared a dance. Krystal told Tad that she might have left David, but was not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Tad. Tad said he understood.

David threw his glass of booze in the fireplace. He picked up Babe's picture. Suddenly, Babe appeared in the room. She wanted to know why David was so sad. David said he felt like his world fell apart the moment she died. Babe said she had been watching David and was not happy with his decisions.

Babe asked David to be a good man by leaving JR and Amanda alone. Amanda turned into Marissa's image staring at David. Marissa, no longer an illusion, gave David some medicine to calm his headache. Marissa said she might be the only person who really understood David.

Colby accused her mother of coming back to town to kill Adam. Liza touched Colby's arm as Erica walked through the door. Erica thought Liza was attacking Colby, but Colby insisted she was fine. Colby told Erica not to get involved in the problems she was having with Liza. Erica reminded Colby that Liza ignored her for years. Colby agreed that Liza was not the best mother, but believed Liza would not do anything to make their relationship worse. Erica backed off and left the house.

Colby demanded to know what happened between Liza and Adam the night Stuart was killed. Liza said she broke into the house to scare Adam. She found the gun in Adam's usual hiding place, along with all the letters Liza had sent Colby. Adam was keeping the letters from Colby. Liza said she dropped the letters and hid when Adam entered the room.

Adam put the letters in his pocket and left. Later, Liza said she heard a gun shot and found Stuart dead on the floor. Liza said she grabbed the letters and left, but had no idea Stuart was the one who had been shot. Also, Liza did not understand why Stuart had her letters.

Pete interrupted Colby and Liza. After Liza left, Pete said the blood on the letter belonged to Stuart. Pete thought the evidence clearly pointed to Liza as the killer. Colby proclaimed her mother was innocent.

Zach told Kendall not to cry because the wedding was not real. Kendall remembered saying her wedding vows to Zach and telling Ryan she loved him. Kendall wiped the tears away. She said the marriage to Zach was hurting Ryan deeply, even if it was to help clear their names in Stuart's murder. Zach told Kendall he did not mind if she went to Ryan. Kendall did not want to leave Ian alone.

Angie appeared to check on Ian. Zach said Angie could watch Ian if Zach got tired. Kendall decided to take Zach's advice and go see Ryan. Angie said she admired Zach for being such a great father, including marrying his ex-wife. Zach said his relationship with Kendall was nothing more than friendship.

Erica stopped Kendall in the hospital hallway. Erica offered to watch Ian so Kendall and Zach could enjoy their wedding night. Kendall said she and Zach only got married again out of convenience. Erica was stunned to learn that Kendall was on her way to see Ryan. She said that Zach still loved Kendall. Kendall claimed she loved Ryan.

At the police station, Ryan showed Annie a picture Emma drew of Annie pointing a gun. Ryan said he knew Annie was at the Chandler mansion the night Stuart was killed. Ryan asked Annie who she was pointing the gun at in Emma's picture. Annie agreed to tell Ryan everything she knew if he let her talk to Emma. Ryan insisted on getting the truth from Annie first.

Annie said she went to the Chandler mansion to kidnap Emma, but Adam caught her. Annie went after Adam, ran into a drunken JR, and found Adam shaking. Annie said Adam kept saying someone wanted to kill him. She took him and Emma to the attic so Adam could recover. Annie said Emma saw her holding a gun in the attic after hearing strange noises and a gunshot. Ryan said he wanted to talk to Adam before allowing Annie to call Emma.

Ryan paid Adam a visit to learn more about the night Stuart was murdered. Adam said he remembered Annie saving his life. Adam still blamed Kendall for killing Stuart. He thought Ryan was trying to find a way to pin the murder on Annie.

Ryan was surprised to see Kendall at his door. Kendall said she wanted Ryan, despite being married to Zach. Ryan said Kendall should be with Ian. Kendall and Ryan said they loved each other.

Liza went to the hospital looking for Kendall. She wanted to apologize for turning Kendall in to the police. Also, Liza told Zach she felt bad about them having sex. Liza said she returned to town for Colby, but everything was going wrong. Liza flirted with Zach a bit, but stopped when he showed her his wedding band. Zach said he married Kendall to avoid testifying against her in court. Liza said Kendall was a lucky woman.

Liza found Kendall in the hospital. Liza apologized to Kendall, but Kendall did not seem impressed. Liza said she had changed her story to protect her unborn child. Erica saw Liza at the restaurant. Erica assumed that Colby did not turn Liza in to the police. Liza said she planned to win back Colby's trust. Erica wished Liza the best of luck with that task.

Annie called Emma. Emma gushed about her spelling bee and saving hugs for Annie. Ryan listened in on the conversation.

Kendall went into Ian's room. Zach rested in a rocking chair while Kendall tended to Ian."

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