06/03/2009 Scott Accuses David

"Jake and Liza met privately in a hospital room. Jake found Liza's patient file in the archives. He pulled the information from when Liza was pregnant with Colby. It contained notes from all of her doctor's appointments. Jake said that he could change the dates to make her fake pregnancy seem real. Liza was impressed.

He explained that he would take Amanda to Barbados for a week. There, he would perform a c-section on Amanda. He would give the baby to Liza and then she would introduce the baby as her own. Meanwhile, Jake would have a doctor forge a death certificate, so it appeared that Amanda's baby died.

Liza thought that Jake's plan would work and she agreed to take the baby. Then, he showed her a picture of Colby's sonogram. He recalled when he thought Colby was his child. Liza told him that he would one day be a great father. Then, Amanda entered the room. Amanda saw the sonogram and Liza announced it was her baby.

After Liza left, Amanda told Jake that she liked Liza, even though he warned her not to trust Liza. Jake noticed that Amanda looked upset. She admitted that she was nervous about her pregnancy; she feared something would go wrong. He promised to make sure everything went smoothly. Then, they kissed.

Colby entered her mother's suite and found Erica snooping around in the dark. Colby exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing?" Erica divulged that she was searching for evidence to prove that Liza killed Stuart. Colby stated that Liza denied involvement in the murder. Erica was certain that Liza was guilty and proceeded to rummage through her belongings.

Erica encouraged Colby to help her, but Colby refused. Erica noted that Colby might find evidence to exonerate Liza. Colby looked under her mother's bed and found numerous letters addressed to "Colby Chandler." Colby said nothing to Erica, placed the letters in her purse, and left.

Colby went home and examined the letters. All of them were unopened. Colby read the letters and realized that Liza wrote to her many times over the previous three years. Liza sent Colby birthday cards and letters for every holiday. In all of the letters, Liza told Colby that she loved and missed her very much. Liza wished that Colby would give her another chance. Then, in one of the letters, Liza assumed that Adam was not giving the letters to Colby. Liza wrote that she would not stop writing because she hoped that Colby would eventually get the letters and know that her mother never stopped loving her.

Colby showed Pete the letters. Pete was happy for Colby. Colby smiled widely as she stated that her mother never stopped loving her. Pete asked to look at the most recent letter. As she handed it to him, she mentioned that there was lipstick on it. He looked at the letter and told her that the substance was blood, not lipstick. She wondered how blood got on the letter. He reminded her that Stuart was shot in her house and bled a lot. Pete offered to test the substance to make sure it was blood.

Liza went to the mansion to see Colby. Liza explained that an employee of the Yacht Club told her Colby had been looking for her. Liza wondered if Colby was in her room, because some of her belongings were out of place. So, Colby showed her mother the letters. Liza was glad to learn that Colby read them. Liza explained that, when Colby ran away, she was angry. Liza was angry with herself for not being a better mother and she was angry with Colby for not giving her another chance. Then, once Liza began to write the letters, her anger turned to sadness. Liza affirmed that she loved Colby very much, and they embraced.

Colby inquired why Liza did not show her the letters sooner. Liza said that Colby did not give her a chance. Colby realized that her mother did not have the letters until recently because she stole them from the mansion. Colby asked if her mother stole the letters on the night of Stuart's murder. Liza confessed to being in the mansion and stealing the letters. Liza said that she wanted the letters, so she could prove to Colby that she loved her.

Pete went to his lab and examined the letter. He determined that the letter was covered in blood. He called Colby and told her the news. He guessed that the blood was Stuart's. Colby looked at her mother and called her a murderer. Liza denied the accusation and tried to calm Colby. Just then, Erica entered the room and ordered Liza to leave Colby alone.

Ryan suggested that Zach and Kendall get married, so Zach would not have to testify against Kendall. Kendall asked Ryan if he had lost his mind. Ryan felt that it was the only way for Kendall to avoid life in prison. Kendall reminded Ryan that he might have to testify against her, as well. Zach told her to choose her groom. Ryan stated that she had to marry Zach, because Zach's testimony would be the most damaging. Kendall agreed to marry Zach because she did not want to be away from her sons. Ryan said that he could not stay and watch the ceremony. As Ryan left, Kendall said she loved him.

Ryan informed Erica that Kendall and Zach were getting remarried. Erica looked surprised. Ryan explained that the marriage was a way to protect Kendall. She understood and said that it made perfect sense. Ryan stated that he still loved Kendall and would not give up on her.

Erica met with Kendall. Erica was pleased about the wedding. Kendall reminded her mother that it was a marriage of convenience, not romance. Erica noted that Kendall and Zach had married for convenience in the past, but ended up falling in love. Erica hoped that history would repeat itself.

Kendall and Zach met with the justice of the peace at the hospital. They had their ceremony in the waiting room and had a nurse as their witness. They unemotionally said their vows. Then, after the justice of the peace pronounced Zach and Kendall husband and wife, he said they could kiss. Zach just walked away.

Zach saw Kendall crying after the ceremony. She was daydreaming of when she married Zach and truly meant the vows. Then, she recalled almost marrying Ryan. Zach told her that it was not a real marriage, so she should not get upset. She lied and told Zach that she was only thinking about Ryan.

Scott punched David and David fell unconscious. Krystal thanked Scott for saving her from David. Scott grabbed David and called him a murderer.

Jesse came to Wildwind. Scott told Jesse that David killed Stuart. Scott explained that David practically confessed to Marissa. David regained consciousness and denied the accusation. David stated that he did not kill Stuart and that he never admitted to the crime. Jesse asked Krystal if there was anything she wanted to add. Krystal glared at David and noted that no one wanted Adam dead more than David. David said that Krystal was the murderer because she killed their marriage.

Jesse told Scott that he did not have enough evidence to arrest David. Scott was furious and vowed to get revenge on David. Jesse said that he would handle David. Jesse promised to put David behind bars-if he was the killer.

After Jesse and Scott left Wildwind, David told Krystal about the night that Stuart died. David said that he wanted to kill Adam, but he could not because of his children. He said that the thought of Marissa, Little Adam, and his unborn child made him think twice about committing the crime.

Opal babysat Emma. When Ryan came home, Opal showed him a picture that the little girl drew. Opal explained that Emma threw the drawing the garbage, but Opal felt that Ryan needed to see it. Ryan looked shocked when he saw the picture; it was a woman holding a gun.

Ryan asked Emma why she drew the picture. The girl said it was a mistake. He asked who the woman in the picture was. She told her father that she was not allowed to tell. He asked why not. She said that her mother told her to keep quiet.

Ryan went to the police station and showed Annie the drawing. He demanded to know why Emma drew the violent picture. Annie said, "I'll tell you.""

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