05/04/2009 Marissa Defends JR

"At ConFusion, Marissa spoke up about JR's addiction when she saw him with a drink at the bar. When she mentioned Babe, JR exploded. He asked her where she got off talking about Babe. Marissa explained that her mother and Krystal had been friends. Krystal had talked of Babe often, so Marissa felt as if she had known Babe.

David stood nearby, listening to the exchange between Marissa and JR.

JR asked Marissa what she was doing in town. Marissa didn't go into detail, but she did reveal that she had moved in with Krystal and her husband, David. JR suggested that Marissa take the opportunity to run while she still had the chance. David heard JR's caustic remark as he sauntered up to JR and Marissa.

Marissa had a front row seat to witness the animosity between JR and David. The two men quickly began arguing. JR promised David that it would be a "cold day in hell" before David saw Little A. David wasn't too concerned; he was fairly certain JR would self-destruct sooner, rather than later.

After JR stormed off, David took JR's seat and a sip of JR's drink. He asked Marissa how she knew JR. Marissa told David about the incident at the boat club, when Little A had wandered off. David considered it another example, in a long line, of JR's parental neglect. Marissa stood up for JR. She had viewed it as an accident, which could have happened to anyone.

David was furious. He didn't believe that JR had deserved Babe or Little A. David warned Marissa never to defend JR to him again. If she did, Marissa would be evicted from Wildwind.

Krystal was filled with trepidation as she entered Adam's study and saw a shadowy figure at Adam's desk. She relaxed when she discovered that it was Tad. When the lights came on, Krystal noticed that Tad's head was bleeding.

Tad explained that he had bumped his head while trying to break into Adam's desk, just as the power went out. Krystal wanted to know what Tad had been doing in Adam's office. Tad explained that if Alexander Cambias had not killed Dixie, then the prime suspect was Adam.

Tad confided that he and Jesse had questioned Stuart. Stuart had recalled an incident, just after Dixie had been poisoned. Stuart had seen Adam at the estate's gates, where the Satin Slayer had left behind the satin ribbon. Tad also revealed that Adam had collapsed when JR had questioned Adam about killing Dixie. Krystal thought that there might have been a logical explanation, but Tad was not swayed.

Krystal suggested that if Adam were trying to hide a secret, it would be in Adam's safe. Tad went to the safe, but could not open it. Krystal and Tad tried to look around for a hint of the safe's combination. Tad eventually figured out that the combination was Adam's sister's birthday. Inside the safe, Tad found a stack of money and an envelope with Krystal's name on it.

Tad realized that the contents of the envelope were likely what Adam had been using to blackmail Krystal. Krystal didn't deny it; she asked Tad to give her the envelope. Reluctantly, Tad handed it over. He asked Krystal what had happened to the woman he had fallen in love with. Krystal suggested that perhaps that woman had died, alongside her daughter.

They were startled when they heard a noise. Krystal and Tad quickly put the room to rights moments before JR walked in. JR was surprised to see Krystal and Tad in the study. Krystal explained that she had stopped by to see Little A. Tad didn't say anything.

JR told Krystal about his encounter with Marissa. Tad wondered who Marissa was. Krystal explained that she was the daughter of an old friend. JR resented Marissa's interference in his life. JR advised Krystal to tell Marissa to mind her own business.

After Krystal left, JR asked Tad why he was in Adam's study. Tad told JR the truth; he explained that he had been investigating Dixie's death. JR wondered why Tad hadn't said anything sooner; JR would have been happy to help Tad. Tad worried about JR's reaction if Adam turned out to be the one who had murdered Dixie. JR made it clear that if Adam was guilty of the murder, then JR wanted his father to be held accountable.

Tad and JR decided to search the house for possible clues. JR asked Tad what they were looking for. Tad wasn't certain; he said that they would know when they found it.

A short time later, Tad returned to the study. He found JR in deep thought and asked what was on JR's mind. JR reminded Tad that Tad had once told JR that there would come a day when JR would remember the happy times with Dixie. JR wondered when that would happen. Tad didn't know; he hoped the day would come when they learned the truth about Dixie's death.

JR confided that every time he thought of his mother, the image he carried was of finding her in the study, gasping for breath, and her eyes filled with terror. It was followed by an image of Dixie on a ventilator and then one of Joe telling the family that Dixie had died.

As JR talked, he remembered looking at a picture of his mother just after she had died. When JR had looked up, he saw Adam's reflection in the window. Adam was smiling. JR shared the details of the memory with Tad.

Krystal returned to Wildwind. No one was home. She went over to the fireplace, struck a match, and then lit the envelope, which Tad had given her, on fire. Once the fire caught, Krystal threw the envelope into the fireplace then watched it burn. Moments later, Marissa arrived home.

Marissa was surprised to see that Krystal was home; she thought Krystal had gone to visit her grandson. Krystal confirmed that she had gone to see Little A. Krystal also revealed that while she was at the Chandler mansion, she had talked to JR. Krystal was livid because Marissa had betrayed Krystal's confidence by talking to JR about his drinking.

Marissa apologized for what had happened. She explained that she had been worried when she saw JR with a drink. Krystal didn't think it was a valid excuse. Krystal reminded Marissa that Marissa was a stranger; she couldn't go around town, insinuating herself into people's lives.

Scott arrived at the hospital, concerned about Adam's welfare. Erica assured Scott that Adam was fine. She explained that Adam had been under tremendous stress, which had brought on a seizure. When Scott asked to see Adam, Erica told Scott that Adam needed to rest and relax; she didn't think Adam was up to visitors.

Scott realized that it had not been the first time that Adam had collapsed. He asked Erica what was really wrong with Adam. Erica repeated that Adam was fine; the tests had not revealed anything of concern. Erica suggested that it was time for Adam to retire. Scott admitted that Adam's retirement seemed to confirm that Adam was ill.

Erica managed to divert Scott's concern about Adam by talking about the heart valve Scott was trying to get to the market. Scott admitted that his desire to help others stemmed from personal experience. He had watched his mother, Cindy, succumb to AIDS. Scott pointed out that there had been tremendous advancements in the treatment of AIDS since his mother's death. Scott hoped to make the same kind of difference with the heart valve.

Scott returned to talking about Adam. He was impressed by Erica's loyalty to Adam. Erica admitted that she and Adam had been through a lot together. She would never turn her back on Adam in a time of need.

At the Slater home, Zach was concerned when Ian refused to eat and ran a low-grade fever. He decided to err on the side of caution by taking Ian to the hospital. Before Zach left, he called Kendall. When he reached her voicemail, Zach told Kendall that Ian was running a slight fever, so he had decided to take their son to the hospital.

Ryan and Kendall woke up in bed together. While a storm raged outside, Kendall admitted that she was blissfully happy in their little secret world. Ryan and Kendall made love. Later, while the two were in the shower, Kendall's cell phone rang.

After the shower, Ryan went to the kitchen to fetch them something to eat. Kendall remained in the bedroom and checked her voicemail. Kendall sprang up when she heard Zach's message. When Ryan returned, Kendall told him that Ian had a really high fever and that Zach had to be taken Ian to the hospital. She asked Ryan to go with her to the hospital.

Kendall and Ryan arrived at the hospital. Zach repeated Ian's symptoms to Kendall: slight fever, lack of appetitive, and fussy. Ryan offered to call Erica. After Ryan stepped away, Zach admitted that he was worried. Joe had asked David to check on Ian.

When David arrived at the hospital, he assumed he had been called about Adam. Joe told David that Ian Slater had been brought in; Joe suggested that they ready an operating room.

Later, David confirmed that Ian had congestive heart failure. David said that Ian's only chance for survival was surgery. Kendall didn't want her son to have to endure another invasive procedure. Erica asked about the risks to Ian. David explained that different options carried different risks. He assured the family that he would go over all of them before they made a decision.

Scott approached David about using the experimental heart valve on Ian. David didn't have the authority to approve the procedure. He explained that Scott would first have to convince Jake Martin that the heart value was the best option. Afterwards, Scott would have to convince the Slaters to use their son as a guinea pig.

Ryan told Erica that Zach and Kendall's marriage was over. He reminded Erica that Zach wanted a divorce and had slept with another woman. Erica suggested that Ryan move on.

Kendall talked to Ian. As tears filled her eyes, Kendall apologized to her son for not being there when he became sick. Kendall promised that it would never happen again; nothing would ever come between her and her children. Spike and Ian were the most important people in the world to her. Zach stood nearby listening.

Later, Zach joined Kendall at Ian's bedside. Zach advised Kendall not to beat herself up; Ian wouldn't want that. Kendall couldn't help but feel guilty. Zach asked Kendall if she was happy in her relationship with Ryan. Kendall replied that she was. Zach responded that was all that mattered, then walked away.

Marissa went to stoke up the fire when she spotted part of a scorched snapshot in the fireplace."

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