05/05/2009 Marissa Leaves Krystal A Note

"Joe explained to Zach, Kendall, and Erica that Ian was not responding to medication. Joe said that Ian needed his heart valve replaced or he would die. They asked Joe for the options available to them.

Joe said that there were two types of heart valves, mechanical and biological, and there were advantages and disadvantages to each. While the mechanical valve was strong, it was prevalent to blood clots. And, although the biological valve did not cause clots, it was not strong and Ian would probably need another replacement in the future. Kendall was distressed by the poor options and left the room. Zach followed her and found her hugging Ryan in the waiting room. Zach looked sad and walked away.

Ryan comforted Kendall. She asked him to check on Spike for her and he agreed. Before Ryan left the hospital, Ryan asked Zach if he needed anything from home. Zach smiled and said no.

Erica called Adam. She left him a message stating that she needed to discuss the new heart valve with him.

Jake approached Kendall and Zach and informed them about the new heart valve he was helping to develop. Kendall and Zach wondered why Joe did not tell them about the valve. Jake stated that the technology was very new, so Joe did not know about it. David entered the room and commented that Jake wanted to turn Ian into his guinea pig.

David revealed that the valve had not been tested on humans yet. David further stated that Adam funded the valve's production. Jake assured Kendall and Zach that Ian was the perfect candidate for the valve. Zach reminded Jake that he almost killed Kendall in surgery. Zach warned Jake to stay away from his son.

Jake told Kendall that he would step aside and let another doctor perform the surgery, if it made Kendall and Zach more comfortable. David was surprised that Jake would pass up an opportunity to perform a cutting-edge procedure. Jake stated that he was not publicity-hungry, like David.

Kendall begged David to save Ian, like he saved her. Kendall stated that the valve could save Ian's life, especially if David performed the surgery. Zach overheard Kendall and chastised her for considering the valve. Zach refused to let his son be a guinea pig. Kendall was sure that the valve would work and asked David for support. David said that he could not make the decision for them. David then announced that he was not sure if he wanted to do the surgery.

Erica went to Kendall's house to get her daughter clean clothes. Ryan was there, also, visiting Spike. Erica told Ryan to leave Kendall alone. Erica stated that Kendall and Zach were meant to be together and divorce papers could not change that. Ryan disagreed and said that he and Kendall had a future together. Erica told Ryan that she could not stop him from making a mistake, but she assured him it was a mistake to be with Kendall.

Adam accused JR of stealing a file from his safe, but JR swore that he did not steal anything. JR wondered why the file was so important to his father. Adam snidely replied that the file did not contain a confession to Dixie's murder. JR was convinced that Adam had the means and motive to try to kill Babe and inadvertently kill Dixie. Adam stated that he did not try to kill Babe or Dixie.

JR informed Adam that he recalled his father smiling on the day that Dixie died. Adam noted that a smile did not mean he was a murderer. Adam assumed that Tad brainwashed JR against him. Adam was distraught because he needed JR.

JR asked why Adam pitted him against Scott, if he needed him so badly. Adam explained that the challenge he created for control of the company was a way to motivate JR. JR affirmed that he did not need Scott to motivate him.

Scott interrupted Adam and JR to tell them about Ian's heart condition. Scott asked JR if he could convince Kendall and Zach to use their heart valve for Ian's surgery. JR was adamantly against the idea because JR refused to use Ian as a guinea pig. Adam felt that JR was letting his personal feelings for Kendall and Zach get in the way of a smart business decision. Adam said that the heart valve could save Ian and Chandler Enterprises.

JR found Little Adam in his grandfather's office. The little boy put his piggy bank into Adam's brief case. JR inquired about his son's actions. Little Adam explained that he wanted Adam to have money when he went back to the hospital. JR assured Little Adam that his grandfather was healthy and would not make another trip to the hospital.

Little Adam stated that he heard Adam complaining about money. The boy wondered if they would lose their house. JR promised Little Adam that he would grow up in the mansion and eventually inherit it. Scott overheard the conversation and told Little Adam that he would never take Little A's house away from him, even if he ran the family's company.

JR understood that the heart valve could save Ian's life and make a lot of money for the company, but he still had reservations. JR warned Scott that their family could lose everything if the valve failed. Furthermore, JR did not want to risk Ian's life in the process.

David showed Krystal a note that Marissa left for her. In the note, Marisa apologized for getting too involved in Krystal's life. Marissa explained that she moved out, but planned to pay back Krystal the money she gave her for tuition. Then, David handed Krystal a burnt picture of Marissa that was in the fireplace. He inquired why she burned the photo.

Krystal looked distraught and stated that she was trying to burn away her old memories because they were painful. She admitted that Babe's death changed her and made her lonely. He reminded her that Marissa was lonely, too, since her parents died. He urged Krystal to reach out to Marissa because Krystal was the closest thing the girl had to family.

Krystal went to the Yacht Club because Marissa got a job as a waitress there. Krystal pleaded with Marissa to move back into her home, but Marissa was reluctant. Marissa felt guilty for not minding her own business, and for causing problems for Krystal. Krystal affirmed that Marissa did nothing wrong. Krystal explained that she took out her frustrations on Marissa and regretted it.

Adam entered the Yacht Club, with his nurse in tow. Adam approached Krystal and Marissa. Adam introduced himself to Marissa, which made Krystal appear nervous.

Krystal sarcastically asked Adam if he was enjoying himself. He laughed and said that Marissa was pretty. Adam commented that Krystal was lucky Babe and Marissa were fraternal twins, otherwise, everyone would know that Marissa was Krystal's daughter. Krystal told Adam to be quiet.

Adam snidely stated that he would not tell anyone Krystal sold one of her babies, but decided to keep the other. Krystal told Adam that she would kill him if he told anyone the truth."

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