05/01/2009 Marissa Massages David

"Liza showed up at the Slater residence, and, after a few teasing kisses, she let on that she knew who Zach was. She said that he had something she wanted - a refund for what she lost at the casino, as Zach had only won by switching to a winning card. Zach didn't admit fault, and instead challenged her to another game. If she won, Liza would be reimbursed; if Zach won, Liza would have to reveal her real name.

After some excessive shuffling, Liza finally spread the cards out and they each picked a card. Zach drew a Jack, and found it ironic that she pulled the Queen of Hearts. Liza promised that she hadn't cheated with this hand and dared Zach to search her to confirm. He opted out, and then asked her name so that he could write her a check. She bypassed giving that information when she told him to write it to cash.

Zach did as instructed, and then tried to find out more details about her by way of small talk. Liza maintained her air of mystery, and Zach noted that she came across as a lot of trouble.

Zach told her that he wasn't sure he was interested in what kind of trouble she was, and handed over the check. The tension was broken when they heard Ian's cries over the baby monitor. When Zach took off up the stairs to tend to his son, Liza helped herself to a view of Alexander's memoirs. She'd made her way to a seat on the couch by the time that Zach made it back downstairs, but was no less vague about who she was. She deftly sidestepped all of his questions and pointed out that perhaps Zach was the more troublesome of the two.

When David returned to Wildwind, he asked Marissa to use talents from her previous stint as a bartender to make him a drink. Marissa knew that doing so was beyond her realm of expertise, so she told David that she had a better technique. He lay face down on the floor and she worked his tense muscles over with the skills she'd picked up at the massage parlor.

While she did, they talked about where they had been and where they wanted to be with regard to success in their careers. Marissa noted that she and David sounded a lot alike. She then hit a spot that had not been coerced into relaxation, so she took her shirt off and told David that she had one more trick up her sleeve. Krystal walked in and witnessed how good Marissa's talents made David feel. When they noticed Krystal's presence, David managed to miss the uncomfortable stares that passed between the two women.

After Tad and Jesse broke down the events of the day that Dixie died, Stuart confessed that the only person he had seen near the ribbon on the gate - previously assumed to belong to the Satin Slayer - was Adam.

Erica arrived outside of the Chandler study in time to hear JR confront Adam about whether Adam had caused Dixie's death. When she realized the source of JR's questions, she demanded to be let in, but JR insisted that she leave. JR continued to badger his father about any role Adam had played in Dixie's murder, but Adam couldn't find words-nor the strength to continue standing. He found his way to a chair, but JR didn't believe his father had fallen ill until he found a thready pulse.

JR finally let Erica in, and, after she told him that Adam hadn't been acting, she instructed JR to call 9-1-1. Once the paramedics arrived, JR gave a brief rundown on Adam's ailments before they carted the mogul off to Pine Valley Hospital. The paramedics took the information they needed and then headed out of the house. Erica took a few moments to berate JR for being a horrible son. When she let go of the tirade, both she and JR made a beeline to the hospital, as well.

Angie examined Opal at Pine Valley hospital and delivered the news that Opal's heart was in good shape. Angie attributed the palpitations Opal had suffered to anxiety, and said that she would prescribe a mild sedative. Angie's pager went off, and she asked Opal to wait until she addressed another issue. Once alone, Opal spotted a gurney with a white sheet as it wheeled down the hall. Then Adam, with an exposed heart, sat up on the gurney, which caused Opal to clutch at her own chest and double over in pain.

Randi interrupted Natalia's study session at the Hubbard residence and was treated to an earful of neurotic assumptions, should Natalia fail her police exam. Wordless, Randi picked up a framed photo of herself with her husband, and then dropped it to the floor. Natalia knew that something was wrong, and when she realized it had to do with Frankie, she wrapped Randi in a hug.

Angie rushed back to Opal's side and, although she tried to calm Opal down, Opal seemed to be lost in her own world. With a start, Opal said that she had to go, and bolted out of the hospital, unaware of Angie's protests. Then, Angie got a call from Natalia and fell silent as her stepdaughter delivered some news.

Stuart became increasingly upset when he realized that the answers to the questions Jesse and Tad asked might get Adam in trouble. Stuart told the investigators that he no longer wanted to talk about Dixie's death, and stormed out. Before Jesse could dash after Stuart, his phone rang. He saw that his daughter was on the other end of the line and immediately answered. When he did, the string of words that flew out of Natalia's mouth alarmed him, and he told her he would be home as soon as possible.

Jesse arrived home first and attempted to find out what happened. Angie showed up just as Randi repeated the words that the stateside officer said to her: Frankie's convoy had been ambushed. Angie pleaded with them to tell her that Frankie was still alive.

Colby joined JR and Erica at the hospital as the doctors examined Adam. They stepped out into the hall so the doctors could work unobstructed, and Colby voiced her fears about how sick her father was. Erica tried to convince the young girl that her father would be fine. Colby looked at her brother and asked why he was so solemn, but JR sidestepped the question and assured her that Adam would be better in no time.

Colby didn't believe either one of them, but the heat was off when the doctor announced that they could see Adam one at a time. Colby dashed back into the room just as Tad showed up. Tad asked his son why Adam had landed in the hospital again, and Erica broke in with details of JR's relentless onslaught of accusations.

A nurse that had been working with David called him from the hospital and informed him that Adam had been admitted due to seizure activity. He told her that he would be at the hospital shortly, and bid adieu to his wife and houseguest. Once alone, Marissa thanked Krystal for keeping silent about Melissa's massage parlor experience. Krystal shot back that Marissa could thank her by keeping her hands off of David. Marissa was offended by Krystal's implications, but Krystal told her that it was simply about respect for boundaries.

Krystal then apologized for her overreaction and said that she was touchy about things since she and David just recently reunited. Marissa asked for details and was enthralled at what she heard. She then told Krystal that there was no need to worry about David straying, and revealed that David had issued a warning about using Krystal's good nature for personal gain.

Tad chastised JR for his attempt at taking Adam to task, and reminded his son of the request to let Tad handle things. Erica was taken aback that Tad would even consider Alexander's words as ones that held any validity. Tad told her that he had uncovered some things that he couldn't ignore.

Under the cover of night, Stuart approached the gate where the silk ribbon had been tied years before. He recalled happening upon Adam that day and the promise he'd made not to tell anyone that he'd seen Adam there. Spooked, Stuart snapped himself back to the present and headed back to his house.

Tad revealed what Stuart had seen, and JR realized that since his uncle never lied, the possibility was even greater that his father was guilty. Unable to deal with all of the emotions that crashed in, JR left the hospital abruptly. Then, David showed up and Erica told him that there was no way the Chandlers would want him to treat any member of their family. David ignored her words, but was told virtually the same thing by Colby when he went in the room. David told her that he was the cardiologist on call for six additional hours, and so she needed to make a choice. She caved in, and stepped outside of the room so that David could examine Adam.

The nurse came by as David examined Adam and she provided David with the latest test results. When the lab work revealed that the cause of Adam's illnesses were inconclusive, David noted that the treatment needed to be increased. He told the nurse that he would make sure that she had sufficient access to continue their plan.

Angie felt as though she would be sick, so she ran off to the bathroom. Jesse didn't believe that his son was dead because the officer hadn't mentioned fatalities. Taylor arrived just then, and reassured them that Frankie was fast on his feet and knew how to survive. She also told them that a phone call was good because when there was a fatality, a soldier came to your door. Then, as if beckoned, someone knocked.

The group was relieved when Brot was the soldier on the other side of the door. Taylor filled him in on what happened, and then they both assured the family that while Frankie was a great doctor, he was an even better soldier. Brot noted that Frankie was owed a pass because of all of the lives he had saved, and in answer, the electricity went out.

By candlelight, Frankie's family and friends held hands and prayed that he would be kept from harm, and brought home safely. At that, the lights came back on. Angie noted that they would keep the candle lit until Frankie made it back from Iraq.

Opal paid a visit to Wildwind and told Krystal that she needed to talk to someone, with the assurance that psych doctors wouldn't be called in. Opal apologized to Marissa and promised that they would have a normal conversation someday. The budding lawyer vacated the room, and Opal confessed all of visions she'd had, and said that she believed they were all connected to the Cambias book.

David exited Adam's room and updated Colby on Adam's prognosis. He told her that Adam might need dedicated home care, and said that the staff of the hospital would be able to help her. Meanwhile, Erica visited Adam just as he awoke from his coma-like state. She checked to see if he remembered anything, and then asked if he had been at all involved in Dixie's death. Adam told her that from what he could remember, he didn't know.

Krystal snuck into the Chandler library and called out Adam's name when she saw a figure seated at the desk. Then, lighting flashed and she saw that it was Tad who sat behind the desk, and noticed that he had a bleeding wound on his forehead."

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