04/23/2009 Jesse Questions Aidan

"Aidan refused to tell Jesse where Annie was hiding. Jesse said that Aidan was facing serious charges if he did not give up Annie's whereabouts. Jesse came out of the holding room and told Ryan that Aidan was not talking.

Jackson walked up and said he was Aidan's attorney. Jackson said Greenlee would have wanted him to help Aidan. Ryan pointed out that Annie tried to kill Greenlee and kidnapped Emma twice. Jackson said he wanted to hear Aidan's side of the story. Ryan said that Emma was not safe with Annie on the loose.

Aidan told Jackson he would not rat on Annie if she ended up back in jail or a mental hospital. Jackson thought it would make more sense for Annie to turn herself in to the police. Aidan said Annie was innocent, so he helped her get someplace safe. Aidan thought Annie was done hurting people. Jackson said Annie took Emma before, and could do it again.

Aidan said Annie was not after Emma. In fact, he had planned to go with Annie. Jackson said he would try to get Aidan out on bail. He told Ryan that Annie had left the country and was not returning. Jesse said Annie was spotted in London, but without an extradition treaty, he could not do anything.

Ryan told Aidan he would hold Aidan personally responsible if anything happened to Emma. Aidan said Annie was not coming back to town.

JR told the doctor that the prototype for the heart valve needed to get on the market as soon as possible. The doctor said he did not believe in compromising patients for profit, but JR knew the doctor wanted the fame, recognition and money for his creation. The doctor tried to leave, but JR blocked his path. JR said he and Adam supported the doctor's idea financially-and the doctor owed the Chandlers a favor. The doctor figured he could find another investor, but JR threatened to tie up the patent in court forever. The doctor said JR could have everything in exchange for $2 million.

Scott gave Jake a tour of the hospital. Scott told Jake that the prototype for the valve was almost ready for a trial run with a top-notch cardiologist. David overheard the conversation and took the liberty of suggesting he be the first doctor to experiment with the valve. David said Adam's company would go belly-up unless a good cardiologist, such as himself, performed the initial procedure. In return, David wanted his name put directly on the valve. Scott turned down David's offer.

Scott was surprised to see the doctor meeting with JR and Adam at the Chandler home. JR told the doctor that money would be wired to his account. Scott realized that the doctor sold out his interest in the valve to Chandler Enterprises. Scott told the doctor that larger companies would pay double what JR did once the valve was approved and manufactured. The doctor said it was pointless to fight the Chandlers, and he left. Scott told JR the goal was to save lives, not make a quick buck. Adam said JR and Scott needed to work together to find a solution.

After Scott left the hospital, Jake said David was not the only skilled surgeon in Pine Valley. As Amanda walked in, David said Jake would never be the man David had become - a good surgeon and father of Amanda's child. Jake told David to keep out of Amanda's personal life. David said he' take the baby from Amanda and leave her with nothing.

Amanda and Jake went into a private room. Amanda said Jake did not deserve the brunt of David's wrath. Jake said he liked being with Amanda. Amanda thought it would be best to move closer to the adoptive parents, but Jake wanted them to stick to the plan. Amanda would give birth and hand the baby to its new adoptive parents, Jake said-and David would believe the baby died. Amanda worried their plan would not work.

Angie asked Tad if Krystal had seen Jenny lately. Tad said Krystal had stayed low since Little Adam's custody trial. Angie was worried about Krystal, especially since Krystal made everyone believe that she loved David. Krystal stopped by and said she did love David, but knew he would never forgive her for betraying him at the custody hearing.

Angie said David wanted Krystal to know he still loved her. Tad thought David loved nothing other than his obsession with Little Adam. Krystal asked Tad to help her move out of David's house. Despite Angie's grudges with David, she believed David truly loved Krystal.

David found Tad at his home carrying Krystal's suitcases. David said Krystal would never bail out on their marriage. Tad said he had thought the same thing about himself and Krystal until her secret was revealed. David said he didn't care what Adam used to blackmail Krystal. He wanted to work out their martial problems.

When Tad arrived home, Krystal was eager to hear what David had said. Tad said David claimed to still love Krystal. Tad thought Krystal was wise not to go back to David, who constantly manipulated her. Krystal said David had a wonderful side that not many people saw.

Angie went downstairs after putting Jenny down for a nap. Tad was surprised that Angie seemed to be rooting for David. Angie said she was not David's biggest fan, but Krystal was old enough to make her own choices.

Natalia practiced her handcuff skills on Randi. Randi turned around so Natalia could cuff her, but quickly pulled a move on Natalia that left her on the ground. Natalia was disappointed that Randi overpowered her so quickly. Randi said Natalia just needed more practice. Natalia asked Randi if she had talked to Frankie lately. Randi said that she and Frankie were having a webcam date at the Yacht Club to celebrate their one-month anniversary.

Frankie and Randi talked about their ideas of a perfect date through the webcam. A few tables away, Jake and Amanda ordered lunch. Frankie and Randi's date was cut short with a bad connection.

Scott took the opportunity to make a move on Randi, but she was not interested. Randi said she had been celebrating an anniversary with her husband until the computer shut down. Scott said he was not spouse material, but offered to buy Randi dessert to make up for crashing her date. The webcam connection came back. Frankie got a glimpse of Scott feeding Randi cake.

David was surprised to see Krystal return home. Krystal apologized for not telling David the truth before the custody hearing. David said they needed to focus on the future. Someone banged on the door and Krystal went to answer it.

Adam was not pleased that JR could not work out his differences with Scott."

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