04/22/2009 Ryan Tries To Stop Annie

"At the Chandler mansion, Erica gave Adam medication after he suffered a seizure. Adam insisted that he had just been lightheaded. Erica told him that it had been more than a dizzy spell. As Adam took his medication, Erica asked him why he had sided with Scott over JR. Adam was about to answer when he was hit by another seizure.

After Adam regained consciousness, Erica decided to call for an ambulance. Adam made it clear that he had no intention of going to the hospital. He told Erica that he knew what was wrong with him and had medication to treat his condition. Erica pointed out that the medication had not helped Adam. She believed that the last dose of medication had actually brought on Adam's last seizure.

At the hospital, David told Zach and Kendall that Ian was well enough to be released. He told the happy parents what to look for before he sent them on their way. As David approached the nurse's station, he overheard Angie on the phone. When she walked away, David asked the nurse what Angie's call had been about. The nurse told David that the call had been from the Chandler residence.

Angie arrived at the Chandler mansion to check on Adam. Adam tried to downplay his symptoms, so Erica told Angie about Adam's attacks. Angie determined that the problem could be Adam's medication. Angie decided to have the medication tested. She advised Adam to rest. Angie instructed Adam to call 9-1-1 if he had any chest pains or shortness of breath.

Moments later, David barged into the living room. David demanded to know where Little A was. David admitted that he had overheard Angie was on an emergency call at the Chandler mansion. Angie explained that she had been called to treat Adam, not Little A. Angie went on to tell David that Adam had suffered an adverse reaction from medication.

Little A ran into the living room. He was excited when he saw David and Angie. While Angie and Erica fussed over Little A, David glanced at the bottle of pills Angie had left on the wet bar. Minutes later, Angie gathered her things, including Adam's pills, then left. David offered to give Adam a second opinion, but Adam declined.

Erica pulled David aside. She admitted that she didn't trust David's sudden change. It appeared to Erica that David had shown genuine concern for Adam's health. Erica suspected that David was up to something; she worried that whatever David plotted, it would affect more than just Adam. David's only response was to warn Erica to be careful.

Erica returned to the living room. She asked Adam if it was possible that he had accidentally taken an extra dose of medication. Adam was adamant that the error had not been on his end. Adam insisted that there was something wrong with the medication or the pharmacy had given him the wrong dose. Erica's frustration mounted. She stormed out the house, determined to leave Adam to his own devices.

At the hospital, David asked Angie about the test results on Adam's medication. She confirmed that the dosage had been correct. Angie then changed the subject; she asked if David had heard from Krystal. Angie was concerned after repeated attempts to reach Krystal had failed. David confessed that he had not heard from Krystal. David asked Angie to give Krystal a message: he loved Krystal very much.

Krystal sat in jail with Marissa. Marissa tried to convince a police officer that there were no grounds to hold them, but the police officer walked away. Krystal was impressed with Marissa's spunk and knowledge of the law. She said that Marissa would make a fine lawyer one day.

Marissa apologized for getting Krystal thrown into jail, but Krystal waved away the apology. Marissa worried that Krystal's husband would be concerned about his wife's disappearance. Krystal doubted that anyone would notice that she was gone. Krystal explained that she was divorced from Tad and that he had custody of their daughter. Krystal then confessed that she had betrayed her new husband, so he would have no reason to look for her.

Marissa asked Krystal how she had betrayed David. Krystal admitted that she had made a mistake years before and it had caught up with her. However, Krystal wouldn't elaborate beyond that. Marissa sensed that Krystal loved David. She wondered why Krystal had looked up Marissa when Krystal had so many things going on in her life.

Krystal explained that she had been close to Marissa's mother. It had broken Krystal's heart when she learned that Marissa's parents had died. Krystal admitted that she had always felt like an unofficial godmother to Marissa. For that reason, Krystal had wanted to check on Marissa. Krystal then made the surprising offer to pay for Marissa's college tuition.

A short time later, Krystal was released from jail. Krystal was reluctant to leave, but Marissa urged Krystal to go. Krystal returned awhile later; she had paid for Marissa and her friends' bail. Krystal handed Marissa some money and promised to pay for Marissa's tuition on the condition that Marissa stop working in the massage parlor. Marissa was thankful for the generous offer.

Ryan stormed into the motel room, armed with a gun, as Aidan and Annie prepared to leave. Aidan and Annie tried to convince Ryan that they intended to leave the country to start a new life. Ryan didn't believe them. Ryan didn't think Annie would leave Emma behind. Annie said that the only reason she could walk away from Emma was because she knew that Emma was safe with Ryan.

Ryan was determined to call the police despite Aidan and Annie's assurance that they were sincere in their desire to build a new life far away from Pine Valley. Aidan promised Ryan that Annie's state of mind was improved. Annie made another impassioned plea for Ryan to let them walk away, to no avail.

Aidan decided to take matters into his own hands. He surprised Ryan by reaching for the gun. As Aidan and Ryan struggled, Aidan told Annie to run. Annie hesitated a moment before she ran out of the door. Eventually, Ryan gained the upper hand. He held Aidan at gunpoint while he called the police.

When Jesse arrived at the motel room, he questioned Aidan. Aidan agreed to cooperate in exchange for Jesse's promise to release Aidan and guarantee that Annie would be returned to Oak Haven. Jesse admitted that Annie's fate rested in the hands of a judge, not Jesse. However, Jesse agreed to the rest of Aidan's terms. Aidan revealed that Annie was headed to a bus station and she was using the alias Esther Waxworth.

Later, Jesse confirmed that a seat on a bus had been reserved in the name of Esther Waxworth. However, Annie had not been spotted at the bus depot. Ryan was outraged when Jesse released Aidan, who had been handcuffed to the chair. Jesse explained that he had every intention of honoring his agreement with Aidan.

Aidan's victory was short-lived. Jesse promptly arrested Aidan before Aidan could leave the motel room. Jesse clarified that he would release Aidan once Annie had been found.

At home, Zach put Ian into his crib while Kendall checked their phone messages. Kendall told Zach that he had a message. She tried to probe Zach about the details of the message, but Zach remained tightlipped. After Zach left, Kendall played the message. It was from Francesca. Francesca had news on a matter that Zach had asked her to look into.

Later, Francesca stopped by the house looking for Zach. Kendall tried to find out what Francesca wanted to talk to Zach about. Kendall asked if it concerned Reese, but Francesca refused to deny or confirm Kendall's suspicions.

Kendall went to talk to Reese. She marched into Reese's room demanding to know if Zach was there. Reese told Kendall that she had not seen Zach, but Kendall didn't believe her. Kendall told Reese that Zach had admitted to a one-night stand with a stranger. Kendall didn't believe that Zach would be so cavalier; she was certain that the woman Zach had slept with was Reese. Reese asked Kendall why it was so difficult for Kendall to believe that Zach had slept with a stranger.

Kendall accused Reese of not understanding the special bond that Kendall and Zach shared. Reese pointed out that it couldn't have been all that special if Kendall was able to sleep with Ryan the first opportunity that presented itself. Kendall countered by blaming Reese for the breakdown of her marriage. Reese refused to play the blame game. Reese accused Kendall of never taking responsibility for her own actions. Reese then ordered Kendall to leave.

Zach returned home. He viewed footage from the casino of the redheaded woman he had slept with.

Later, Zach went to visit Reese. Bianca had sent a picture of Gabby. Reese was astonished by how much Gabby had grown.

Ryan walked into his dark apartment. When he noticed that someone was there, he suspected that it was Annie. It was Kendall. Kendall was distraught and wanted Ryan to hold her.

Ryan asked Kendall what had upset her. Kendall admitted that Zach had slept with some "nameless slut." Ryan pulled away from Kendall's advances. Kendall begged Ryan to prove how much he cared for her by making love to her. When Ryan refused, Kendall ran out of the apartment.

While Aidan sat in jail, Annie prepared to board a flight to London."

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