04/13/2009 David Asks For Scott's Schematics

"JR was suspicious when he bumped into Krystal outside of the Hubbards' apartment. Krystal insisted that she had dropped by to visit her grandson.

When JR knocked on the door, Jesse was not happy to see JR or Krystal. Jesse explained that he couldn't allow them to visit Little A. Jesse also told JR and Krystal that the judge, accompanied by a caseworker, had been by the apartment to interview Little A. According to Jesse, the judge had decided that he would put Little A on the stand to ask the young child whom he wanted to live with.

Jesse insisted that JR and Krystal couldn't see Little A until after the judge had rendered his decision about custody.

At the hospital, Randi went to the bathroom to freshen up while Frankie straightened up the room in which they had their romantic tryst. Moments later, Angie walked into the room. Angie was surprised to see Frankie. Frankie lied to his mother; he told her that he had misplaced his stethoscope.

Angie asked Frankie if he intended to go to the farewell party, in Frankie's honor, at ConFusion. Frankie replied that he was headed to the nightclub as soon as he finished up at the hospital. Angie smiled as she told her son that she would see him at the party. As Angie walked out of the room, she called out, "See you there, too, Randi."

A short time later, Angie had misgivings about leaving Little A at home. Jesse assured Angie that Little A was well cared for. He reminded her that Natalia and two police officers were watching Little A.

Frankie and Randi arrived at ConFusion. Taylor was concerned about how Randi was coping with Frankie's imminent departure. Randi admitted that she missed Frankie, even though he had not yet shipped out. Taylor promised to help Randi through the difficult times ahead.

Jesse gave a heartfelt speech as he toasted to Frankie. Jesse told Frankie that he was proud of his son. Jesse also admitted that it wasn't easy for him to say goodbye to Frankie. Jesse regretted all of the years he had missed with his son. Jesse ordered Frankie to return home to them, safe and sound. Frankie was moved beyond words as he embraced his parents.

At ConFusion, Scott eagerly told David about his work with a doctor who had developed a new artificial heart valve. David expressed an interest in the research, so Scott showed David the schematics for the heart device. It wasn't until David asked to take the plans home that Scott questioned David's interest in the project.

David admitted that he had spent years working on a new artificial heart valve. David wanted his research team to look at Scott's schematics to see if it was a viable design. Scott worried that David's true intent was to steal the design. Scott refused to give the schematics to David. David warned Scott that Adam didn't have the money, or interest, to fund Scott's project.

JR approached Scott after David walked away. When JR learned that David was interested in Scott's project, JR decided to work with Scott.

Krystal caught up with David at ConFusion. David was not pleased when he learned that the judge intended to ask Little A whom he wanted to live with. David insisted that he needed some time alone with Little A before the hearing. Krystal explained that it wouldn't do any good; the judge had already talked to Little A.

Angie bumped into Krystal at the bar. Angie explained that she had just said goodbye to Frankie. Krystal realized that the farewell must have been difficult for Angie. Angie showed Krystal a picture that Angie had taken of Frankie. Angie had made the picture her cell phone's wallpaper so that each time Angie opened her phone, she would see an image of her smiling son.

Jesse approached Angie to see if she was ready to leave. Before Angie walked away, she told Krystal that she hoped, after everything settled down, Angie and Krystal could resume their friendship. Krystal returned the sentiment.

After Angie and Jesse walked away, Krystal took out her cell phone. Krystal made a phone call, but quickly disconnected the call when a young woman answered.

After Frankie said his farewells to Brot and Taylor, he tracked down his wife. Randi stood nearby, deep in thought. Randi admitted that she didn't want to say goodbye to Frankie.

Erica and Ryan were stranded along a stretch of deserted road. Some flirtatious banter between Erica and Ryan nearly led to a kiss. However, Erica stopped Ryan before he could follow through with his intentions. Ryan admitted that he wondered how far Erica would have let things go.

Erica tried to call for roadside assistance, but her cell phone kept losing reception. They discovered that when they held the phone up high, they could get a brief signal. Desperate to get help, Erica climbed onto Ryan's shoulders to make a call. Unfortunately, the stunt was for naught. As Erica climbed down, she slipped. Ryan quickly determined that Erica had sprained her ankle.

Ryan offered to go for help, but Erica refused to be left behind. A short time later, the two found an empty cabin. Erica was delighted that they had found shelter for the night, but she was desperate for a bath. Ryan surprised Erica when he uncovered a tub propped up against the wall.

Ryan prepared Erica's bath, then hung some blankets, to offer Erica some privacy. Meanwhile, Erica talked about Kendall. She wanted Ryan to leave Kendall alone so that Kendall could focus on her marriage. Erica believed that Kendall and Zach shared a special kind of love that only came along once in a lifetime.

Ryan admitted that he didn't believe he had Kendall's heart. He had seen the way that Kendall and Zach looked at each other. However, Ryan insisted that he loved Kendall. He refused to promise Erica that he would stay away from Kendall.

Later, as Erica relaxed in the tub, she talked about how much alike she and Ryan were. Ryan sat in a chair, on the other side of the blankets, as he listened to Erica talk about her past relationships. Ryan was surprised that Erica felt as if she had never experienced a grand passion like Kendall and Zach's.

A loud screech from Erica had Ryan jumping to attention. Erica quickly wrapped herself up in blankets before she launched herself into Ryan's arms. He looked around the cabin trying to figure out what had frightened her. Erica explained that she had seen a bug, the size of a poodle, crawling around.

Zach pulled away from Kendall's kiss. Zach made it clear that he thought the kiss had been a mistake. Kendall suggested that perhaps she had been looking for something that wasn't there. They sat down to talk about their relationship. Zach suspected that Kendall wanted to have a relationship with Ryan and Zach. Kendall admitted that it would be impossible for her to have both men.

Zach was brutally honest with Kendall; he told her that he did not want her. Kendall wondered if they would be able to live together without hurting each other. Zach promised that he would not succumb to any more weak moments.

The police interrupted when they called Kendall to notify her that her mother's car had been found stranded on the roadside. Kendall became worried when she learned that Erica had not been located. Zach offered to drive Kendall to Erica's car, but Kendall declined. She gathered her things then left the house alone.

Kendall arrived at the scene of Erica's abandoned car. Kendall's concern grew when the police found one of Erica's shoes and evidence that a man had been with Erica. Kendall worried that Erica had been kidnapped.

The police began searching the area. They burst into a cabin, guns drawn, when they heard a woman scream. Kendall was close behind the police. Kendall's jaw dropped when she saw Erica, wrapped in blankets, in Ryan's arms.

David stopped by the Slater home to check on Ian. Zach was worried about possible complications. David suggested that they not worry about something that might not happen. Zach insisted that David tell him what the worst-case scenario was. David told Zach that Ian's heart valve repair could fail. If that happened, then Ian might need valve replacement surgery."

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