04/10/2009 Annie Wants To See Emma

"At ConFusion, Scott Chandler punched JR. While JR recovered, Scott introduced himself to Barry. Barry advised JR to press assault charges against Scott, but JR declined. After Barry walked away, Scott accused JR of deliberately closing down Scott's production company. JR explained that the business had been a casualty of the economic times. Scott didn't believe JR.

The cousins continued to argue. Scott insisted that JR had done nothing noteworthy with his life. According to Scott, all JR had done, his entire life, was ride Adam's coattails. JR ignored Scott's taunts until Scott mentioned Babe. JR refused to allow Scott to use Babe against him. David approached the table during the argument.

David offered to buy Scott a drink until he realized who Scott was. When Scott tried to discuss a business proposal with David, David excused himself. David claimed he had to return to the hospital. JR couldn't believe that Scott had cozied up to David. JR informed Scott that David had been fighting for custody of Little A. Scott suggested that perhaps Little A would be better off with David.

Before JR could respond, Stuart warmly greeted his son. Stuart wondered why Scott had not called after he had landed at the airport. Scott explained that his production company had been shut down. Scott had hoped to talk to his Uncle Adam about saving the business. JR informed Scott that Adam was under the weather and unable to discuss business matters.

Stuart commented on the rift between the cousins as JR walked away. Scott made it clear that he blamed JR for Scott's company folding. Scott insisted that his medical documentaries could benefit many people.

At the hospital, David checked the Internet to research Scott Chandler. David was pleased by what he discovered. He decided to return to ConFusion to talk business with Scott.

Ryan went to the sanitarium to visit Annie. Annie told Ryan about her breakthrough. Annie had hoped to persuade Ryan to consent to a visit with Emma. Ryan worried that it was too soon for Emma to see Annie. He told Annie about Emma's incident on the school bus. Annie believed that Emma would benefit from spending time with her mother. Ryan offered to discuss the possibility of a visit with Annie's therapist.

Annie became agitated. She asked Ryan if he had talked to Aidan. Ryan pointed out that Aidan wasn't qualified to determine if Annie was well enough to see Emma. Annie's temper flared; she suspected that unresolved issues with Greenlee prompted Ryan's decision. Ryan did admit that he had failed to save Greenlee because Annie had detained Ryan when she had held him at gunpoint.

Annie realized that Ryan partly blamed her for Greenlee's death. Aidan overheard the argument between Annie and Ryan; he ordered Ryan to leave. Aidan followed Ryan into the hallway. Ryan told Aidan that he didn't have the same faith in Annie's recovery that Aidan had. Ryan suggested that Aidan was too close to Annie to see her anger and instability. Ryan refused to allow Emma near Annie.

Aidan returned to Annie's room. He told Annie that he had arranged for the police to interview Annie about the events surrounding Tori's murder.

A short time later, Annie gave her statement to two police detectives. After they left her room, Annie told Aidan that she wished Ryan had stayed. Annie was certain that Ryan could have been swayed to grant her request to see Emma. Aidan assured Annie that she would be able to visit with her daughter soon. Annie kissed Aidan then claimed that she was exhausted. Aidan offered to leave so that Annie could rest.

When Aidan was gone, Annie pulled out Aidan's cell phone.

Kendall and Zach were overjoyed when David told them that Ian could go home. Zach thanked David for saving Ian's life. David reminded Zach that David had saved two of Zach's family members: Ian and Kendall.

In Ian's room, Erica was hopeful that Ian's release from the hospital was a new beginning for Kendall and Zach. Kendall insisted that her marriage to Zach was over. Erica slipped away to call Ryan. Erica told Ryan that she needed to see him on a matter of life or death.

Ryan arrived home after his visit with Annie. Erica was at the apartment, waiting for Ryan. Emma was buried under a pile of new toys, including a Disney movie that had not yet been released, compliments of Erica. Ryan sent Emma to her room while he talked to Erica.

Erica pleaded with Ryan to go to an out-of-town meeting for Fusion. Erica claimed that the person he was scheduled to meet was a chauvinist, so Ryan's presence at the meeting was crucial. Ryan agreed to go to the meeting when Erica assured him that she had arranged for Emma to be well cared for during his absence.

Annie called Emma. Emma was happy to hear from her mother. She asked when she could see Annie. Annie promised that it would happen soon, but Annie begged Emma to keep it a secret from Ryan. Emma revealed that Ryan was out of town for the night. Annie perked up; she told Emma that she might see her later that evening.

Ryan and Erica found themselves stranded by the roadside. Erica's car had broken down. Ryan suspected that Erica's insistence for Ryan to leave town had to do with Kendall. Erica denied the accusation until her car spewed oil all over her.

Flustered, Erica admitted that she had schemed to get Ryan out of town for Kendall's sake. Erica told Ryan that Kendall had changed since emerging from the coma. Erica barely recognized her daughter. However, Erica was determined to help save her family, which meant Erica would do everything to keep Ryan away from Kendall. Erica cried that she couldn't focus on herself, her love life, or men until Erica knew that her children were happy.

Ryan took pity on Erica. He put his arms around her to offer her comfort. Eventually, Erica pulled herself together. Erica looked up at Ryan and told him that, if he played his cards right, he might have Erica.

At the hospital, Frankie pried himself away from Randi in order to finish up his rounds. Randi was disappointed because it was their last night before Frankie was scheduled to ship out to Iraq. Frankie promised to join Randi at home as soon as his shift was over.

David pulled Frankie aside a short time later. David told Frankie that he had been impressed with Frankie's medical skills. David offered to be Frankie's surgical mentor when Frankie returned from Iraq. Frankie thanked David for the opportunity.

Frankie was paged to a patient's room. When he arrived, Randi was waiting for Frankie. Randi, dressed in nothing but a lab coat, had lit candles scattered around the room. Randi explained that she had called Jake to ask him to finish Frankie's shift. Jake had agreed to cover for Frankie so that Randi and Frankie could have the remainder of the evening to themselves. Frankie thanked Randi, and then they made love. Later, Frankie was jolted awake by the sounds of war.

Zach and Kendall arrived home with Ian. Kendall was worried that it was too soon for Ian to have been released from the hospital. Zach assured Kendall that Ian was well on his way to recovery. They both agreed to stop hovering over their son, but it was easier said than done.

While Kendall watched Ian sleep in his crib, Zach approached Kendall from behind. He wrapped his arms around her as they watched their son. Zach talked about the problems that they had weathered as a family. Kendall reached out when Zach started to turn away. Zach watched as Kendall leaned in to kiss him and responded to the kiss."

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