04/14/2009 David Says Erica Still Owes Him

"Ryan grasped Erica in his arms as the police and Kendall barged into the cabin. The police told Ryan to unhand Erica. Erica and Ryan laughed while Kendall looked shocked. Kendall told the police that Ryan was not a kidnapper. Kendall then inquired why Erica was wearing nothing but a blanket as Ryan held her.

The police left the cabin and Erica explained that her car broke down. Kendall seemed annoyed and questioned why Ryan was with Erica in a secluded place. Erica ignored Kendall's questions and urged her daughter to return to Pine Valley to be with Zach. Kendall became agitated and demanded to know what happened between Erica and Ryan. Erica stated that Kendall could not have two husbands, even if she wanted to.

Kendall told Erica that she would drive her mother home, but Erica refused. Erica said that she would get a ride home from the police. Before Erica left, she thanked Ryan for the long, hot bath. Kendall scowled at Erica and Ryan.

Ryan told Kendall that she was being hard on her mother, but Kendall strongly disagreed. Ryan also accused Kendall of wanting two husbands. She was furious and revealed that Zach blamed her for the same thing. Ryan asked why Zach felt that way.

Kendall looked nervous, so Ryan assumed that Kendall and Zach were bonding again. She stated that she would always share a connection with Zach, due to their sons. Ryan thought that her feelings for Zach were more serious than she cared to admit. Ryan asked her if she really loved him or if she just said that to appease him. She affirmed that she loved Ryan.

David went to Zach's house to check on Ian. Zach asked if Ian would need another surgery, but David did not know. Zach thought it was "hell" waiting to see if Ian would make a full recovery. David corrected Zach and said that "hell" was losing a child. David explained that he lost two children. David further noted that he was fighting for custody of Little Adam because he did not want to lose another child.

Zach was surprised to hear that a custody battle was going on between the Haywards and the Chandlers. David affirmed that JR was not capable of raising Little Adam. Zach remained neutral and stated that he did not know who the child should live with.

Reese approached Zach's home with a present. Zach opened his front door and invited her in. She explained that she was going to leave the present by the door because she did not want to run into Kendall. Zach said that Kendall was not home, so Reese sat down to visit Zach and his sons. She was happy to learn that Ian was doing well.

Zach inquired if Reese had spoke with Bianca. She explained that Bianca still did not want contact with her, but she did not give up hope that they would reunite. Reese was grateful that her career was on-track and that Miranda and Gabrielle were healthy. Reese encouraged Zach to fight for his marriage to Kendall.

After Reese left, Zach called Bianca.

Kendall came home and told Zach that she had found Erica. Kendall further explained that Erica was half naked in a cabin with Ryan. Zach chuckled because Kendall caught Erica and Ryan together. He noted, "It's always Ryan."

Kendall looked frustrated and left the room. When she returned, she proclaimed that no one could call her selfish anymore. She handed Zach signed divorce papers and stated that she would no longer flounder between two men.

Krystal was at ConFusion. She made a call on her cell phone. A woman picked up and said, "Hello." Krystal quickly hung up the phone without saying a word.

Adam called Krystal and revealed that he had dirt on her. He demanded to see her.

Krystal arrived at Adam's mansion. He stated that he knew of a skeleton in her closet that she would not want revealed. She thought that he was bluffing, but he assured her that he was not. He demanded that she make sure Little Adam remained with the Chandlers or he would go public with her secret. He then brought her into his parlor to discuss the details.

Erica entered the mansion as Adam and Krystal exited the parlor. Erica asked Krystal if she was feeling well. Erica noted that Krystal looked like she was about to faint. Krystal looked disheveled, but claimed that she was fine, and she left.

Erica asked Adam if she could take a bath and he said yes. He was in a great mood and asked Erica if she wanted champagne. She reminded him that she did not drink.

David met with his lawyer. He was furious with the lawyer because the lawyer did not inform him that the judge was going to question Little Adam. David wished that he had known that information sooner, so he could have prepped Little Adam to tell the judge that he wanted to live with his grandparents. The lawyer stated that the system did not work that way, but David did not care.

Krystal arrived home and told David that she was not feeling well. She asked him to bring her some pills. He was surprised that she wanted medication because she had not taken the pills in weeks.

The lawyer asked David if he wanted to postpone the custody hearing, since Krystal was not feeling well. David stated that they were ready for the hearing.

David sneaked into the mansion to see Erica. He reminded her that she owed him for saving Kendall and Ian. He stated that he wanted information on Adam. Erica revealed that Krystal had been at the mansion. Erica explained that Krystal looked defeated and Adam looked victorious. David said that he and Erica were almost even.

Aidan visited Annie at Oak Haven. As he searched for his cell phone, he asked her if she noticed the phone in her room. She hid the phone in her pocket and claimed that she did not see it. Then, she commented that she was tired and wanted to sleep. He offered to sleep with her, but she said she needed to rest on her own. He kissed her and left.

Annie broke out of the hospital and went to Ryan's penthouse. Annie let herself into the home and hid behind the couch. Emma came into the living room and Annie revealed herself. Emma was very excited to see her mother. Annie told the girl to keep her visit a secret. Annie promised to visit again, as long as Emma did not tell anyone.

Emma wondered if Ryan would get mad if he knew Annie visited. Annie admitted that Ryan would be upset, which was why Emma could not tell him about their encounter. Nevertheless, Annie assured the girl that both of her parents loved her very much. Emma promised to keep Annie's visit a secret.

Ryan came home and Annie hid. Emma brought Ryan upstairs, so her mother could leave undetected. Annie exited the penthouse and was shocked to see Aidan waiting outside for her. Aidan explained that he knew what she was up to, but did not stop her because he thought she deserved to see Emma. Aidan then asked for his cell phone. Annie was horrified when she realized that she left it in the penthouse.

Aidan's cell phone rang and Ryan picked it up. He looked confused."

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