04/01/2009 David Finds Little Adam

"David worried that the Martins and the Chandlers would use Krystal's accident against him in the custody battle. Krystal said that she told everyone the truth about the bruise on her face. He wished she had kept a low profile until her face healed. She stated that she had nothing to hide, since David did not hit her.

Tad and Opal told JR about Krystal's bruise. JR wanted to get a picture of the bruise, so he could use it in court against David. Tad and Opal warned JR not to pursue the incident further because Krystal would never admit, under oath, that she was abused.

Krystal went to Tad's house to visit Jenny. JR immediately confronted her about the bruise. Krystal swore that she fell by accident and that David did not hit her. JR was unconvinced and feared that David would lash out on Little Adam. Krystal affirmed that David would never hurt his grandson.

Opal reminded Krystal that her ex-husband, Ray Gardner, broke Tad's arm in three places. Krystal looked frustrated and informed Jenny that she would visit again when the house wasn't as "crowded." Krystal was annoyed with Tad because she felt he set her up to deal with JR.

Little Adam announced to Angie, Jesse, and Natalia that he was ready to go to school. They told the boy that he was not going to school, and he was confused. They explained that everyone in his family loved him very much, so a "big judge" had to decide whom Little Adam would live with. They further stated that the boy had to stay with them until the big judge decided.

Angie, Jesse, and Natalia promised Little Adam that he would have a lot of fun with them until the big judge let him go home. Angie proposed that they make hand puppets, so they all painted their hands. Each of them named their hand puppets. Little Adam called his puppet "the big judge."

Natalia suggested that Jesse and Angie go out for lunch together. She offered to watch Little Adam while they were gone.

Jake and Amanda met with an adoption lawyer at ConFusion. The lawyer asked Amanda numerous questions, like whether or not the father agreed to the adoption. Amanda claimed that she did not know who the father was. The lawyer stated that he could not proceed with the adoption without the father's consent.

Jake then pretended that he was the father. Jake said that he could not raise a child because of his demanding job. The lawyer noted that any child would be lucky to have parents like Amanda and Jake. The lawyer urged them to reconsider the adoption.

After the lawyer left, David entered ConFusion. David asked Jake why he was not working at the hospital. Jake said that his shift was covered. David was concerned because Angie was also missing from the hospital, because she suddenly used all of her personal days.

Angie and Jesse arrived at ConFusion. They were annoyed to see David was at the establishment, so they went to the other side of the bar to avoid him. David followed them to ask Angie why she needed to take time off from the hospital. Angie looked nervous as she covered her hand, which was still painted like a puppet. David saw her hand and quickly left. Angie and Jesse worried that David figured out Little Adam was staying with them.

JR wanted to file a police report against David for abuse. Tad warned JR to stay out of it. Jake and Amanda came home and overheard the news about Krystal's bruised face. Amanda mentioned that David looked upset at ConFusion, especially when he confronted Angie about missing work. JR looked nervous and rushed off.

Natalia and Little Adam played together. Little Adam mentioned that Natalia had a "cool" father. She smiled and gave him a high-five, because he had a "cool" father, as well. She suggested that they watch a movie, so she left the room to get a DVD. After she walked out, there was a knock on the door. Little Adam answered the door and saw David.

Krystal went home and was completely shocked to find Little Adam playing in her living room. She asked David if he snatched Little Adam. David replied, "Pack your bags." She affirmed that she was not going anywhere with Little Adam.

JR arrived at the Hubbard residence. Natalia was frantic because she could not find Little Adam. JR commented that he knew where his son was.

Erica congratulated Zach on winning back the casino. She urged him to try to recover everything else that Ryan took from him, especially Kendall. Zach insisted that his marriage was over. Erica reminded him that he had two sons that depended on him. She said that it would break his sons' hearts if he left their home.

Kendall wondered if she was merely a trophy to Ryan. He swore that he was not using her to get revenge on Zach. She inquired what she meant to him. He stated that, in addition to being the mother of his child, she was the woman he wanted and needed. She wanted him to label their relationship. He said that he could not do that because he was still grieving Greenlee.

Kendall and Ryan were shocked to see Zach enter the house. Zach announced that he was moving back home. Kendall and Ryan called him crazy. He quipped that they could all live together like one big happy family. Zach snidely commented that they could invite Aidan to move in, also. Kendall told Zach to leave, but he refused. Zach mandated that Ryan could no longer sleep with Zach's wife in Zach's bed.

Ryan had to leave to meet Emma. Kendall noted that if Zach wanted to move back, then she would move in with Ryan. Zach said that she could leave, but she could not take his sons. She noted that Spike was Ryan's child. Zach reminded her that he took care of Spike and Ian. Zach stated that he bathed the boys and put them to bed every night while Kendall and Ryan were off having an affair. Then, Ian woke up and cried because he heard Zach and Kendall yelling.

Erica found Ryan at ConFusion. He revealed that Zach moved back into his home. She was delighted to hear the news. Ryan explained that Kendall was moving in with him, as a result.

Erica urged Ryan to leave Kendall alone. Erica felt that Kendall belonged with Zach and their sons, not with Ryan. Erica asked Ryan to help her with Fusion business, instead of getting involved in Kendall's life. Ryan refused to take Erica's advice.

Kendall met Ryan at ConFusion. She stated that it was a bad idea to uproot her sons, so she decided to live with Zach.

Erica visited Zach to tell him that she was thrilled he had moved back home. He reiterated that his marriage was over and that he moved back for his sons, not Kendall. Then, Zach noticed that Ian was not breathing."

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