04/02/2009 Krystal Refuses To Leave Jenny

"Krystal was surprised to see David with Little Adam in their home. David told Krystal to pack her belongings quickly so they could leave town with Little Adam. Krystal said she was not taking Little Adam anywhere. David told Little Adam to go play with his toys in another room.

Krystal reminded David that a judge ordered them not to have any contact with Little Adam while the child was in foster care. David said Little Adam was living with Jesse and Angie. He wanted to take the child out of the country.

Krystal said that Little Adam was safe with Jesse and Angie. David reminded Krystal that Angie broke into their home to try to set David up, and Jesse blackmailed David with the evidence. A life on the run was not ideal for Little Adam, Krystal said. David said at least Little Adam would be with people who loved him. He worried that Angie and Jesse were more concerned about getting revenge on David than taking proper care of Little Adam.

Krystal refused to leave Jenny. David said they could take Jenny with them, too. Krystal said she would never take Jenny away from Tad. David said he could not stay in town for Jenny. Krystal said David leaving would only prove he never loved her. It would prove that he married Krystal just to get custody of Little Adam. David said he could not return Little Adam without getting caught. Krystal offered to take Little Adam back to Angie and Jesse. She promised not to reveal David as the kidnapper.

At ConFusion, Angie told Jesse she was worried that David knew Little Adam was in their custody. Jesse said David would not jeopardize Little Adam's custody case by trying to overrule a judge's decision.

Natalia was worried about Little Adam's disappearance, but JR knew who took his son. JR said they needed to contact Jesse immediately. Jesse and Angie came home. JR said David probably took Little Adam. Jesse wondered if David would be crazy enough to pull such a stunt. JR said David had done crazier things to get what he wanted.

Jesse said if David kidnapped Little Adam, he would be thrown in jail. JR blamed Natalia for letting David kidnap Little Adam. Jesse said that the kidnapping was not Natalia's fault, but JR disagreed. JR wanted to find Little Adam alone, but Angie and Jesse warned him that it would only cause more trouble. Jesse said he would find David.

Kendall declined Ryan's invitation to move in with him. She said it would only confuse Spike and Ian. Plus, Kendall said that she and Zach decided to stay in their home together for the boys' sake. Ryan thought Kendall and Zach were getting back together. Kendall said she and Zach were still getting a divorce.

Ryan said Zach was manipulating Kendall to keep her from Ryan. Kendall claimed she needed to keep her children with their father. Ryan said he was Spike's father, not Zach. Kendall said Zach would never replace Ryan, but the home was a safe and stable spot for Ian and Spike.

Zach realized that Ian was not breathing. He performed CPR while Erica called for an ambulance. Paramedics arrived and whisked Ian off to the hospital. Zach called Kendall several times, but she ignored the calls to finish talking with Ryan. Kendall said that, despite the differences between Ryan and Zach, Zach loved Spike, even though Ryan was his biological father.

Kendall finally picked up her phone when she saw Erica was calling. Erica told Kendall something was wrong with Ian.

Ian's heart started failing at the hospital. Joe told a nurse to page David. Kendall and Ryan found Zach and Erica at the hospital. Joe came out and said that Ian was stabilized, but breathing through a ventilator. Joe said Ian was suffering from congestive heart failure, which was usually triggered by a virus or infection. Joe said tests were being run to determine the exact cause of the heart failure. He said that the hospital was trying to reach David to get his help with Ian's case.

Erica visited David as Krystal snuck Little Adam out of the house. Erica told David that Ian needed his help. David said he would recommend a pediatric cardiologist. Erica begged David to reconsider doing the procedure himself. Erica acknowledged that it would be hard for David to operate on another child. The last child he treated with heart problems was his own daughter, Leora, and she did not survive. Erica pleaded with David to see Ian despite his fears.

Kendall and Zach visited Ian in his cubicle. Kendall worried that Ian would not survive. Zach said Kendall did not need to think such negative thoughts. Zach said he had those same thoughts when Kendall was in the coma, but, she pulled through, and Ian would too. Kendall thanked Zach for being so understanding, and Ryan looked on.

Pete went to see Colby. He told her that JR and Tad might be making plans to kill David. Pete said David must have hit Krystal, but he got the impression that Krystal forgave David. Colby claimed she would never stay with a man who hurt her. Colby figured that Krystal stayed with David because she felt obligated. Colby wanted to come up with her own plan to nail Hayward, but was fresh out of ideas.

Krystal brought Little Adam back to JR. Natalia took Little Adam to another room to play. Krystal claimed that she took Little Adam on a play date, but JR, Angie, and Jesse did not believe her. Krystal said she came to see Angie to clear things up, but Little Adam opened the door. Krystal claimed she was so thrilled to see Little Adam that she just took him.

Krystal said that JR, Angie, and Jesse were not innocent. JR was not supposed to see Little Adam. Jesse and Angie broke that rule. Krystal said that everyone needed to obey the judge's visitation orders. Angie, JR, and Jesse decided not to bust Krystal for kidnapping. Jesse called the police station to explain that Little Adam's kidnapping was nothing more than a misunderstanding.

Once alone, Jesse told Angie that he worried that David would come after Little Adam again. Jesse said that Krystal was right about him breaking the law again. Angie said that Jesse was only trying to look out for Little Adam's best interests. Natalia turned in her cadet badge to Jesse. She felt guilty about Little Adam's kidnapping. Jesse said the kidnapping was not Natalia's fault. Jesse handed the badge back to Natalia.

David decided to take on Ian's case. At the hospital, he told Zach, Kendall, and Erica that a valve in Ian's heart was reducing the blood flow, meaning his heart was working overtime to compensate for the defect. Ian's cold was putting extra stress on his heart.

David said Ian's heart was not strong enough to repair the problem. If Ian's heart rate did not increase, he would need a heart transplant. Kendall did not want Ian to undergo a transplant.

Krystal found David at the hospital. She said that Jesse would not be giving him a problem with Little Adam. David wondered how Krystal managed that miracle. Krystal said that she worked out an agreement with Jesse and Angie to keep Little Adam with them until the judge made a final decision.

JR received a disturbing call. The Philadelphia hospital said Adam disappeared."

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