03/31/2009 David Offers Jesse A Bribe

"Krystal was at ConFusion. She stared into a compact mirror and looked at the bruise on her face. Opal approached Krystal and commented that Krystal had quite a bruise. Opal suggested that Krystal put a steak on her face to reduce the swelling. Opal then commented that she learned the "tricks of the trade" after she realized she married a monster.

Krystal insisted that David did not hit her. Opal said that she knew what it was like to make excuses for an abusive man. Krystal told Opal not to compare David to Ray Gardner. Krystal affirmed that she was not a victim. Opal stated that Krystal was not her favorite person, but Opal did not think that anyone deserved to live in fear.

David opened his door to find Tad on his doorstep. Tad grabbed David by the throat and warned him never to hurt Krystal again. David pushed Tad off of him and insisted that he did not mean to hurt Krystal. David admitted that things got "out of control" after the custody hearing and that he hated himself for what happened.

David explained that he grabbed Krystal and she fell and hit her head by accident. David swore that he did not intentionally hurt her, but Tad was unconvinced. David thought that Tad should understand what it felt like to lose a child. Tad reminded David that Little Adam was not his child. Again, Tad warned David never to lay a hand on Krystal.

Tad arrived at ConFusion. Krystal asked Tad what he did to David. Tad assured her that David was fine. Tad said that David claimed her fall was an accident. Krystal reaffirmed that David did not mean to harm her, but Tad felt otherwise. Tad wished that Krystal would finally realize who David truly was. Krystal announced that David was her husband and her home.

After Krystal left, Opal told Tad that Krystal needed him. Opal thought that Tad was the only person who could save Krystal.

JR was shocked to see Little Adam in the Hubbards' home. JR hugged his son and told the boy that he loved him very much. Jesse apologized for not telling JR where Little Adam was. Angie wished that Little Adam could go home with JR, instead of staying with them for longer. JR told the Angie and Jesse not to apologize. JR was extremely grateful that his son was with loving, caring people. JR promised not to tell anyone that he visited Little Adam at the Hubbard residence.

David went to see Jesse, so JR and Little Adam hid. David said that he wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings between him and Jesse after the hearing. Jesse asked why David really came to see him. David wanted to know where Little Adam was, but Jesse refused to give David any information. David hinted that he would pay Jesse for information. Jesse warned David not to bribe him. David swore that he would not give up, and he left.

JR was disgusted with David. JR told Jesse to arrest David for bribery. Jesse explained that he did not have evidence of a bribe. Also, Jesse did not want to provoke David any further.

Angie suggested that JR give Little Adam a bath. When JR and Little Adam left the room, Jesse and Angie discussed their predicament. Angie worried that they might get in trouble because they let JR see his son. Jesse said that they could both lose their jobs.

David arrived home and was surprised to see Krystal. He fell to his knees and profusely apologized to her. He begged for her forgiveness. She told him to stand up. He asked what he could do to make up for his mistake. She said that everyone in Pine Valley thought she was a fool for being with him. She wanted David to prove everyone wrong by never hurting her again. He kissed her and asked her again to forgive him. She stated, "I forgive you."

Frankie paced around his living room. Randi gave him a hug and asked what was bothering him. He said that he could not sleep because he was thinking about returning to Iraq. He wanted to be alone and left the apartment.

Taylor met Brot at the hospital, at the end of his shift. She told him that she received her discharge papers from the Army. Taylor was disappointed that she could not return to Iraq because the army deemed her medically unfit. Brot suggested that she find another job in the Army, besides fighting on the frontlines.

She explained that she could not work behind a desk. She wanted a job filled with action. Brot reminded her that he did not want to be an orderly for the rest of his life, but it was good for the time being. He encouraged her to find a job in the Army that could at least temporarily satisfy her.

Randi asked Taylor and Brot to visit. Randi explained that Frankie was freaked out over his return to Iraq. Brot said that Frankie was nervous about going to war because it was his second tour and he knew what to expect. Brot assumed that getting married was an added stress for Frankie. Randi feared that Frankie regretted the marriage, but Brot and Taylor disagreed.

When Frankie returned home, Brot and Taylor left. Randi asked Frankie if she forced him into getting married. He replied that he was the luckiest man in the world to marry her. He revealed that he wanted to get a life insurance policy, just in case he was killed in Iraq. Randi felt that was unnecessary, but he wanted to ensure that she would be taken care of.

Brot asked Taylor if she was satisfied with their relationship status. She was happy to have him back in her life.

Annie and Aidan were sleeping when Annie had a nightmare. When Annie woke up, Tori was in her room. Annie told Tori to leave because Aidan was suspicious of her. Aidan woke up and asked Annie whom she was talking to. Annie revealed that Tori was there. Aidan looked for Tori, but could not find her. He did not trust Tori, and warned Annie to stay away from her.

Annie told Aidan that she had a nightmare. At first, she was reluctant to share the details of the dream with him. He promised to hold Annie's hand through every step of her recovery.

She recounted the dream to Aidan. She remembered hiding in a basement as a child. She also recalled having blood on her hands. She became anxious over the dream, so he calmed her down. He promised to help her figure out what the dream meant. He told her he loved her and he left.

Tori visited Annie. Tori could tell that Annie was upset. Annie realized why she went crazy. Tori urged Annie to share the truth, so Annie admitted that she committed murder as a child. Tori looked nervous and ran away from Annie."

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