03/30/2009 Zach & Ryan Play High Stakes Poker

"David was furious when he left the courtroom. David blamed JR for the judge's decision to leave Little A in a foster home. JR told David that a worse alternative would have been for the judge to grant David custody.

Annie awoke from a nightmare. She was startled when she saw Aidan standing in her room. Aidan apologized for intruding on Annie while she slept. He offered to leave, but Annie asked Aidan to stay; she didn't want the nightmare to return.

Annie asked Aidan about Emma's birthday. Aidan gently told Annie that she had been confused; it had been Annie's birthday. Annie became agitated. She wondered why she had nightmares about a birthday party, but didn't have any recollections of a real birthday party.

Aidan asked Annie to tell him about her nightmares. Annie revealed that in the dream she was seven years old. The dream turned disturbing when everything suddenly went dark; Annie heard heavy breathing followed by a loud scream.

Aidan suggested that something traumatic had happened to Annie in the past. Aidan suspected that the horror of the event had caused Annie to repress memories. Aidan asked Annie how long the dreams had been plaguing her. Annie admitted that they had started around the time that Annie began talking to Tori.

Aidan cautioned Annie not to reveal too much to Tori. Annie promised to heed Aidan's warning. Annie tried to distract Aidan with playful affection, but Aidan reminded Annie that ignoring her problem wouldn't make it go away. When Annie asked Aidan why he continued to push her to remember, Aidan revealed that he didn't want Annie to hurt anyone again.

At the Martin residence, Jake helped Amanda complete a profile about herself for prospective adoptive parents. Amanda refused to disclose any information about David; she believed he was irrelevant. Neither was aware that Pete stood in the foyer eavesdropping on their conversation.

Moments later JR and Tad arrived home. JR was distraught because Little A had been left in the custody of a foster family. Amanda and Jake joined Tad and JR in the foyer. JR was filled with regret. JR believed that his loss of temper in court had convinced the judge to rule against him.

Pete pulled Jake aside when everyone wandered into the living room. Pete confessed that he had overheard Jake and Amanda discussing Amanda's profile. It soon became apparent that Pete was under the impression that Amanda was looking for someone to marry so that her baby wouldn't be born out of wedlock. Pete surprised Jake by offering to marry Amanda. Pete asked Jake to pass along the message. Jake fought a grin as he promised to mention the proposal to Amanda.

While Tad stepped away to take a call from Opal, Amanda tried to offer JR words of encouragement. JR rebuffed Amanda's efforts. JR accused Amanda of being partly responsible for JR's predicament because she had conspired with David.

JR warned Amanda that David would eventually go after her baby.

Later, Jake found Amanda in the boathouse. Amanda asked Jake to promise her that he would not let her see the baby after it was born. Amanda feared that she wouldn't be able to give her child up for adoption if she held the baby. Jake assured Amanda that she was not alone; she had Jake and Pete. Amanda was baffled by the mention of Pete's name. Jake shared the details of Pete's proposal of marriage.

Amanda was relieved when she realized that Pete was unaware of her adoption plans. Jake agreed that they needed to be cautious about their future conversations when they discussed the adoption.

David was in a fit of rage when he arrived at Wildwind. Krystal trailed behind him, appearing anxious. David was certain that Jesse knew where Little A had been placed. Krystal was speechless when David blamed everyone but himself for the judge's decision. David turned his wrath on Krystal when she suggested that Little A was better off without David. David grabbed Krystal; he violently shook her as he shouted at her to "shut up!"

Krystal cried out that David was hurting her. David immediately released his grip on Krystal. Krystal stumbled backwards. As she fell, Krystal hit her cheek on the corner of a table. David looked down at Krystal with a horrified expression. He apologized to Krystal as he tried to help her up, but Krystal pulled away. She ordered David not to touch her.

David begged Krystal to forgive him, but Krystal raced out of Wildwind.

Tad was talking to Opal at ConFusion when he spotted Krystal across the bar. Tad noticed Krystal's bruised cheek as he approached her. Krystal tried to explain that the injury had been a result of an accidental fall, but Tad seemed determined to believe that David had struck Krystal.

A short time later Tad arrived at Wildwind. He warned David to keep his hands off of Krystal.

At the Hubbard residence, Angie walked into the living room after putting Little A down for a nap. She was heartbroken because Little A was homesick.

Later, Jesse assured Little A that JR loved his son and was in Little A's heart. Little A seemed to take comfort from the words. Angie led Little A into another room to play, while Jesse answered a knock at the door.

JR was teary-eyed as he handed Little A's favorite stuffed animals to Jesse. JR asked Jesse to make sure that Little A received them. JR was distraught, so Jesse invited him in.

While Jesse and JR talked in the living room, Little A saw his father. Little A lit up with joy. He ran into JR's outstretched arms as they happily reunited.

At the casino, Zach offered to gamble for what he loved "most." It became clear, as Kendall tried to discourage Zach from antagonizing Ryan, that Kendall believed she was what Zach loved most. Ryan corrected Kendall; he insisted that Zach had meant the casino. Kendall was visibly hurt when Zach didn't dispute Ryan's claim.

Ryan accepted Zach's challenge. The two men sat down to play poker. Erica walked in during the first hand. Ryan was victorious. Zach went to the bar for a drink before the second hand was dealt. Kendall followed Zach. She begged him to reconsider his desperate attempt to win the casino from Ryan.

Zach accused Kendall of knowing about Ryan's plan to gain control of Cambias Industries and the casino. Kendall insisted that she had learned of it when she had seen the headline in a newspaper. Zach didn't believe her. He told Kendall that, win or lose, he was done with her.

Kendall asked Zach if he felt better after insulting her. Zach claimed that he hadn't meant to offend her. He congratulated Kendall on going after what she wanted: Ryan. Zach wondered how things would fare for Kendall and Ryan when Ryan finally realized that he had only himself to blame for Greenlee's demise. Zach believed that Greenlee wouldn't have felt compelled to save the Slater marriage if Ryan had not told Greenlee that Zach had an affair with Reese.

Kendall warned Zach not to go there. Zach pointed out that a kiss was a far cry from an affair. Kendall disagreed with Zach's view of the betrayal.

Meanwhile, Erica cautioned Ryan not to take advantage of Kendall's pain. Ryan denied the allegation, which prompted Erica to threaten to "smack the smug off" of Ryan's face. Ryan dared Erica to follow through with her impulse, but she ignored him. Ryan insisted that he was helping Kendall; he continued to blame Zach for all of Kendall's problems.

Ryan and Zach returned to the table for another hand of poker; Zach won. As the men took another break, Kendall told Erica that Zach had petitioned for a divorce. While Kendall went to talk to Ryan, Erica approached Zach. She asked Zach to teach Ryan "a lesson he won't soon forget."

Ryan and Zach sat down for the third round of poker. Ryan realized that he had a winning hand. He invited Zach to walk away. Ryan promised not to think less of Zach if he accepted the offer, but Zach declined. Instead, Zach put everything on the line, including his wedding ring. Ryan followed Zach's lead. When they revealed their hands, Zach emerged victorious. Ryan promised retribution before he stormed off.

Zach scooped up his winnings, minus his wedding ring, then left the table.

Annie had another nightmare. In the dream, Annie was a little girl trapped in a dark basement. A man called out Annie's name as he opened the door. When Annie jolted awake from the dream, she saw Tori standing in the shadows. Aidan slept soundly nearby."

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