03/25/2009 David Visits Krystal

"Kendall woke up next to Ryan. She noted that her sons were probably wondering where she was; however, she did not want to go home because her house no longer felt like a home, since her marriage ended. Ryan looked distraught as he announced that his affair with Kendall was over. He felt guilty for sleeping with Greenlee's best friend.

Kendall told Ryan that he should not feel bad because they were comforting each other. He stated that he was still in love with Greenlee and told Kendall to leave. Kendall looked confused as she left Ryan's house.

Erica was pleasantly surprised to see Zach at his house. Erica assumed that Zach moved back into the home and worked things out with Kendall. Zach informed Erica that he had asked Kendall for a divorce. He further stated that he was at the house because Kendall was out all night. Erica looked disappointed. She urged him to fight for his marriage.

Erica feared that Zach pushed Kendall away because he thought he was unworthy of happiness. She reminded him that he was nothing like his evil father and brother, so he deserved a good life. He explained that his marriage was over because Kendall never stopped loving Ryan. Erica said that Kendall cared for Ryan because they shared a child. Zach was certain that Kendall was in love with Ryan.

Zach was about to leave when Kendall arrived home. Kendall saw both Zach and Erica and snidely asked if they were there for an intervention. Zach chastised Kendall for leaving their sons, so she could be with Ryan. Kendall told Zach that her personal life was none of his business. They began to fight.

Erica pleaded with Zach and Kendall to stop arguing. She reminded them that they loved each other. Zach affirmed that the relationship was over because Kendall slept with Ryan. Zach exited the room to say goodbye to his sons. Erica encouraged Kendall to speak with Zach before he left for good.

Zach started to leave the house and Kendall asked him to wait. She looked at him longingly, but admitted that she did not know what to say anymore. He sadly noted that there was nothing left to say, and he left.

Erica told Kendall that she needed to choose between Zach and Ryan. Kendall confessed that she loved both men. Kendall considered spending time alone. Erica did not think that Kendall was capable of being alone. Erica knew that Kendall would try to be alone, but would end up calling one of the men when she got lonely. Erica wondered whom Kendall would call.

Kendall sat alone in her living room. She recalled happy times she shared with both Zach and Ryan. Kendall picked up her phone.

Emma's babysitter brought her home from a sleepover. Ryan was excited to see his daughter. He proposed that they play hooky, so they could spend the whole day together.

Jack called Ryan because he wished to see him. Ryan explained that he had plans with Emma. Jack said that it was important, so Ryan went to the hospital. Jack had an urn in his hands. Jack revealed that he was scattering Greenlee's ashes along the beach and asked Ryan if he would come. Ryan said no because he already said goodbye to Greenlee. Ryan felt that Greenlee would want her father to scatter her ashes.

Opal went to the hospital because she was having trouble sleeping. Opal continued to have nightmares about Greenlee's soul being cold and alone. She ran into Jack when she was there and noticed the urn. She hoped that Greenlee would get peace once she was laid to rest.

Opal accompanied Jack to the beach. Jack remembered when he found out that he was Greenlee's father. He recalled connecting with Greenlee when they were on the beach. He told Greenlee that he loved her as he scattered her ashes.

Zach went to Ryan's house. He was surprised to see that Emma was home from school. The babysitter explained that she was playing hooky, and just at that moment, Ryan returned home. Ryan gave Emma a surprise, a kitten. Emma thought the kitten was her cat, Mittens, that had recently died. Ryan explained that it was a new cat. Emma wondered why Greenlee and Mittens could not return from heaven. Ryan looked upset as he stated that Greenlee became an angel. Ryan had the babysitter take Emma to visit a friend.

Ryan asked Zach, "Why the hell are you in my house?" Zach replied that he got Ryan's message. Zach said that he was ready to face Ryan.

Colby and JR were both arrested. Colby was worried that she would go to jail because she hit Krystal over the head with a vase. JR promised his sister that their lawyer would get her off. Then, Jesse entered the room and announced that Colby was free to go, since Krystal did not press charges.

Jesse questioned JR about Adam's whereabouts. JR revealed that Adam was in a hospital, but he did not divulge the hospital's location. JR asked for his phone call, and called Adam. JR informed Adam that he was arrested and Little Adam was put in a foster home. JR was very worried when Adam sounded distressed on the phone.

David demanded to know where Little Adam was being held. Jesse revealed that Little Adam was placed in a foster home, while the custody battle was decided. David chastised Jesse for being a terrible cop. Jesse grabbed David by the neck and warned him to stop meddling in police business.

Krystal was in the hospital due to her head injury. Angie checked on Krystal, and Krystal said she felt fine. Krystal asked if Angie knew where David was, and Angie said no. Tad overheard the exchange, and wondered if the honeymoon was over for David and Krystal. Tad thought that David should be by his wife's side when she was in the hospital. Krystal wondered why Tad cared. Tad said that he wanted to save Krystal's life, for Jenny's sake.

Tad told Angie that he thought something was wrong with Krystal. Angie assumed that Babe's death was too much for Krystal to handle. Tad thought there was more to the story.

David visited Krystal in the hospital. She asked why he did not arrive sooner. He explained that he spent the night at the police station to make sure that JR did not get off on a technicality. David then informed Krystal that Little Adam was in a foster home, which saddened her. David promised that they would get custody of their grandson.

Angie told Jesse that she was worried because David was uncontrollable. She also felt bad that Little Adam was stuck in the middle of the custody battle. Jesse assured her that Little Adam was placed with a good foster family. She asked who the family was and he revealed that Little Adam was staying with them!"

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