03/26/2009 David & Krystal Meet With The Judge

"JR and Adam were disconnected on the phone. JR saw Erica enter the police station. Erica offered to pay JR's bail, but Jesse said JR had no bail because the judge worried that JR was a flight risk. Jesse agreed to let Erica talk to JR.

JR said that he told Adam he was on his way to the airport when the police arrested him and took Little Adam into custody. JR said the temporary custody hearing was the following day. Erica thought it was too convenient for David to have the hearing so soon. Erica told JR she was going to help JR and she left.

Little Adam was not happy to be at Angie's house. He asked for JR, but Angie said JR was not able to be with him. Little Adam ran into Natalia's arms as she opened the door. Natalia brought Little Adam inside and convinced him to stick around for some pie.

Angie told Natalia about JR's situation. She said that no one knew Little Adam was staying with them. Natalia promised not to tell anyone that Little Adam was with them. She and Little Adam played with Frankie's old train set.

Frankie and Randi stopped by Angie and Jesse's house. Frankie was immediately smitten when he saw the train set. He decided to play with Little Adam and Natalia. Randi and Frankie talked about their mishap at the airport. Frankie apologized to Randi for their honeymoon being canceled, but Randi said she was happy just to be with Frankie.

David seemed to be a in a hurry to get Krystal home. Jake told David that Krystal was not going home yet. Jake said patients with head trauma injuries usually stayed in the hospital longer. Jake said that Krystal was Angie's patient, not David's.

David did not care what Jake thought. He told Jake to sign Krystal's release papers. Krystal told David she felt a bit woozy, but he insisted she would be fine. Colby came to the hospital and apologized to Krystal for attacking her. Colby begged Krystal not to go after custody of Little Adam, but Krystal said that a judge needed to decide Little Adam's fate.

Erica went to the hospital to find David and Krystal. Jake told Erica they had left, but had heard David tell Krystal they were going to the courthouse. Krystal and David met with the judge after hours. The judge agreed to rule in David's favor. If the judge let David down, David threatened to expose the judge's drug history.

Krystal asked David why he was not fighting fairly for Little Adam. David said he was doing what needed to be done for their grandson. The judge told Krystal that she would be asked a series of questions to show her good mothering skills. Krystal said she had promised Babe she would look after Little Adam.

Krystal and David left the courthouse. Erica came in to try to win the judge over with her charm. She asked the judge to release JR so he could be well rested and look presentable for the hearing. The judge said it would not be appropriate for him to release JR. Erica said she saw David and Krystal leave the judge's chambers, which was considered illegal. Erica asked the judge to walk away from the case so a fair and impartial judge could conduct the hearing. The judge called Jesse and told him to release JR.

Ryan ignored his ringing cell phone. Zach asked Ryan if bedding Kendall was part of Ryan's plan to get revenge on Zach. Ryan said he was not using Kendall to even the score with Zach. Ryan looked at his watch. He said that he had orchestrated a takeover of Cambias Industries.

Zach said that Ryan's revenge against him was not going to bring Greenlee back. Ryan said that Zach never took responsibility for his mistakes, including killing Greenlee. Zach said he would never admit to killing Greenlee because her death was an accident. Also, Zach said Greenlee was a friend to him. Ryan said Zach needed to get all of his belongings out of Cambias Industries. Zach said Greenlee would be embarrassed over Kendall and Ryan's behavior.

Aidan came into the casino to see Zach. Zach punched him in the face. Zach said Ryan stole Cambias, and the deal to protect Annie was off. The employees told Zach that if he left, they wanted to leave, too. Zach insisted the employees stay on board. He took Myrtle's picture and his autographed Red Wing jersey before leaving the casino.

Jesse went to the police station to give JR the good news. Jesse said he could not tell where Little Adam was being kept, but promised that Little Adam was in good hands.

Kendall left a message on Ryan's phone. She told him that it was impossible to let him go. Kendall said that she loved Zach, but was not sure if she wanted to save her marriage. Kendall said she was leaving town with the boys for a while to clear her head. But Kendall said that if Ryan wanted to be with her, he needed to come see her before she left town.

Kendall asked the nanny to help her pack for the trip. She remembered some happy times she and Zach had shared together with Spike and Ian. Kendall put a few pictures of the boys in her purse. As she got ready to leave, Ryan showed up.

David ordered as many toys as possible to prepare for Little Adam's arrival. Krystal told David that it made her feel better to see David so happy. David said he was the happiest he had been since Babe died.

Erica stopped by David's home to share the news about Little Adam's temporary custody hearing. Erica said JR was released from jail, but the judge has been replaced. Erica said she was looking out for Adam's welfare. David said Erica had no right to interfere. Erica said she wanted to make sure JR got a fair fight."

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