03/24/2009 Amanda Has A Sonogram

"Zach gave Kendall divorce papers. She was shocked, and pleaded with Zach to give their marriage another chance, especially for their sons. Zach stated that their marriage was over because Kendall loved Ryan. Zach felt that, although Kendall loved him, she never stopped loving Ryan. She commented that Zach lusted after Reese. Zach noted that their marriage was in trouble long before Reese came to town.

Kendall swore that Ryan was just a friend, but Zach disagreed. Zach stated that she never let Ryan go, which was why she constantly needed to control Ryan's love life. She reminded Zach that she pushed Ryan and Greenlee together. Zach was glad that Greenlee was not there to witness Kendall's behavior. He thought it was repulsive that Kendall and Ryan went straight from the morgue to the bedroom. Still, Kendall begged Zach for a second chance. He stated that it was time for him to let go, and he left.

David demanded that the judge issue a warrant for Adam and JR's arrest. The judge noted that Adam and JR did not do anything illegal. David threatened to tell everyone that the judge was addicted to cocaine, if the judge did not issue the warrant. The judge agreed to David's demands.

David informed Krystal that Adam and JR would be arrested for kidnapping. David then revealed that he had a hunch Little Adam was closer than they thought. David assumed that Adam kept Little Adam in the area, so JR could see his son on Little Adam's birthday. Krystal was sad because she was not with Little Adam on his first birthday without his mother. David swore that they would get custody of their grandson.

Amanda went to the hospital because she had an appointment to get a sonogram. Jake told Amanda that she would be able to see the baby's fingers and toes. He asked her if she wanted to know the sex of the baby. She said that she did not want to look at the sonogram because it might make her feel connected to the baby. She was intent on giving the baby up for adoption and did not want to know anything about her unborn child. Jake reminded her that David promised not to take her child. She feared that David would change his mind, so she wanted to protect the child by giving it up.

The doctor came to administer Amanda's sonogram. Amanda stated that she did not wish to see anything. David entered the room and wondered why she would want to miss such a significant moment. David looked at the sonogram and then placed a picture of it on Amanda's lap. She looked disgusted by David's presence.

An envelope was delivered to the hospital for Jake. The envelope read, "Confidential." An unidentified person picked up the envelope.

Ryan and Aidan were at the casino. Ryan told Aidan to give Zach a message. Ryan affirmed that he was coming after Zach and planned to take everything from him.

Ryan was annoyed to see Aidan at the hospital. Ryan was accusing Aidan of following him when Jack announced that he invited Aidan. Jack thought that both Ryan and Aidan should be present when the results of Greenlee's DNA test were read.

Jake could not find the envelope that contained the results of Greenlee's test. A nurse found the envelope and gave it to Jake. Jake informed Jack, Ryan, and Aidan that the body found in the river matched Greenlee's DNA. All three men were disappointed by the news. Jack urged Aidan and Ryan to stop fighting, but neither wanted to make peace.

Aidan informed Zach that Ryan was relentless in his pursuit of revenge. Zach did not seem worried about Ryan's threats. Zach said that he was ready to fight Ryan.

Ryan went home and found Kendall waiting for him. He told her that the DNA results confirmed that Greenlee was dead. Kendall explained that Zach asked for a divorce because he thought that she had feelings for Ryan. Ryan went crazy and screamed that Zach was to blame for ruining their lives. Ryan vowed to make Zach pay. Kendall consoled Ryan and they kissed.

Zach went home to see his sons. The nanny asked Zach if he could watch the boys. Zach agreed to stay until Kendall returned home. The nanny informed him that Kendall was not returning home. Zach looked sad as he sat with Spike. Zach told the boy that he would always be Spike's father.

Erica informed JR that Adam was ill. She explained that Adam collapsed and was in the hospital. JR wanted to see his father, but Erica thought that was too dangerous. She urged JR to stay with his son and she promised to take care of Adam. JR noted that Erica must love Adam. She called JR delusional, like his father. JR stated that he was going to take Little Adam out of the country. JR told Erica to tell Adam that he loved him. JR then called Colby and asked her to get his passport ready.

Krystal received a call from JR's cell phone. She was shocked to hear Little Adam's voice. The boy explained that he was going on a trip with his father. She asked the boy where he was.

Krystal busted into the mansion. Colby told Krystal to leave, but she refused. Krystal revealed that Little Adam had called her and said that he was in the mansion. Colby denied that, but Krystal noticed JR lurking on the patio. Krystal went to chase after JR, so Colby hit her over the head with a vase.

JR put Little Adam in the car and they headed to the airport. Suddenly, a police car pulled up behind them. JR looked nervous.

Randi and Frankie asked a minister to marry them. The minister said he could not because they did not have a witness. Then, Angie and Jesse arrived and offered to be the witnesses. Randi and Frankie were pleasantly surprised to see them. Angie revealed that Natalia, Taylor, and Brot were planning to attend, also. Frankie apologized to his mother for not having a big wedding. Angie understood, because she and Jesse secretly eloped when they got married.

Brot was excited to be Frankie's best man. Frankie commented that he wanted to return the favor one day. Brot smiled as he looked at Taylor.

Angie, Natalia, and Taylor helped Randi get ready for the ceremony. Randi wanted to spend the rest of her life with Frankie; however, she noted that, if he did not return from Iraq, she would be satisfied knowing that they were married.

Jesse noticed that Natalia looked upset. She admitted that the wedding made her think about her mother. She was distraught because her mother would not be at her wedding. Jesse promised to be by Natalia's side on her wedding day. He also noted that her mother would be there in spirit.

Randi and Frankie exchanged vows and professed their undying love for each other. The minister told Frankie to put a wedding ring on Randi's finger. Frankie laughed as he realized that he did not have a ring. Angie gave him her wedding ring. Angie said that it was Jesse's mother's ring and she always planned to pass it on to Frankie. Then, Angie called Randi her daughter and kissed her. Randi and Frankie were pronounced husband and wife, and they kissed."

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