03/10/2009 Flowers For Annie

"Ryan went to see Kendall at her home. He asked her if she wanted a new partner at Fusion. She looked confused and wondered who the partner would be. He announced that Greenlee left him her Fusion shares and that he would be the new partner. Kendall inquired if Ryan really wanted to run a cosmetics company and Ryan said yes. Kendall reminded him that working at Fusion would not bring Greenlee back. He explained that he wanted to restore Fusion to its old glory because the company meant a lot to Greenlee.

Kendall warned Ryan to stay away from her and Fusion because she was "poison." She revealed that Zach did not come home the previous night because he stayed with Reese at the casino. She feared that her marriage was over. Ryan asked Kendall what she planned to do, but she was not sure. He encouraged her to work with him to save Fusion and she agreed to the partnership. Then, she declared that she was going to fight for her marriage.

Zach hired a famous specialist to check on Reese, but she refused the doctor's help. Zach encouraged her to stay positive, but she believed that she would never regain her sight. She told Zach to stay away from her, but he swore that he would be by her side until she recovered.

Zach privately asked the doctor if Reese would ever see again. The doctor was not sure. The doctor stated that Reese needed to take her medicine and get rest.

Reese heard the door to her suite open. She looked nervous and asked if anyone was there, but no one replied. As she tried to get out of bed, she fell to the ground. Kendall revealed that she was the visitor. Kendall tried to help Reese up, but Reese did not want the assistance. Kendall said that, for the first time, she realized Reese was not to blame for all of her problems. Reese told Kendall to save her "fake pity." Reese stated that she was the one who lost everything, not Kendall. Reese told Kendall to leave and Kendall did.

Kendall found Zach and informed him that she visited Reese. Kendall felt guilty for making Reese her scapegoat. Zach thought it was unfortunate that Reese had to go blind so Kendall could realize that Reese was not a bad person. Kendall implored Zach to get Reese help. He looked frustrated with Kendall and walked away.

Kendall left a message for Bianca. Kendall informed her sister that Reese was in a bad accident and needed help. Kendall urged Bianca to return to Pine Valley.

Pete went to Kendall's house to give her paperwork on Fusion. When Pete saw Ryan, he gave the paperwork to him instead. Ryan asked Pete to pull up Fusion files on the computer. As Pete completed the task, Ryan realized that Pete was a computer wiz. Ryan then pretended that Kendall wanted to see the Cambias files, as well, so she could compare them to Fusion's. Pete happily pulled up all of Cambias' files for Ryan to view. After Pete left, Ryan eagerly looked at the files and exclaimed, "Game on, Zach!"

Zach came home to find Ryan in his house. Ryan informed Zach that he was Kendall's new partner. Zach was sure that Ryan wanted to work at Fusion so he could make a play for Kendall. Ryan affirmed that he wanted to work at Fusion to honor Greenlee. Zach assumed that Ryan had an ulterior motive and kicked Ryan out of the house.

Ryan met Kendall at the casino. Ryan revealed that Zach threw him out of the house. Kendall said that Ryan was welcome at the house, since he was Spike's father. Kendall then bluntly asked Ryan if he was using her to get revenge on Zach.

David and Krystal saw Jesse at the hospital. David was furious that Jesse allowed Adam and Erica to take Little Adam out of the country. Jesse was surprised to hear that Erica was involved. David demanded that Jesse take legal action against the Chandlers, but Jesse stated that they did not commit a crime. Jesse asked Krystal if she thought JR was negligent the night that Little Adam drank liquor and got sick. Krystal admitted that JR was very upset and that it appeared to be an accident. Jesse revealed that JR checked himself into the hospital. Jesse warned David and Krystal to stay away from JR.

David did not understand why Krystal vouched for JR when Jesse questioned her. Krystal stated that she told the truth. David was certain that Little Adam needed protection from the Chandlers. David swore to get revenge on Adam.

Amanda visited JR in the hospital. He was distraught over Little Adam's accident. Amanda felt guilty because she tricked JR into drinking. He told her that his drinking was his fault, not hers. She noted that she did not deserve his kindness because of all the lies she told. He asked if she was keeping another secret from him. She claimed that he knew everything as she nervously rubbed her pregnant belly. He stated that their baby would give them both a chance to be better people.

Jesse went to see JR for questioning. JR explained that he admitted himself into the hospital so he could prove that he was sober. JR also had a psychiatric evaluation. JR was determined to show that he was a competent parent. Jesse told JR to let him know when Adam, Erica, and Little Adam returned.

Amanda and JR were about to leave the hospital when David accosted them. David announced that he and Krystal would not allow JR to hurt Little Adam anymore. Then, a man served JR with papers. David and Krystal filed a lawsuit against JR for full custody of Little Adam.

Annie wrote an excerpt in her diary about Aidan. She recalled the kiss that they shared and hoped that Aidan would visit her soon. She was sure that the kiss meant Aidan had romantic feelings for her. Then, Dr. Burke met with Annie. The doctor explained that Aidan might not visit her because Aidan had a life of his own. She was certain that Aidan would return.

Aidan visited Annie and brought her flowers. Annie was elated to see Aidan. He said that they needed to talk about the kiss because he worried that it was a mistake. He said that she needed to focus on her recovery, not him. She assured him that he was not a distraction. She explained that he made her feel like a real woman again, instead of a mental patient. She took his hand and they kissed.

Dr. Burke warned Aidan that he should not get too close to Annie. The doctor reminded Aidan that Annie had a long recovery and possible jail time ahead of her. Aidan refused to end his relationship with Annie. Dr. Burke stated that Annie was too dependent on Aidan, which could delay her progress. The doctor urged Aidan to stay away from Annie.

After Aidan left Oak Haven, Annie pretended that he was still there. She imagined that she was slow dancing with Aidan. Dr. Burke carefully observed Annie's odd behavior."

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