03/02/2009 A Secret Or A Surprise?

"JR was not pleased to see Jake hugging a sobbing Amanda. Jake joked that he was trying to steal Amanda from JR. JR told Jake to get out of his house. Jake said he would not tolerate Amanda shedding any more tears over JR. After Jake left, JR asked Amanda why she shoved Babe's memory in his face. Amanda told JR the movie mix-up was a simple mistake. JR accused Amanda of throwing Babe in his face to get him to drink again. Amanda reminded JR that she took the drink out of his hand before he drank it.

JR knew that Amanda was deceiving him. Amanda admitted she put the movie in to drive JR to alcohol again. She felt JR only needed her when he was out of control. JR's calm demeanor made her worry that he would not want her or their baby. Amanda said Jake came by the mansion to make sure she did not go through with her plan. JR wondered if Amanda got pregnant purposely to trap him. Amanda denied his accusations.

Krystal agreed to marry David if he promised two things. First, he would not use their marriage to take Little Adam from JR. Second, Krystal did not want David keeping any secrets from her. David agreed to Krystal's conditions. David and Krystal made love. Afterwards, David whispered Krystal's name but she was sound asleep. David said Krystal would be out for a while and slipped downstairs.

Jake stopped David before he got out the door. Jake said he knew David paid Amanda to get JR to drink again, and if she failed, David would spill the beans. Jake wanted to save David another trip to the Chandler mansion. He told David that Amanda was not going through with the plan. David said Jake was desperate to get Amanda back. Jake said he did not want Amanda back. He just wanted to protect her from David.

Taylor found Tad playing poker at the casino. Tad said his luck was turning around with Taylor by his side. Taylor said she did not believe in luck. People made their own decisions without the help of magic, she said. Tad sensed that Taylor's attitude had something to do with Brot. Taylor admitted she and Brot were having trust issues, but she wanted to get it back.

Brot picked up an extra shift at the hospital, but Frankie figured Brot was working extra hours to avoid Taylor. Brot said he and Taylor were having issues in the bedroom. He became nervous each time they got close to being intimate, Brot said. Frankie said he and Randi did not have sex for six months. Frankie urged Brot to stop over thinking romance. He said it would happen naturally.

Brot and Frankie decided to grab a drink at the casino, where they ran into Tad and Taylor. Brot turned out to be quite the poker player by beating Taylor. Brot and Taylor decided to sneak out while Frankie and Tad grabbed drinks. Taylor and Brot went back to her home to reminisce about old times. Brot took Taylor's hand and led her back to the bedroom.

Adam said that he had no problem telling the police Kendall hit Greenlee. Adam said the publicity alone would destroy Fusion. Zach asked Adam what he wanted in return for his silence. Adam said he needed time to think about it, and left. Reese said she wanted to prove to Kendall that she loved Bianca before returning to Paris. Kendall figured Reese was only sticking around to bed Zach. Kendall wished Reese and Zach a wonderful life together, and stormed out.

Pete stopped Adam before he walked into the Chandler mansion. Pete said an email from Greenlee before her death confirmed that Adam's money was gone. Adam went into the living room to check on JR and Amanda. JR said his father was right. Amanda had been playing him all along. Amanda said she was not after the Chandler money. JR believed Amanda. He said if Amanda were scamming him, their relationship would be a complete mockery to Babe.

JR asked Amanda if she was hiding anything else. Amanda said JR knew everything he needed to know. David popped out of the secret tunnels to give JR the real story. David said he paid Amanda to turn JR into a drunk. David unveiled all the details of how Amanda tricked JR into dipping into the booze again. JR realized that David wanted JR drunk so he could go after Little Adam. After David was gone, Amanda packed her bags and left at JR's request. Adam told JR to do what he needed to get the baby from Amanda.

Kendall had the locks changed on the front door. Zach rattled the new locks, but the door would not budge. He forced the door open and it banged against the wall. Kendall said Zach was more than welcome to go back to Reese. Zach said he wanted to be with only Kendall. He said they needed each other more than ever to get through their problems. Zach was tired of Kendall's indifference. He asked her to make a decision right then and there about their marriage. Kendall and Zach shared a kiss. They made love by the fireplace. Reese saw Kendall and Zach snuggling through the window.

David snuck back to his bedroom as Krystal woke up. David showed Krystal two wedding bands that he bought. He said their wedding was going to be the next day."

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