02/27/2009 Krystal Says Yes

"After the benefit, Krystal tried to convince David to spend some quality time with her, but he was quite distracted. When she finally got his attention, she asked what was on his mind, and was caught off-guard when he told her that he'd been thinking about Amanda. When she asked why, David told her that Babe would be shocked at how quickly JR had moved on - and the person with whom he'd moved on. Krystal reminded him that the pregnancy wasn't planned and that perhaps the way things turned out would be best for JR in his struggle with alcohol.

David didn't believe it would last for long and noted that he didn't want Amanda to raise their grandchild, as the chance of Little A forgetting his mother would multiply exponentially. Krystal promised that as long as she was around, Little A would remember Babe. She then asked if he was ready to go home, but he told her that he would meet her there, as had an errand to run. She inquired about the errand, but he refused to give her details. After he left, Angie came around the corner and said that it seemed as though Krystal was lost. Krystal subsequently agreed.

Krystal confided in Angie about the paternity of Amanda's baby and said that she planned to keep the secret because she knew what would happen if David found out the truth. She said that she was worried about where that would leave Amanda, but Angie asserted that Krystal's real worry was about herself. Krystal rejected that notion and said that after the loss of her daughter and Tad, she wouldn't lose David. Angie reminded her that she didn't lose Tad - she threw him away. Krystal insisted that things weren't working with Tad the way they were with David and said that David was the only person who understood her.

Angie told her that David was using her, but Krystal refused to believe it and told Angie about David's proposal. When Angie asked what Krystal's answer had been, she was surprised to hear that Krystal hadn't accepted right away. Angie encouraged Krystal to give David an affirmative answer if she was so sure of his love, and Krystal told her that she might do just that.

JR and Amanda returned to the Chandler mansion, but opted to stay outside for a while, as the clear nights made both of them feel closer to Babe. JR remarked that the closeness they felt was nothing but a fantasy, and although the dedication at the hospital was great, it was simply another reminder that Babe was gone. Amanda noted that the night had to have been difficult for him and he concurred. He then told her that Little Adam, Amanda, and the baby she carried were the only good things he had going for him.

Zach arrived at Adam's doorstep and demanded to see Reese. Adam told Zach the young woman didn't want to see him, and slammed the door in Zach's face. Reese opened the door between the living room and the foyer after she heard the bang and asked Adam to confirm her suspicion that Zach had stopped by. He admitted that Zach had been there to see her, but had been denied entrance.

Reese prepared to go after Zach, but Adam warned her against such a decision. After she heard him out, she noted that perhaps her mistake was not in wanting to talk to Zach, but rather her choice to confide in Adam. Adam brushed off the slight and merely responded with a thought that Zach had once again cleaned up someone else's mess.

Reese gathered her things and noted that she probably shouldn't have darkened the Chandler doorstep in the first place. Adam told her that she should maintain refuge in his home from those out to get her. She told him that despite everything, Zach would never hurt her. He pointed out that while Zach might not physically do anything to hurt her, there were all sorts of alternatives that could be used to get back at someone.

Ryan smashed a glass against the wall and knocked over a chair at the casino after Kendall suggested that his thoughts of taking over the casino were crazy. Ryan assured her that he'd never been more sure of anything in his life. Guards descended and tried to haul him out but Ryan wrestled free of their grasp. Kendall's phone rang then, and after she saw that it was Zach, she answered it and tried to tell him that he needed to come back to the casino. Ryan, insulted that she would rather talk to the man he believed killed his fiancée, forced her to end the call and said that she couldn't expect Zach to help her.

She reminded him that he wasn't the only one who missed Greenlee and said that the path of destruction he was on wouldn't bring Greenlee back. Although he knew that, Ryan said he wouldn't be satisfied until he took everything that he could from Zach. She asked him if that made her collateral damage. He told her that he believed she could take care of herself, but she insisted that if he destroyed Zach, he destroyed her. She then got shaky on her feet and short of breath. As Zach entered the area unnoticed, Ryan helped her to sit down and, alarmed, coached her through some deep breathing.

Zach barreled in after a few moments and demanded to know what happened. Kendall tried to neutralize the situation but Zach was fed up with Ryan and how he bellowed about his revenge schemes. He ordered Ryan out of his casino, but Kendall, still worried over the state of Ryan's bleeding wounds, asked one of the employees to call a cab and have it take Ryan to the hospital. Ryan resisted at first but Kendall's pleas soon swayed him.

After Ryan was escorted out, Kendall asked why Zach had run after Reese. Zach told her that Reese was in the know about who had really been the driver the night Greenlee died, which horrified Kendall. He went on to tell her that although he'd gone after Reese to see if it was true, Adam, in his new role as Reese's guard dog, had refused to let the two talk. Kendall insisted that they needed to go public with the truth because she wouldn't tolerate life with Reese holding something over her head.

Amanda and JR retreated into the house and JR went to change while Amanda warmed herself by the fire. He stepped into the foyer and was surprised to see Reese and his father as they talked. JR asked why the young woman had come by, and Adam introduced Reese as their new houseguest. Meanwhile, David found his way into the living room via the tunnels and asked Amanda if her station by the fire was her metaphorical way of stating that she was warming up for the night's events. Angered by his constant interference, Amanda assured David that she was clear on the plan, and demanded that he leave before they were discovered.

Out in the foyer, Adam told Reese that he would have her things sent over from the casino, and, after she thanked him, Reese headed upstairs. JR once again questioned the young woman's presence, sure that his father hadn't invited her in out of the goodness of his heart. Adam told his son that Reese had been kind enough to share some information about Zach that could be valuable while they were stuck in economic strife. JR wondered aloud why Adam would keep Reese around if she'd already divulged the information, and Adam admitted that he regarded Reese as an Achilles heel on Zach's larger-than-life persona.

David continued to remind Amanda that even though she'd given back all of his money in the form of a donation to the cardiac wing, he still expected her to follow through with the original plan. He said that if she didn't, he would divulge her dirty little secret to JR, and she would be forced to live on the street. She again told him that she was well aware of what she had to do and believed that she didn't have a choice.

They heard a door close then, and Amanda urged him to leave quickly. David made it out of the patio door mere moments before JR returned to the living room. Amanda noted that JR hadn't changed and he told her that his father had sidetracked him. When she asked for details, he told her that he didn't have many, except for the tidbit about Reese being their new housemate.

JR left for a few moments to make sure that his son had gone to sleep. When he returned, he found Amanda looking at a picture of Babe, and noted that the evening's festivities had really made them realize how much they missed her. He then tried to look forward and asked Amanda if she thought that, given the child they were about to bring into the world, they could make it work as a different version of a family. Instead of answering his question, Amanda opted to share a copy of the video taken of his speech at the dedication. As he looked at the screen and waited for the show to begin, Amanda silently cursed herself and hit play.

Instead of the evening's talks, a portion of the previous year's event lit up the screen, and Babe strutted down the walkway and modeled her dress. Amanda waited for a moment, and then apologized profusely for her mix-up. She asked him if he was okay, but one look from him told her that he was nowhere near okay. She apologized again and told him that she would give him some time alone to regain his footing. Once alone in the living room, JR sent apologies for his life since Babe's passing into nothingness, and when his gaze lowered, it alit on the tray of decanters.

Angie ran into Jake and demanded to know how involved he was in Frankie's decision to alter Amanda's medical records. Jake tried to deny any knowledge of the situation but his lie fell flat when she told him that Krystal had overheard the conversation Jake and Frankie had at the dedication. She was panicked over the idea that Frankie could lose his license, but Jake pointed out the alternative of Amanda losing her child. They both agreed that life in Pine Valley had gone downhill since David's return. Angie then confessed that Krystal had also shared the news about David's proposal, and said that she feared Krystal would say yes.

Zach placed an urgent call to Reese and told her that he needed to talk to her. Before she agreed, she apologized for Adam's behavior and made it clear that she hadn't instructed Adam to act in that way. Zach was unconcerned with Adam and told her that their talk needed to be in person. He asked her to come down to the casino and, although her voice carried a tone of wariness, she agreed. She went downstairs and told Adam of her intentions to speak with Zach, and she wondered if Adam would have advised her against it. Adam surprised her and said that it was a good move to agree to the meeting and offered to drive her there.

Ryan fulfilled his promise and went to the hospital to get his hand looked at. Angie tended to his wounds and told him that despite the fact that she'd gotten a miracle and her husband had come back to her, she lived with the pain of his loss for twenty years. He asked her if there was some trick to getting through the pain, and she told him that as much as it hurt to think about Greenlee, it was more important to keep her memories and the love they shared with him. She went on to say that he needed to dig deep to make those things true so that he could be there for his children. She finished dressing his injury and asked if he wanted her to walk him out. He told her he didn't know where to go or what to do, since nothing felt the same without Greenlee. She saw the tears that burned behind his eyes, encouraged him to let it go, and then held him as he cried.

Jake walked onto the patio at the Chandler mansion and watched through the window as JR poured himself a glass of amber liquid from his father's decanters and seriously pondered the first swig. Before he could complete the thought both mentally and physically, Amanda burst back into the room and begged him to stop. He told her that the sight of Babe on the video and the sure knowledge that she would never be with him again was too much to take. Amanda said that if she could give him that, she would. He told her that he was tired of hearing things like that, as they were nothing more than "cold comfort." He noted that Babe would be disappointed in him, but Amanda pointed out that Babe were to feel that way about someone, it would be someone other than him. JR, unable to handle the emotions that slammed around his brain, decided that he needed to get out of the house, and left Amanda to cry alone.

Jake came in the house as soon as the coast was clear and tried to console Amanda with the fact that, although she'd almost given into David's demands, she hadn't gone through with it. Regardless, Amanda still thought of herself as a monster. Jake told her that she was too hard on herself and assured her that everything would be fine. He wrapped her in a comforting hug, but the lull only lasted a few moments until JR returned and demanded to know what was happening.

David arrived home as Krystal was examining herself in the mirror. Once he closed the door to the bedroom, she assaulted him with questions about the secrecy that seemed to follow him around. He asked for a moment to explain and then told her that because he had been alone for most of his life, he wasn't used to the need to explain himself or his whereabouts. He promised that he was a quick study and assured her that he loved her. She told him that she was certain of his love, and because of that knowledge, she wanted to become his wife. Overjoyed, David confirmed that he still wanted to marry Krystal.

Reese showed up at the casino and, before she could get settled, Kendall started in with her accusations about Reese's true intentions for accepting Zach's offer to meet. Insulted, Reese started to leave, but Zach hampered her escape. He tried to ignore his wife's raucous behavior and asked Reese about the hints that Ryan had dropped earlier. Reese admitted that she'd overheard Kendall and Zach's conversation about being the driver the night Greenlee died, and Kendall announced that Reese must have started to consider it her lucky day.

Reese was confused, so Kendall let on to her belief that Reese would make a beeline to the police. Zach asked Reese outright if she planned to share what she knew with the cops, and Reese hotly denied it. Kendall didn't believe her, but knew that her husband did. Zach noted that Reese had no reason to lie, but Reese interrupted their argument and said that she didn't care what either of them thought of her. She said that she wouldn't use what she'd heard them talking about against them, but that unstable bubble of security was popped when Adam walked up and admitted that he had every intention of blowing their cover."

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