02/26/2009 David Makes A Speech

"Krystal told Amanda that she knew the paternity of Amanda's baby. Krystal said she heard Frankie and Jake discussing Amanda's pregnancy. Amanda denied Krystal's accusations. Amanda ripped into Jake and Frankie for discussing her pregnancy at the party. Amanda said Krystal knew the baby belonged to David.

Zach begged Kendall to keep quiet about her involvement in Greenlee's accident. He wanted people to continue believing he was the person driving the vehicle that hit Greenlee. Kendall said it was time for everyone to know the truth. Reese overheard their conversation and started to leave, but Adam stopped her. Adam knew Reese was upset. Reese said she felt unwelcome. Adam encouraged her not to run away from her problems, but instead, to stay and fight. Reese said she was not ready to deal with anything yet, and walked off. Adam told Erica, Zach, and Kendall that he did not appreciate them ganging up on Reese. Adam said that Reese was packing her bags to leave Pine Valley.

Tad noticed that David seemed unusually nice to JR. David praised JR's speech and shook his hand. Tad said David seemed to have Krystal halfway down the wedding aisle, the residents in his grasp, and Joe booted out of the hospital.

Krystal thanked JR for his beautiful speech. JR said he wanted to take a drink to calm his nerves, but had sworn off alcohol to become a better father for Little Adam and Amanda's baby. Krystal went to find David, but she did not tell him about Amanda's baby. David could tell Krystal seemed flustered. He suggested she take her medicine. Krystal said she poured the medicine into her wine glass, but someone took it.

David took the podium for his speech. He spoke of Babe's wonderful gift of living her life without fear. David said the new wing would forever remind people to live life to the fullest. Afterwards, Kendall spoke about the wonderful doctors, including David, who gave her a heart transplant. Kendall felt blessed to be able to have a second chance with her mother and sons. She failed to mention Zach. Kendall pledged to make a $200,000 donation to the American Heart Association in honor of Greenlee. After her speech was done, she apologized to Zach for not mentioning him. Zach figured Kendall left out his name to punish him.

Frankie greeted Randi with a kiss, but she pulled away. Randi was worried that David would not want her at the party because of her prostitution background. Frankie said for Randi not to worry about David. Frankie was very proud to be with her.

Brot and Taylor arrived at the party. David introduced Brot to the Campbell representatives. Brot was polite, but remarked to Taylor that he did not care for David pointing out his military experience. It made Brot feel like David did not hire him based on his qualifications. Brot thought that perhaps David just wanted a showpiece for the hospital. Taylor said Brot was being too sensitive. Brot thought Taylor wanted him to change. Taylor insisted that she liked Brot for the person he was. Angrily, Brot went outside for some air.

Tad heard Brot and Taylor arguing. He went to check on Taylor while Brot was gone. Taylor said Brot treated her differently than he treated his patients or friends. She felt that everything she said was taken in the wrong context. Taylor doubted Brot wanted to be with her. Tad said Brot might only vent his frustrations to her because he trusted her more than anyone else. Taylor found Brot on the roof. Brot apologized for blowing up at Taylor. He said it was tough to adjust to a new life outside the military.

Pete went to the Chandler mansion to see Adam. Colby told him that Adam was at the hospital benefit. Pete said he received an email from Greenlee one day before she died. He opened his laptop and blushed when Colby saw the screensaver - hearts circling around a picture of her. Pete said the email revealed that Erica had lost all of Adam's investment. Colby worried that Adam was broke. She kissed Pete on the cheek to thank him for telling her about the email. Pete followed Colby upstairs to check on Little Adam.

Ryan went to the casino for a few drinks. He ran into Reese as she was preparing to leave Pine Valley. Ryan offered Reese two shots, but she declined. Ryan said he was not drinking for fun. It was research. He wanted to find out what brands the customers liked best. Reese assumed Ryan must have meant that he had bought the casino from Zach. Ryan said he had no plans to buy it. He wanted to steal it. Also, Ryan said Reese deserved the wrath of the Kane women. He said Reese was selfish.

Reese bolted off, but came back. A casino employee escorted her into the bar after Reese drove into a tree. Adam came by to check on Reese, who had blood on her head. He offered to take Reese to his home so she could get patched up.

Amanda tracked Krystal down to make sure Krystal had kept quiet about the baby. Amanda admitted that the baby belonged to David, but said she never wanted him to know. Amanda said JR was a great father who would protect her and the baby. She knew that David would try to steal the baby, just like he was going after Little Adam. Krystal said David was not trying to get Little Adam. Amanda said her reasons for lying to JR were good. She begged Krystal not to tell David the truth. Jake came up and told Krystal that she should keep quiet about the baby's paternity. Jake said David would dump Krystal the moment he learned Amanda was carrying his child. Krystal agreed to keep Amanda's secret only to keep JR sober. In return, Amanda promised that JR would never know the truth about the baby.

David went to pester Amanda while she was alone. Amanda gave him a check to reimburse him the money he gave her. Amanda said she did not want his money. David figured Amanda must be feeling guilty for tricking JR. David said Amanda's donation would not change the fact that she needed to turn JR into an alcoholic again.

Zach went to the casino. He was not pleased to see Ryan throwing back drinks one after another. Ryan figured Zach was there to meet Reese. Ryan said Reese got in a minor car accident and went to Adam's. A security guard tried to escort Ryan out of the casino, but Kendall stopped him. Ryan said Zach went off to find Reese. Kendall asked Ryan why he was at the casino. Ryan said he was there to scope out the casino in preparation for his takeover.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam gave Reese a cloth to clean her wound. Reese wondered why people in Pine Valley hated her so much. Reese said she was not the one who killed Greenlee. Adam said Zach was driving the car. Reese blabbed that Kendall was the one driving the car. Adam said Reese should use that information to her advantage. Reese did not want to hurt Zach. Adam said Zach practically threw her under the bus for the Kane women. Reese quickly realized that Adam wanted to use the information to ruin Zach. Reese pleaded with Adam not to say anything. Adam said he would keep quiet. Zach stopped by to check on Reese."

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