02/25/2009 A Truce Between Jr & David

"Jack asked Erica to meet with him. Erica inquired about Jack's trip to Connecticut. He explained that he went to the river to say goodbye to Greenlee, but he could not do it. He said that he put his hand in the river and it was very cold. It made him sad to think that Greenlee felt the pain of the cold water before she died. Erica empathized with Jack. She said that he would be able to say goodbye to his daughter when he was ready. She invited him to stay in her suite, if he needed a friend. He was very grateful for Erica's support, but he turned down the offer because he wanted to be alone.

Zach found one of Gabrielle's pacifiers under a pillow on the couch. He looked sad as he held the baby's pacifier. Kendall saw Zach's melancholy expression and noted that Gabrielle had enough pacifiers in France. She assured him that the baby would want for nothing. He stated that, although he had not wanted to bond with the baby, he did. He affirmed that Gabrielle was his daughter and Kendall needed to accept that. Kendall told Zach to find Reese and go to France with her to retrieve their child. Zach assured Kendall that he loved her and wanted to be with her.

Erica saw Zach at the casino. She told him that she knew what he was going through. She explained that it killed her when Travis won custody of Bianca. He coldly stated that Erica had no idea how he felt.

David invited JR to meet him at ConFusion. When JR arrived, he demanded to know why David suggested a meeting. David claimed that he wanted to call a truce with JR. JR did not believe him, because David asked for a truce in the past and went back on his word. David wanted to put their petty animosity aside for one night as they honored Babe at the Campbell's party. David put out his hand to shake hands with JR. Just as JR grabbed David's hand, Adam yelled for them to stop. Adam pushed David away from JR and told David to keep his hands off of Adam's son. David snidely commented that JR got his civility from his mother.

Adam warned JR not to trust David. JR explained that he did not trust David, but he planned on calling a truce for the party. JR did not want to fight with David at a party where Babe was being honored.

Adam asked Reese to meet him at ConFusion. Reese inquired why Adam wanted to see her. He presented her with a box that contained a ball gown. He asked her to attend the Campbell's party with him. She wondered what Adam would get out of taking her to the party. He replied that he would get the satisfaction of upsetting the Kane women. Adam urged Reese to attend the party to show the Kane women that she would not go down without a fight.

Randi, Amanda, and Krystal decorated the hospital for the Campbell's party. Krystal thanked Amanda for her help. Then, Krystal asked Amanda what was going on between her and David. Amanda swore that nothing was going on, but Krystal was skeptical. Krystal wanted to know why Amanda and David were having a heated discussion the previous day. Amanda claimed that David did not want her living with JR because it might upset Little Adam.

Amanda told Frankie that she was paranoid David might discover he was the father of her baby. She asked Frankie if there was any way David could find out. Frankie assured her that no one knew he falsified her due date. She informed Frankie that David threatened to have a DNA test conducted. Frankie said that she had to avoid a DNA test. Amanda stated that she had to lie about the baby's paternity, so David would not have more ammunition against her. Frankie inquired about the other ammunition she referred to, so Amanda revealed that David was blackmailing her.

Jake saw Amanda and asked if she had told JR that David was blackmailing her. Amanda explained that she was about to tell JR when JR complimented her for being trustworthy. Amanda felt too guilty to admit that David had paid her to get JR drunk. Jake urged Amanda to tell the truth, so David no longer had power over her. She mentioned that David would always have power over her. Jake realized that David was the father of her child. He asked if anyone else knew, and she said Frankie did. She felt bad about getting Frankie involved in her "personal hell." Jake reminded her that many people cared about her and wanted to help her.

David entered the hospital and greeted Krystal with a big kiss. Then, David stared at Amanda. Krystal asked why David was obsessed with Amanda. David pretended that he was looking at JR, not Amanda. David told Krystal that she alone had his heart. He proceeded to give her pills. He said that the pills would calm her and help her through the party. She took the pills and put them in her pocket.

David approached Amanda and demanded that she get JR drunk and set up a scene that looked like JR put Little Adam in danger. She refused to carry out David's evil plan.

Everyone arrived at the Campbell's party at the hospital. There was a big sign that dedicated the new cardiac wing of the hospital to Babe.

David greeted all of the guests and gave a speech about the importance of heart health. He was proud to state that he dedicated the new wing to his late daughter, Babe.

Reese and Adam arrived at the party together, which appalled Erica, Kendall, and Zach. Kendall asked Reese why she did not leave Pine Valley. Reese explained that she had business obligations she intended to keep. Zach offered to buy out her contract at the casino, so she could leave. Reese refused to go.

Krystal put one of her pills in a wine glass. As she was about to drink the wine, David asked her to say a few words to the crowd. Meanwhile, Reese saw the wine and began to drink it.

Jake and Frankie discussed Amanda's situation. Both of them swore to help Amanda keep her baby's true paternity a secret. Neither of them wanted David to stake a claim on the child. As they spoke, neither of them noticed that Krystal was eavesdropping.

Krystal found Amanda and demanded to know if David was the father of her child. Amanda looked nervous.

Erica told Reese to leave town. Reese said she had reasons for staying. Erica did not care to hear her reasons. Erica warned Reese not to stay in Pine Valley.

Kendall recalled hosting a fashion show to promote heart health with Greenlee the year before. Zach tried to console Kendall, but she was too upset. She blamed herself for killing Greenlee because she was really the one driving the car. Meanwhile, Reese secretly listened to the conversation and overheard Kendall's confession.

Annie wanted to see Emma before she went to Oak Haven. Aidan explained that Ryan would not let Emma visit Annie. Annie freaked out and began to scream that she hated Aidan. He calmed her down and told her that she needed to work on her temper. He said that Ryan was right to keep Emma away because Annie could flip out in front of the girl. Annie admitted that she needed to gain composure. She asked Aidan to keep in touch with her while she was at Oak Haven. He gently touched her cheek and thanked her for opening her heart to him. Angie entered the room and announced that it was time for Annie to go.

After Annie left for Oak Haven, Angie told Aidan that she sensed he had strong feelings for Annie. He admitted that he did have feelings for Annie."

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