02/23/2009 Krystal Answers David's Phone

"At Wildwind, Krystal answered David's cell phone. No one responded when she said, "hello." David walked up just as Krystal ended the call; he was furious with Krystal. David made it clear that he did not want Krystal answering his phone. He said that some things needed to remain private. Krystal was visibly frightened by David's outburst. David realized that he had gone too far, so he immediately apologized, attributing his short temper to work-related stress. He told her he loved her, but Krystal continued to be uneasy. She asked David where he had gone the other day when he had disappeared.

David easily explained his absence away. He told Krystal that he had attended a consultation in Manhattan. David insisted that he had left behind a note for Krystal. Krystal said that she had not seen it, but David turned on the charm and managed to dispel Krystal's doubts. A phone call from Gail, a nurse at the hospital, gave David an excuse to leave. Unbeknownst to Krystal, Gail had called to let David know that JR and Amanda had arrived at the hospital. Gail was honoring David's request to be notified when they showed up.

At the hospital, Adam quickly pulled JR aside when he overheard JR mention that he intended to make a generous donation. Adam didn't mince words as he explained to his son that they couldn't afford to make any charitable contributions at that moment because of their dire financial situation. David clearly heard the exchange because he approached Adam to offer him a loan of money. JR and Adam didn't just decline the offer; they took it a step further. Both lied, giving the impression that they didn't have any cash flow issues. David pretended it was welcomed news, told them that he expected a sizable donation for Babe's wing, and then walked away with a self-satisfied grin.

During a prenatal check-up, Frankie noticed the interaction between Amanda and JR. When JR left the room, Frankie commented on it. Amanda admitted that she and JR were in a good place with each other. Frankie worried about the impact the baby's true paternity would have if the truth came out. Amanda refused to consider the possibility. She vowed that JR would never learn that David was the baby's father.

When Amanda stepped into the hallway, David was waiting to pounce. He asked her how the checkup went. Amanda realized that he was more interested in knowing how her progress with JR was going. She refused to discuss it at the hospital, so they made arrangements to meet later that day.

JR came around a corner just as Amanda walked away from David. Once Amanda assured JR that she weathered her encounter with David, JR told her that he had a last-minute meeting to attend. Since Amanda had plans of her own, she didn't object to finding her own way home.

David asked to see Amanda's chart when Frankie walked out of the exam room. Frankie didn't hesitate to hand Amanda's medical records to David. While David reviewed them, he asked if Frankie knew what the repercussions were for falsifying patient files. Frankie said that he was well aware of the penalty. Luckily, Frankie continued, he didn't need to worry about it, since he was an honest doctor who would never alter hospital records. Krystal chose that moment to walk up. She was eager to show David some ideas that she had for the benefit that she was planning. David let himself be pulled away.

A short time later, David praised Krystal's ideas. JR waited to approach Krystal until David walked away. When they were alone, Krystal talked about JR's relationship with Amanda. She told JR that Babe would want him to move forward. JR agreed, then pointed out that it appeared both he and Krystal were moving on.

At the casino's bar, Amanda told David that JR was trying to stay sober. David was completely unmoved; he made it clear he intended to carry out his plans. Amanda tried to turn the tables on David. She told him that she had seen him in Connecticut, outside of the chapel, the night that Greenlee crashed. David's smile slipped, but he recovered quickly. He threatened to tell JR about their deal, that he had paid Amanda to cozy up to JR, if Amanda didn't help him get custody of Little A. Amanda reminded David that Adam would do everything in his power to block David from getting Little A. David snickered as he told Amanda not to worry about the elder Chandler; he had a plan to take care of Adam.

Aidan had good news for Annie when he went to visit her in the hospital. Annie's competency hearing had been indefinitely postponed. Annie could return to Oak Haven for treatment. Annie asked Aidan if he could arrange for Emma to visit her before Annie had to return to the sanitarium. Aidan promised that he would do his best, but warned her that it probably wouldn't happen. Annie appreciated Aidan's candor. She said that he was the only person who told her the truth.

At the casino, Reese approached Zach for help. She wanted his support to fight for custody of Gabrielle. Zach refused to consider it. He told her that she didn't deserve Gabby, then started to walk away. Reese turned to him; she insisted that she was a good mother. Zach wasn't swayed. He told Reese that it was Bianca's choice if she would share custody of Gabby or not. Reese suspected that Kendall had influenced Zach's position on the matter. Zach didn't deny it. He reminded Reese that Kendall was his wife. Reese asked how Gabby factored into everything. Zach refused to go there with Reese. He reminded Reese that Bianca was Gabby's mother.

Reese continued to plead with Zach, but he didn't waver. Out of desperation, Reese promised Zach that if he helped her get custody of Gabby, she would stay in town and allow Zach to see the baby whenever he wanted. Zach accused Reese of trying to force him to choose between Kendall and Gabby. Zach refused to be manipulated. Reese denied the charge. Zach told Reese that what was best for Gabby was not to be caught in a tug of war for custody. He warned Reese that she was going up against the Kane women. Zach didn't think Reese stood a chance against their united front.

Ryan was sitting in his apartment, staring at a picture of Greenlee, when a knock interrupted his musings. It was Opal. She was surprised that Ryan had asked her to stop by without Emma. Ryan explained that he wanted Opal to do a séance so that he could speak to Greenlee. Opal agreed to do her best to reach Greenlee.

The two sat down and Opal began calling for Greenlee. Ryan was short on patience. When they didn't get an immediate sign from Greenlee, Ryan called out to her. He vibrated with anger as he told Greenlee that he wanted to make those who hurt her pay for what they had done. Ryan was desperate for a sign from Greenlee that he was on the right path.

Opal turned to look at Ryan. She told him that his fury would drive Greenlee away, not draw her in. He needed to focus on his love for Greenlee if they hoped to reach her. Ryan tried calm down, to no avail. Eventually, Opal called a halt to the séance. She told Ryan that Greenlee would not want Ryan to avenge her death. Ryan vehemently disagreed with Opal. Opal pointed out that if he were so certain about what Greenlee would have wanted, he wouldn't be frantic for Greenlee's approval.

Ryan ignored Opal's advice as he ushered her to the door. He asked her to give Emma a kiss for him, then shut the door behind Opal.

Later, Reese stopped by Ryan's apartment to speak to him about her custody fight with Bianca. Ryan was stunned that Reese had the audacity to turn to him for help. When he suggested that she seek out Zach, Reese told him of Zach's rejection. Ryan became livid when Reese tried to play the "I'm a good mommy" card. He reminded Reese that she had her tongue in Zach's mouth the night before her wedding, and she broke Bianca's heart. Disgusted, Ryan threw Reese out of his apartment. Reese made one more appeal; she told him that she was not evil. In response, Ryan simply held the door open.

Aidan knocked on Ryan's door a short time later. Ryan wasn't receptive to talking to Aidan any more than he had been to Reese. When Aidan asked if Emma could visit Annie, Ryan's response was to blame Annie for keeping him from Greenlee. He told Aidan that because Annie had held a gun to his head, Ryan had been unable to catch up with Greenlee. Ryan said that Aidan and Annie could both go to hell as far as he was concerned. For emphasis, Ryan slammed the door in Aidan's face.

At ConFusion, Erica tried to help her daughters make peace. Her efforts were in vain. Kendall felt betrayed by Bianca. Kendall made it clear that she wanted both Bianca and Reese to leave town. Erica was taken aback by Kendall's animosity. She told Kendall that there were times, since Kendall awoke up from her coma, when she barely recognized her daughter. Kendall reminded Erica of everything that she'd had to deal with since she woke up. Kendall considered her attitude to be well justified under the circumstances.

However, Kendall did concede that she didn't want Reese to have custody of Gabby. She was willing to do whatever it took to ensure that Reese never went near the baby again. When Bianca's attorney joined them, she told the Kane women that Reese had a legal standing to fight for custody. She also warned Bianca that a custody hearing could take years to unfold; during that time Bianca could not leave the country with Gabby without facing kidnapping charges.

Adam's untimely arrival pulled Erica away for a few moments. Adam wanted to talk to Erica about his Fusion investment. Erica said that she would be happy to discuss business, but at another time. Adam wasn't appeased. He worried that he wouldn't get a return on his money while Erica was preoccupied with her family. Erica ignored Adam's grumbling. Without another word, she returned to the table where her daughters were waiting.

As the Kane women talked to the lawyer, they decided that their best course of action would be to put Reese's character on trial. Zach came along just in time to hear the tail end of the conversation. Bianca became uncomfortable when Zach offered to testify that Reese had followed him to Pine Valley and used every opportunity available to seduce him. As Reese approached the table, Kendall eagerly volunteered to do her part to discredit Reese. All eyes turned when Reese told Bianca that she would give up all claims to custody of Gabby. Bianca decided to discuss it with Reese privately, despite Erica's objections.

Reese repeated her offer when she was alone with Bianca. Bianca asked Reese what had prompted her change of heart. Reese said that she hoped Bianca would one day forgive her enough to allow her to be a part of Gabby's life. Bianca admitted that she was far from being able to even consider it. Reese understood, but remained hopeful that one day Bianca would change her mind. Bianca agreed to have the papers drawn up so that Reese could sign them the following day. As Bianca walked away, Zach watched Reese closely for a long moment before he, too, turned away.

Sitting nearby, Adam called Reese over. He warned her not to turn her back on the Kane women.

After Zach and Kendall returned home, Kendall informed Zach that she had the downstairs guest room made up for him to sleep in. Zach said nothing as Kendall walked to her own bedroom."

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