02/19/2009 Dr. Sinclair's Confession

"David called someone to ask if any good news had arrived.

Kendall was not pleased to see Reese at her home. She opened the front door and told Reese to get out. Reese grabbed her jacket and walked out. She got a call from Bianca, who wanted to meet at the casino's lobby. Meanwhile, Emma told Kendall that she missed her mommy, Greenlee, and Ryan. Kendall said Ryan would return home soon. Seeing Kendall was sad, Emma gave Kendall her stuffed animal to make Kendall feel better. Emma went to put on her tennis shoes. Opal, who was visiting Kendall, said she could not imagine losing her best friend. Even worse, Opal said that Ryan would have to tell Emma about Greenlee's death.

Ryan confronted Zach at the casino. Ryan blamed Zach for losing Greenlee. He promised to make Zach pay for Greenlee's death. Ryan threatened to take everything that Zach loved away from him. Zach told Ryan he should leave, but Ryan retorted that Zach should have walked away from a liplock with Reese. Zach said Greenlee's death was an accident. But Ryan reminded Zach that he was the one supposedly driving the car that ran Greenlee off the road. Zach said that Ryan was not the only person who lost someone. Greenlee was Zach's friend, too. Ryan said Greenlee would still be alive if she had not found out about Zach and Reese's kiss. Zach said he and Reese were nothing more than friends. Also, Zach said Ryan was the one who upset Greenlee by canceling the wedding. It seemed Ryan was always hurting the women he loved, such as Annie, Zach said. Ryan said that Zach's beloved women always seem to find themselves in danger, too.

When Reese showed up at the casino, she spotted Ryan and Zach talking. Reese was upset at Ryan for telling Bianca about the kiss. Reese said it was his fault that Bianca left her. Ryan accused Reese of cheating on Bianca. Reese said Zach and she shared only one kiss. Also, Reese said she heard that Greenlee and Ryan were rolling in the sheets long before he separated from Annie. Bianca heard the arguing and told Ryan and Reese to be quiet. Ryan went home and was reminded of Greenlee everywhere he looked. Fusion cosmetics were scattered on the couch. A vase of fresh roses Ryan bought were on the table. Ryan picked up the vase and angrily threw it off the terrace outside.

Opal brought Emma to Ryan's house. Emma ran into Ryan's arms. She immediately asked for Greenlee.

Zach was surprised to see Kendall at home. He thought she would still be recovering at the hospital. Kendall said she signed a release form to come home. Kendall tried to pretend that she was not mad at Zach by spoiling him with a lavish dinner. Zach wanted to know why Kendall's attitude toward him had suddenly become so positive. Kendall said she was in shock the last time she saw Zach. Zach said they needed to discuss the strain in their relationship. But Kendall did not want to talk. She went to see Ryan.

Reese wanted to work things out with Bianca, but Bianca had other plans. Bianca introduced Reese to her lawyer. The lawyer handed Reese an annulment to sign. Reese said one kiss with Zach was not worth ending their marriage. Bianca said their marriage was a complete lie. The lawyer backed off so Reese and Bianca could speak privately. Reese offered to go to therapy with Bianca or give Bianca space, but refused to end the relationship. Bianca said she was taking the girls back to Paris. Reese asked Bianca to forgive her, but Bianca said it was too late. Reese refused to sign the papers, especially since the papers did not mention custody of Gabrielle. Bianca said Gabrielle was her child. Bianca said her egg was used to create Gabrielle. Reese said she felt like Miranda was her daughter, too, and would not walk away from the girls. Reese tore up the annulment papers. Reese said if Bianca wanted a custody fight, she'd give her one, and then she walked away.

Annie groggily woke up in her room at the mental hospital. She had a gash on her forehead. Dr. Sinclair was looming over Annie with a large needle. Annie pulled herself up and begged Dr. Sinclair not to inject her. Dr. Sinclair held the needle to Annie's neck and told her to take her last breath. Annie pushed Dr. Sinclair into the wall and fumbled with the locked door handle. Annie banged on the door and called for someone to help her. Dr. Sinclair and Annie fought until Annie pinned Dr. Sinclair on the bed. Aidan rushed into the room and pulled Annie away. Dr. Sinclair screamed as she realized the needle had been injected into her arm. Aidan asked Dr. Sinclair what was in the syringe. Annie said that Dr. Sinclair tried to poison her with the needle. Dr. Sinclair became faint and collapsed into Aidan's arms. Paramedics loaded Dr. Sinclair onto a stretcher and rushed her to the hospital. Aidan told Annie he was proud of her for standing up against Dr. Sinclair. Still frazzled, Annie asked Aidan to stay with her. Aidan promised to always look after Annie.

David told the paramedics to take Dr. Sinclair for further testing to evaluate what was in the syringe. Aidan carried Annie into the hospital. She was put on a bed and rolled into an examining room. Annie wanted Aidan to go with her, but Angie promised to take good care of her. Jesse found Aidan in the hospital to find out what had happened between Dr. Sinclair and Annie. Aidan said Dr. Sinclair tried to kill Annie. Jesse believed Annie might have another murder charge added to her criminal charges. Aidan filled Jesse in on his plan to be a patient at Oak Haven to prove Annie was not crazy.

Aidan said he stayed at the hospital a long time to determine why Dr. Sinclair was treating Annie so badly. Aidan said Dr. Sinclair resorted to physical and mental abuse to make Annie admit she had killed Richie. Jesse wondered how Aidan could be so sure that Dr. Sinclair did not diagnose Annie correctly. Aidan said Dr. Sinclair was romantically involved with Richie. Still, Jesse seemed doubtful that Annie was innocent. Tad joined the conversation to back up Aidan's accusations against Dr. Sinclair. Aidan said Dr. Sinclair knew that her gig was up. He had told Dr. Sinclair that no one would know about her sketchy past if she left Pine Valley. Instead of leaving, Dr. Sinclair tried to murder Annie, Aidan said.

David told Jesse that Dr. Sinclair was recovering well. All the toxins in her body had been removed. Jesse asked Dr. Sinclair if Annie was mentally unstable. Dr. Sinclair said Annie was insane. Dr. Sinclair admitted she loved Richie and blamed Annie for his death. Dr. Sinclair said she tried to kill Annie, but had no regrets.

Annie asked for Aidan as Angie mended up her wound. Angie stuck a pair of scissors in her pocket to keep them out of Annie's reach. Annie realized that Angie was scared of her, but Angie insisted she just needed to take care of the wound. Angie gave Aidan permission to visit Annie. But first, Jesse told Aidan that Dr. Sinclair admitted to trying to kill Annie. Aidan told Annie that Dr. Sinclair admitted to trying to kill her. Annie would have to go back to Oak Haven, but Aidan promised to visit her. Annie said she wanted to get better for Aidan and Emma.

David received some good news and walked past Angie, Jesse and Tad with a smile.

Kendall returned Emma's stuffed animal to Ryan at his home. Ryan said he was not sure how to tell Emma about Greenlee's death. Ryan and Kendall sat down with Emma. They explained that Greenlee went to heaven, just like Emma's cat, Mittens. Kendall said Greenlee was an angel watching over her."

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