02/18/2009 Kendall Kicks Reese Out

"Jake informed Zach that Kendall did not want to see him. Zach did not care and entered Kendall's room anyway. Kendall screamed for Zach to leave. Erica overheard the commotion and told Zach to go.

Zach exited Kendall's hospital room. Erica stated that she was disappointed because she thought Zach was different than most men. She was mad at him because he hurt both of her daughters. He urged her to mind her own business, but she refused. She encouraged him to make his best effort to save his marriage.

Erica visited Kendall. Kendall was visibly upset, so Erica tried to console her daughter. Kendall said that Erica should save her concern for Greenlee. Erica noted that Greenlee would survive, but Kendall disagreed. Kendall knew that Greenlee was dead. Erica encouraged Kendall to focus on her marriage.

Jake checked on Kendall. He understood that she was stressed out. He asked if she wanted to talk to him about her problems. She said that all she wanted was to go home.

Reese could sense that Bianca was upset, so Reese leaned over to hug her. Bianca warned Reese not to touch her. Reese assumed that Bianca spoke with Zach about the kiss. Bianca stated that she spoke with Ryan, who told her that Reese and Zach were having an affair. Bianca was irate that everyone knew Reese and Zach were intimate, except for her. Reese swore that she and Zach just kissed, but Bianca was skeptical. Reese explained that she and Zach shared a "moment." Bianca felt betrayed because Reese kissed Zach the night before their wedding. Bianca also felt foolish because she trusted Reese, even though she suspected that Reese had feelings for Zach. Reese stated that any doubts she had about the wedding were gone once she said her vows. Reese promised that she meant every word of her vows and that she only loved Bianca.

Bianca told Reese that Greenlee was dead because of her. Reese looked hurt and affirmed that Greenlee's accident was not her fault. Bianca wanted Reese to take responsibility for her actions. Bianca reminded Reese that she was "burned" by other women in a similar way. Bianca admitted that she had reservations over her relationship with Reese because it progressed quickly, but disregarded them since she loved Reese. Bianca was upset because she did not think that Reese was a true lesbian. Bianca noted that lesbians did not kiss men.

Reese explained that sexuality and gender had nothing to do with her relationship with Zach. Reese said that she was drawn to a person's soul. Bianca asked if Zach was Reese's soul mate and Reese replied no. Reese said that, when she came to Pine Valley, everyone acted like they wanted her to fail. Reese affirmed that Zach was the only person that did not set her up for failure and she was grateful for that. Reese further stated that she loved Bianca, but she was still new to being an open lesbian. She felt that her kiss with Zach was part of her hesitation to finally accept her life as a lesbian.

Reese begged Bianca to forgive her. Reese promised to make up for her wrongdoings. Bianca said that she could not forgive Reese. Reese wondered if Bianca still loved her. Bianca admitted that she loved Reese, but she could not get past the betrayal. Reese urged Bianca to leave Pine Valley with her, so they could work through their problems. Bianca said that she could not leave her family while they were grieving Greenlee. Bianca left the room to get Miranda and Gabrielle.

Erica entered Zach and Kendall's home and saw Reese. Erica immediately confronted Reese for hurting her daughters. Erica stated that she knew all along that Reese lusted after Zach. Reese said that Erica tried to sabotage her relationship with Bianca from the start. Reese informed Erica that she attained her goal, because Bianca did not forgive her. As Erica called Reese nasty names, Bianca entered the room with her children. Bianca asked if she could stay with her mother. Erica was happy to have Bianca stay at her place. So, Erica brought Miranda to the car. Bianca told Reese to say goodbye to Gabrielle. Reese pleaded with Bianca to stay. Bianca assumed that Reese did not want Gabrielle to leave because the baby was Reese's connection to Zach. Bianca wanted Reese to admit that she was in love with Zach, but Reese refused. Bianca snidely told Reese that she should put on something sexy and open a bottle of wine while she waited for Zach to come home.

Kendall arrived home from the hospital and she was unpleasantly surprised to find Reese in her living room. Kendall assumed that Reese was there because of Zach. Reese said that she did not know where Zach was. Reese explained that she had no place to go. Kendall opened the front door and suggested that Reese go back to Paris. Reese grabbed her belongings and walked out. Kendall slammed the door in Reese's face.

Aidan blamed Greenlee's accident on Ryan. Aidan then punched Ryan in the face. Ryan lunged towards Aidan, but Jesse stopped Ryan from hitting Aidan. Jesse told Aidan to leave and he did.

Ryan was frustrated because the search efforts were dwindling. Jesse told Ryan that he needed to accept that Greenlee was gone. Ryan was certain that Greenlee was alive, but Jesse disagreed. Jesse urged Ryan to move on. Ryan reminded Jesse that Angie moved on when she thought Jesse was dead, but he was actually alive. Jesse understood what Ryan was experiencing. Jesse revealed that he also lost someone close to him. Ryan told Jesse that he loved Greenlee very much.

Zach closed down his casino, so he could drink alone. Zach looked at Myrtle's picture and wondered what advice she would give him, if she were alive. Then, Ryan entered. He declared that Greenlee's death was Zach's fault. Ryan vowed to get revenge by taking everything that Zach loved.

Dr. Sinclair told Annie that she was going to be sent to jail for the rest of her life. Annie said that Dr. Sinclair could not put her away, since Aidan discovered that the doctor had a personal vendetta against her. Dr. Sinclair was confused, so Annie revealed that she knew the doctor had a romantic relationship with Richie. Dr. Sinclair claimed that her relationship with Richie would not affect Annie's case.

Aidan informed Dr. Sinclair that Annie did not cause Greenlee's accident. Dr. Sinclair asked Aidan why he told Annie about her relationship with Richie. Aidan stated that Dr. Sinclair never should have been allowed to be Annie's doctor because she was not trying to help her patient. Dr. Sinclair agreed to hand Annie's case over to another doctor in exchange for Aidan's silence about her past with Richie.

Dr. Sinclair told Annie that Annie was being transferred to another hospital. Then, the doctor pulled a tire iron from her pocket and stated that she was sending Annie to the morgue. Annie was nervous as the doctor looked like she was about to hit Annie with the weapon. Then, Dr. Sinclair laughed sinisterly and dropped the tire iron. The doctor was enjoying messing with Annie's head. Annie snapped and said that Richie never loved Dr. Sinclair. Annie noted that Richie took advantage of the doctor because she was pathetic and willing to sleep with her patients. Dr. Sinclair punched Annie and held a needle to her neck. Dr. Sinclair told Annie to enjoy her last breath."

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