02/17/2009 David Accuses Zach Of Killing Greenlee

"Aidan brought Annie back to Oak Haven. Dr. Sinclair was anxiously awaiting Annie's return. Dr. Sinclair sarcastically asked Annie if she had enjoyed her last days of freedom. Annie looked nervous. Then, Dr. Sinclair pulled Aidan aside. She regretted that she did not call the police when Annie first escaped. Aidan said that there was no harm done because he brought Annie back, like he promised. Dr. Sinclair said Aidan was wrong, because Annie killed Greenlee when she fled. He was confused, so she showed Aidan a newspaper article that read Greenlee was presumed dead. Dr. Sinclair further explained that Greenlee was in an accident, but the doctor suspected that Annie tampered with Greenlee's brakes. Aidan looked concerned and rushed off.

Dr. Sinclair told Annie that she had spoken to a judge about Annie's case. Dr. Sinclair convinced the judge to hold a competency hearing for Annie. Dr. Sinclair was sure that Annie would be put in prison for the rest of her life. Annie seemed sad and told Dr. Sinclair to leave her alone. Dr. Sinclair said she would not leave until Annie admitted to killing Greenlee. Annie was confused, so Dr. Sinclair showed her the newspaper. Annie swore that she had nothing to do with Greenlee's accident, but Dr. Sinclair did not believe her.

Kendall was in the hospital. Zach visited her and told her that Greenlee was still missing. Kendall stated that Greenlee's accident was her fault. He reminded her that she needed to keep their story straight, since they told the police that Zach was driving, not Kendall. Kendall yelled that she did not care about keeping her story straight because her mind was preoccupied with Greenlee's accident. He saw that she was upset and urged her to calm down. Kendall's heart monitor went off and David entered the room. David wondered why her blood pressure and heart rate drastically increased. She blamed her condition on Zach. David snidely asked Zach if he wanted to kill Kendall, like he killed Greenlee.

Kendall asked Zach if he had slept with Reese. Zach said no, but he confessed to kissing Reese. Kendall assumed that Zach bonded with Reese because of Gabrielle. Zach admitted that he loved the baby. Kendall could not understand why Zach was drawn to Reese. He explained that he fell apart while Kendall was in a coma. He said that he needed a friend and Reese was a good friend to him. Still, he affirmed that Kendall was his family and he only wanted her.

Jake checked on Kendall. After the examination, Zach wanted to see Kendall. Jake said that she needed rest, but Zach still wanted to see his wife. Jake divulged that Kendall did not want to see Zach.

Reese went to the hospital to check on Zach. Zach informed Reese that Ryan saw them kiss and told everyone about it. Zach took responsibility for the kiss, but he stated that their friendship had to end because too many people were hurt by it.

As Kendall slept, she dreamed that Greenlee was in her hospital room. Greenlee said that she came to say goodbye. Kendall cried as she told Greenlee that the accident was her fault. Greenlee smiled and stated that Zach truly loved Kendall. As Greenlee touched Kendall's wedding ring, she urged Kendall to remember how much her husband loved her. Then, Kendall woke up and Greenlee was gone.

Erica consoled Bianca as Jack, Ryan, Tad, Jake, and Frankie returned from their search for Greenlee. Erica and Bianca asked Jack if there was anything they could do for him. Jack wished he could have a second chance to be a better father to Greenlee. He wanted to turn back time and prevent Greenlee from getting on her motorcycle. Erica and Bianca assured him that he was a great father.

Ryan insisted that the sheriff send more boats to look for Greenlee. Jesse informed Ryan that the sheriff was not going to send more boats. Ryan was livid and asked why. Jesse broke the news that the sheriff changed the mission from a rescue to a recovery. Ryan was distraught because the search team assumed Greenlee was dead. Ryan pleaded with Jesse to change the sheriff's mind, but there was nothing that Jesse could do. Ryan refused to give up, and vowed to find Greenlee on his own if he had to. Then, Ryan told Jesse that he faulted Zach for the accident.

Bianca asked Ryan why Greenlee was on her motorcycle and headed for the chapel before her accident. Ryan divulged that Greenlee was not sick. He explained that they did not go to the wedding because he did not want to stand up next to Reese, due to her dishonesty. Bianca told Ryan that she and Reese had worked through their issues. Ryan then revealed that he saw Reese and Zach kissing on the night of the wedding rehearsal. Ryan believed that Reese and Zach were having an affair. He said that Greenlee was on her way to the chapel to talk to Zach about his relationship with Reese.

Bianca was horrified by Ryan's news. Bianca told Erica that Erica was right about Reese and Zach all along. Bianca said that she needed to see Reese. Erica wanted to join Bianca, but Bianca stated that she could handle Reese on her own.

Bianca visited Kendall in the hospital. Kendall was not happy to see her sister. Kendall commented that Bianca was probably pleased about Greenlee's disappearance because it gave Bianca an excuse to stay in Pine Valley. Bianca began to tell Kendall about Reese and Zach's kiss, but Kendall stated that she already knew. Kendall chastised Bianca for marrying Reese, especially because Bianca had suspicions about Reese and Zach before the wedding. Kendall warned Bianca not to trust her wife.

Bianca went home to see Reese. Reese tried to hug Bianca. Bianca exclaimed, "Don't you dare!"

Erica comforted Jack. She said that she knew how he felt because she encountered a similar situation with her son, Josh. Jack feared that Greenlee was dead. Erica affirmed that Greenlee was a fighter and that she could survive anything. Erica urged him to keep the faith. He was grateful for the pep talk and kissed her.

Aidan arrived at the scene of the search and offered his help. Aidan asked Jesse if he thought there was foul play involved in Greenlee's crash. Jesse said that it appeared to be an accident. Aidan wondered if there were signs that the motorcycle was tampered with. Jesse asked why Aidan thought it was a possibility, but Aidan said nothing.

The sheriff told Ryan, Aidan, and Jesse that they found something. The sheriff showed them a piece of Greenlee's wedding dress. The fabric was torn and bloody. Aidan criticized Ryan for not protecting Greenlee.

Krystal went to the hospital to tell David about Greenlee's accident. David revealed that he already knew. He was sad because everyone he loved was gone. Krystal assured him that she would remain with him.

JR and Amanda went to Babe's grave. JR said that he could relate to Ryan's pain. JR thanked Amanda for helping him after Babe died. JR stated that Amanda was a good friend and that she was going to be an even better mother. Amanda looked sheepish. Then, David and Krystal arrived at the cemetery. David ranted that the Chandlers were to blame for Babe's death. Krystal stated that Babe's death was an accident. David noted that Amanda's pregnancy was an accident, but it was "wanted."

Krystal talked with JR. Krystal wondered if JR was with Amanda for the right reasons. JR told Krystal that she should be pleased with his relationship with Amanda because it kept David at bay. JR asked Krystal if she noticed how David looked at Amanda. Krystal looked nervous.

Amanda warned David to stop making comments about her baby. David reminded her that the baby could be his. He threatened to take the baby, if she did not get him custody of Little Adam."

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