02/11/2009 David Gives Krystal A Ring

"Tad and Ryan were confident that Dr. Sinclair was the therapist who treated Richie in prison. They just needed the evidence to prove it. Greenlee walked in and saw Tad and Ryan in deep conversation. She assumed Ryan was discussing a wedding surprise for her. Ryan told Tad that Greenlee had no idea Aidan was hiding out in Oak Haven to help Annie. Also, Greenlee was not aware of Tad's investigation into Dr. Sinclair's creditability. Greenlee kicked Tad and Ryan out of the house so she could try on her wedding dress. Greenlee put on the dress and looked at her reflection in the glass doors.

Natalia got ready for her police training, but Jesse wanted her to stay at home. Natalia said her mother would have wanted her to continue training. Angie asked Jesse how he was handling Rebecca's death. Jesse said he wished he could have said goodbye to Rebecca before she died. Angie went to work. Jesse called the police academy to have Natalia dismissed from class. Natalia came home angry at her father for making her miss class. Jesse said Natalia needed to mourn her mother. He felt that she was not ready to be back at the academy.

Annie thought of Greenlee and Ryan saying their wedding vows. Aidan called out to Annie through the vent, but Annie was unresponsive. Dr. Sinclair said Annie had admitted to killing her brother. A district attorney was looking into pressing charges against Annie. Dr. Sinclair said she finally proved that Annie's mental illness was an act. Dr. Sinclair thanked Aidan for helping her nail Annie. Aidan wondered if Dr. Sinclair would be able to really pin the charges on Annie. Dr. Sinclair played an audio recording of Annie confessing her crime to prove how easy it would be to get Annie behind bars. Aidan told Dr. Sinclair he wanted to see Annie one last time before leaving the hospital.

Dr. Sinclair watched as Aidan told Annie that he pretended to be Annie's friend. Dr. Sinclair played the tape of Annie confessing to the crime. Aidan held Annie back as she lunged for Dr. Sinclair. He whispered to Annie to play along with his act in front of Dr. Sinclair. Annie demanded that Aidan and Dr. Sinclair get out of her room. Aidan left, but Dr. Sinclair stuck around to tell Annie that Annie was not worth being loved. Dr. Sinclair said she hoped Richie haunted Annie daily and then she walked out. Annie put her hands on the door, which was not completely shut. She was gone when Dr. Sinclair returned to the room.

As David visited Kendall, Erica gushed about Bianca and Reese's wedding. David told Kendall he needed some peace and quiet to examine Kendall. Kendall asked David to tell her family she was unable to attend the wedding for health reasons. David told Zach that Kendall should not be traveling yet, then he left. Zach said that he knew Kendall got David to make an excuse for her so she could miss the wedding. Kendall admitted that she had no desire to attend the wedding. Zach said Kendall was acting childish, and he would not go to the wedding without her. Kendall wanted Zach to attend the wedding, but still refused to go herself.

Bianca caught Reese writing her vows in their hotel room. Bianca tried to steal the paper away so she could sneak a peek at the vows. Reese would not let her see the vows. Bianca began rambling out vows to tease Reese. Reese covered her ears until Bianca was silent. Bianca said she would never reveal her real vows to Reese before the wedding. Erica visited Reese and Bianca to help them prepare for the big day. Zach came by next to break the news that Kendall was not attending the wedding. Bianca refused to marry Reese without Kendall present; she left. Erica went after Bianca. Zach said Kendall was still angry at him for lying about Gabrielle's paternity. He said that Reese, Bianca, and Gabrielle would have to return to France after the wedding. Reese wanted to stay in town, but Zach said it was the only way to save his marriage to Kendall.

Bianca found Kendall resting on the couch at home. She demanded that Kendall attend the wedding. Kendall said she could not watch Zach walking down the aisle holding Gabrielle. Kendall admitted that she still felt betrayed by her family. Bianca begged Kendall to put aside their differences for just one day. Kendall said she would go to the wedding if Bianca, Reese, and Gabrielle agreed to go back to France. Bianca said the family would leave town after the wedding.

Krystal found David at the hospital. David was upset that he had to take over Angie's duties. Krystal explained that Rebecca had died, but David did not care. When Angie came to work, David told Angie that he did not appreciate her arriving at work late. After David left, Krystal apologized to Angie for David's rude behavior. Angie said Krystal should never apologize for David. Plus, Angie said it was only a matter of time before David hurt Krystal. Krystal said she didn't want David to come between them. Angie told Krystal that it was hard to watch Jesse grieve for Rebecca.

David saw Krystal and Angie reconciling their differences with a hug. Angie needed to go check on her patients. David told Krystal he was sorry for treating her friends so poorly. David whipped out an emerald ring he had bought for Krystal. Krystal accepted the ring with pleasure.

Aidan went to Ryan's house, but instead, found Greenlee in her wedding dress. Aidan said he wanted to talk to Ryan about Dr. Sinclair's connection to Richie. Greenlee said she knew nothing about Ryan investigating the doctor's connection to Richie. Aidan realized that Ryan had not told Greenlee about the plan to help free Annie from the mental hospital. Greenlee was angry at Ryan for lying to her. Ryan walked into the home to find Greenlee still in her wedding dress, and giving him dirty looks. Greenlee quickly dashed into a bedroom to change out of her dress.

Aidan said that Dr. Sinclair kicked him out after Annie confessed to killing Richie. Ryan said he met with a security guard who said that Dr. Sinclair and Richie were involved in a romantic relationship at the prison. Ryan was confident the news would prove Dr. Sinclair was ruthlessly going after Annie for her own personal reasons. After Aidan left, Ryan told Greenlee he kept the plans to help Annie a secret so she could focus on the wedding. Greenlee said keeping secrets was not an ideal way to start marriage. Ryan promised not to keep any more secrets from Greenlee.

Angie came home to find Jesse and Natalia enjoying bowls of soup. Natalia said Rebecca loved to make soup for her family. Natalia wanted to keep her mother's tradition alive."

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