02/10/2009 David Burns Krystal's Blueprints

"At ConFusion, Natalia was thrilled to tell Jesse about her experience at the police academy. Jesse said his daughter sounded as excited as he was when he first became a cop. Natalia had a surprise for Jesse. She gave him a chocolate cupcake for his birthday. Natalia said she wished Rebecca could be with them to celebrate Jesse's birthday. Natalia handed Jesse a "World's Greatest Dad" coffee mug. Also, Natalia said she and Rebecca were hoping to move into their own apartment. Natalia gave Jesse a birthday card from her mother. Natalia wanted to know what Angie had bought Jesse. Jesse said Angie had been too busy to worry about his birthday present. Natalia tried to light his birthday candle on the cupcake, but Jesse snatched it away. He wasn't a big fan of people singing him "Happy Birthday" and blowing out candles. Jesse was ready to go home, but Natalia asked him to stick around a bit longer. She wanted more details about David's case. Jesse said he was not allowed to discuss an ongoing investigation.

Jake and Angie quickly got back to work with Frankie. David was not happy to see Angie and Jake looking over paperwork at the front desk. David remarked that Angie and Jake should have been checking on patients. Angie and Jake said they were off work and they left.

Taylor and Brot saw Jake restocking supplies at the hospital. Taylor congratulated Jake on being rehired. Taylor also said Brot was fitting in nicely at the hospital. Brot worried his facial scars would scare people, but he said many strangers had thanked him after hearing his wounds came from battling enemies in Iraq. Jake met up with Angie, Frankie, and Randi at the front desk. They decided to change clothes and meet back at the desk in one hour. David accused Frankie of teaming up with Angie and Jake to get him fired. Frankie said David was being paranoid, and walked away.

Krystal and Tad sat down together with their lawyers to decide the terms of their divorce. The lawyers wanted Krystal and Tad to decide how to handle their properties. Krystal's lawyer suggested Tad and Krystal sell their house and the Comeback and split the proceeds. Krystal said Tad could have the home. Tad agreed to let Krystal keep the Comeback property. After the lawyers left, Tad said he did not tell Olivia, his lawyer, about Krystal bringing Jenny to David's house. Krystal said she did not tell David that Tad broke into his home and planted the pills. Krystal kept Tad's identity a secret from David, as a way to help Angie get her job back at the hospital. Tad gave Krystal blueprints of the café they had planned to build over the Comeback. He wished Krystal luck.

Krystal went to David's house. David saw her taking a few pills. Krystal said she just needed something to relieve the stress of divorce proceedings with Tad. David said he knew Krystal was not a drug addict. David said he had a tough day at the hospital, and poured himself a glass of booze to relax. David noticed the blueprints spread out in front of Krystal. Krystal said Tad was letting her have the Comeback property. David said Babe was fatally injured on the property. Krystal explained that Tad was only trying to be nice to her. David decided to take Krystal out for the evening. Krystal went upstairs to change clothes. David threw the blueprint in the blazing fireplace.

Jake checked on Tad before meeting Frankie, Angie, and Randi. Tad, holding a big duffel bag, said he knew exactly what needed to be done.

Annie told Aidan through the vent that she was having a hard time dealing with Dr. Sinclair.

Dr. Sinclair told Ryan that she did not want him interfering in her work any longer. Dr. Sinclair said she had offered to pass Annie's case to another doctor. Ryan said he understood that Dr. Sinclair was angry that he hired a private investigator to scope her out, but Ryan was worried Annie would crash his wedding to Greenlee. Dr. Sinclair let Ryan peek into Annie's room through a glass window to prove that Annie was not in the proper state of mind to plan another escape. Annie perked up when she saw Ryan staring at her through the glass window. Annie banged on the window and screamed Ryan's name, but Ryan did not hear Annie begging for him to stay with her. Aidan told Annie to come back and talk to him. Annie said that Aidan needed to get her out of the mental hospital. First, Annie needed to let go of Ryan, Aidan said. Aidan said he needed to leave Annie for a little bit, but would return. Aidan told Annie to pretend he was with her if she felt scared, alone, or nervous around Dr. Sinclair.

Dr. Sinclair escorted Ryan to her office. She said Annie had opened up about Richie's death. Dr. Sinclair wanted to hear Ryan's opinion on Richie. Ryan said he heard only negative things about Richie from Annie. Ryan's thoughts on Richie were tarnished before they ever met. But Ryan said Richie warned him that Annie was "sick." Ryan said he should have listened to Richie before Annie killed her brother in cold blood. Dr. Sinclair was secretly recording the conversation. She thanked Ryan for his insight. Ryan saw his engagement announcement on Dr. Sinclair's desk. He accidentally knocked over and broke a coffee cup when he was reaching for the announcement. Dr. Sinclair got upset and called Ryan an idiot.

Dr. Sinclair immediately apologized for her behavior. Ryan said he was sorry about the Chicago coffee mug, but Dr. Sinclair tried to brush it off casually. She said the mug was a gift from a friend. After Ryan left, Dr. Sinclair picked up a piece of the shattered mug and kissed it. An orderly was asked to escort Ryan out of the building. Ryan paid the orderly handsomely to spend a few more minutes in the hospital. Aidan emerged from his room to see why Ryan had not yet left. Ryan explained that Dr. Sinclair had freaked out when her Chicago mug dropped on the floor. Ryan believed the mug was somehow tied to Richie, who spent two years in a Chicago prison during the time Dr. Sinclair did not work.

Dr. Sinclair decided to see if Annie would open up about Ryan. The doctor showed Ryan and Greenlee's announcement to Annie. Dr. Sinclair played the audio of Ryan saying that Richie was right about Annie being sick. Annie said Ryan knew Richie was a bad person. Dr. Sinclair pressured Annie to come clean about murdering Richie. Annie finally screamed that she killed Richie because he was torturing her. Annie said she killed Richie to keep Ryan in her life. Also, Annie said she pretended not to remember killing her brother. Dr. Sinclair praised Annie for confessing the truth.

Angie, Frankie, and Randi came into ConFusion singing to Jesse. Jake pushed a large cake onto the dance floor. After the song was finished, Tad popped out of the cake dressed in a police officer's uniform. Tad started doing a striptease for the birthday boy. Tad even crawled on the countertop and shook his body up against Angie and Randi. As Tad's dance ended, he revealed a "Happy Birthday Super Cop" shirt underneath his uniform top. Krystal and David caught the end of Tad's act. They decided not to stay for the rest of the show. Jesse received a call from a Denver hospital to inform him that Rebecca was rushed to the emergency room. Natalia was stunned to learn that her mother had died at the hospital. Natalia folded into Jesse's arms, but ran off sobbing. Jesse said the doctor told him that Rebecca stopped her cancer treatments. She had gone to Denver to die alone.

Jesse went after Natalia. Angie told Tad and Jake that Rebecca was gone. Frankie said he knew Rebecca was dying, but had no clue Rebecca was going to Denver to die. Frankie thought Rebecca was going to get her affairs in order. Jesse found Natalia staring at a window in their apartment. Natalia was holding a letter that Rebecca had sent to her from Denver. Jesse opened the letter and read it out loud to Natalia. In the letter, Rebecca asked Natalia to find happiness in her career and family. Natalia said she needed to be alone, and left.

Tad and Jake went back to Tad's home. Tad wanted Jake to talk about his feelings for Taylor. Jake said he was perfectly fine with Taylor dating Brot. Tad suggested that Jake move in with him to help care for Kathy and Jenny.

Krystal looked for her blueprints at David's home. David said he threw them in the fire. Krystal said she understood David hated the Comeback, but the property had belonged to her and Babe. Krystal wanted to do something to honor Babe on the property. David said he wanted them to do something together for Babe. David said he liked Krystal's idea of opening a café.

Aidan found some files on Dr. Sinclair's computer. Letters from a warden at the Chicago prison called for Dr. Sinclair's resignation after her involvement with an unnamed inmate. Ryan said the inmate had to be Richie."

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