02/05/2009 David Threatens Amanda

"Jesse told Angie that everything was going to work out for them. Angie suspected that Jesse had his own plan to take care of David. Jesse would not reveal his plans to Angie. Angie begged Jesse to forget that Jake helped her break into David's home. Jesse said it would be their secret.

Jake stuffed medicine into his pockets and snuck out of the storage closet.

JR was thrilled that Amanda agreed to move into him. But David was not so happy with the idea. David said JR would never stay sober long enough to care for Amanda and the baby. JR grabbed Amanda's hand and they left. Krystal noticed that David was hovering around Amanda quite often for a man who was not the father of Amanda's baby. David said he would not lie to Krystal about the baby's paternity. After all, David said his future was with Krystal. Krystal seemed doubtful, but kissed David and went home. As David breezed down the hallway, he bumped into Jake. David wanted to know why Jake was at the hospital. He reached to search Jake's pockets, but Frankie quickly covered for Jake. Frankie said he and Jake were having lunch together.

Krystal decided to stop by Tad's house and check on Kathy. Tad thanked Krystal for watching over Kathy. Jesse called Tad. He wanted to meet and discuss David. Tad told Krystal he needed to run and check on a case. Krystal offered to watch Jenny until Tad returned.

Once alone, Frankie wanted to know Jake's reasons for being at the hospital. Jake said he was trying to clear Angie's name and get his old job back. Jake waited outside the Hubbards' window until Angie left. Jesse let Jake inside and Jake showed Jesse the medicine. Jake said they could crush all the pills and make new capsules out of them to frame David. Jesse said he was bringing in a third person to help pin David. Jake wanted to know who the mystery person was. He got his answer the minute Tad walked through the door. Tad started helping Jake and Jesse make the pills. He said David had hurt enough people.

Zach and Kendall heard the doorbell ring and woke up from their nap on the couch. Greenlee and Erica stopped by see Kendall, but were not happy to see each other. Erica said that Greenlee only came by to badmouth her. Erica was certain Greenlee was going to persuade Kendall to kick Erica out of Fusion. Greenlee said the company's sales were shrinking. Zach wanted Erica and Greenlee to leave, but Kendall wanted more details. She asked what had happened to the company since the Bella lawsuit. Greenlee said the lawsuit went away. Kendall was happy about the news, but wondered why Erica, Zach, and Greenlee looked so sad. Zach angrily blurted out that Babe had died in the tornado. Tears began to form in Kendall's eyes. Zach harshly told Greenlee and Erica to leave. Kendall asked how Babe died. Zach said JR and Babe were at the Comeback when the storm came through town. Kendall immediately felt sorry for Little Adam and JR.

Greenlee and Erica were still arguing as they entered Fusion together. Erica wanted Pete to unpack the boxes, but Greenlee told him not to touch anything. Greenlee was tired of arguing with Erica. She said it was impossible for them to work together. Pete suggested Erica and Greenlee flip a coin for control of Fusion. Greenlee and Erica agreed to the coin toss. Peter assigned heads to Erica, while Greenlee got tails. Pete wished good luck to both women and tossed the coin. But when it came to reveal who won, Pete was silent. Erica and Greenlee went after Pete for the coin, but he swallowed it. Greenlee said she and Erica could settle their differences another way.

The feuding women pushed each other a few times and held up chairs in front of each other. They clanked the metal chairs against other a few times. Greenlee threw her chair at Erica, but Pete caught it. Next, Greenlee tried to get the gallon of drinking water out of its container. She only ended up spilling water all over the hardwood floors. Greenlee slipped on the water, knocked her head against the desk and collapsed on the floor.

Bianca and Reese snuck off to spend a few minutes alone in their bedroom. Bianca wanted to be intimate with Reese, but Reese pulled away uncomfortably. Bianca thought she had done something wrong, but Reese said her reaction stemmed from Kendall being home. Reese felt that Kendall was sending her unwelcoming looks ever since learning of Gabrielle's paternity. Bianca said Kendall was not upset with them, and perhaps, Reese was creating the problem. Bianca heard Gabrielle crying. She went to check on the baby.

Reese tried to get past Kendall and Zach without interrupting their conversation. But Kendall's look stopped Reese in her tracks. Kendall asked to speak to Reese alone. Kendall said Bianca had been hurt many times in previous relationships. Kendall didn't want to see it happen again. Reese assured Kendall that she loved Bianca more than anything else in the world. Reese apologized for not telling Kendall about Gabrielle sooner. Kendall said it was not Reese's place to tell her about Gabrielle. Reese said Bianca boarded a plane to Pine Valley once the pregnancy was successful. At first, Zach said he did not want to be the father, Reese explained. Zach turned Bianca down, but Reese said she was the one who convinced Zach to be the donor. Kendall said she was glad that Zach could help Bianca and Reese have a child.

Zach went to check on Bianca, who was holding Gabrielle. Bianca said Reese felt that Kendall did not like her. Zach said Kendall's reaction to Gabrielle's paternity seemed unusual. Although Kendall claimed she was not upset, Zach knew better. Zach said Kendall should have known about Gabrielle earlier. Bianca said she was to blame for the deception, too. After Kendall and Reese were done talking, Zach apologized to Kendall for lying about Gabrielle. Zach said he was scared Kendall would not want him to be the donor. Zach said that felt that helping Bianca have a child would somehow make up for his brother, Michael, raping Bianca. Kendall said Zach had Bianca's child to get revenge on Kendall for sleeping with Aidan. Seeing Bianca and Reese would remind Kendall of Zach's betrayal. Kendall said she wanted Bianca, Reese, and Gabrielle to move out.

Reese told Bianca the talk with Kendall went well. Reese believed that Kendall was accepting of her, Bianca, and Gabrielle.

JR told Adam that Amanda was moving into the house. Before Adam agreed, he said Amanda needed to prove the baby belonged to JR. Also, she needed to hand over legal rights of the child over to Adam. JR said Adam had no control over Amanda's baby. JR told his father that Amanda's visit to the hospital confirmed the baby was a Chandler. As Amanda walked in the room, Adam said JR did not need to marry "the hussy." JR took Amanda's belongings to her room so Adam could talk to Amanda alone. Adam said he wanted Amanda to give their cook a list of her favorite dishes. But Amanda knew Adam had an ulterior motive for being nice to her. Adam said he wanted to keep a close eye on her. Amanda said she didn't need JR's money and went to her room. JR told Adam to leave Amanda alone.

Amanda woke up to the sound of David's voice in her ear. David put his hand over Amanda's mouth to drown out her scream. David told Amanda he knew the mansion's tunnels well so she would never escape him. David said he wanted Amanda to help him get Little Adam. If Amanda refused, David would tell JR the truth about Amanda being paid to get him drunk.

Rebecca told a doctor at the hospital that she did not want to continue treatment for her cancer. She thanked the doctor for his efforts. Frankie came in the room to check on Rebecca. Rebecca told him that the chemotherapy was not working. Frankie asked for Rebecca to give it more time. But Rebecca said she had accepted her fate. Rebecca asked Frankie to keep quiet about her decision. She did not want to burden Jesse, Angie, or Natalia, who was starting her police training, with the news. Frankie agreed to keep Rebecca's secret. Natalia came by to see her mother, who claimed the chemotherapy was working well. Natalia squealed with excitement and suggested they go wig shopping for Rebecca.

Frankie, Natalia, and Rebecca went to see Angie at her home. Rebecca said she was heading to Denver to get a few personal items. Natalia wanted to go with her, but Rebecca decided to go alone. Frankie and Natalia took Rebecca's suitcases to the car. Rebecca picked up a picture of Jesse and tearfully said goodbye to Angie.

Tad took the freshly made pills and snuck into David's house. Krystal came in the front door with Jenny. Krystal was positive she had locked the door. Krystal caught Tad in the living room. Tad said the door was unlocked, so he let himself inside to see David. Tad quickly pounced on Krystal for bringing Jenny to David's home. Krystal said she wanted to change her jacket and then take Jenny to the park. Tad said Krystal had broken her agreement, so he snatched Jenny in his arms and left.

Jesse and other police officers went to David's home. Jesse showed Krystal a search warrant. He found the planted pills exactly where Tad had left them."

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