03/18/2009 David Gets A Search Warrant

"Aidan picked the lock to Kendall's hotel room and entered the suite. He stood at the foot of the bed and watched Kendall and Ryan snuggle with each other, naked. Ryan woke up and looked around him. Ryan thought that he heard someone in the room, but Kendall assured him that no one was there. Meanwhile, Aidan hid in the hallway.

Ryan regretted sleeping with Kendall. He felt that he betrayed Greenlee by jumping in bed with her best friend. Kendall reminded him that Greenlee was gone, forever. Kendall stated that both of them were consumed with grief and needed comforting. She did not regret making love to Ryan because it helped her deal with the pain of losing Greenlee.

Ryan admitted to Kendall that making love to her drummed up old feelings. He remembered why he loved Kendall in the past. She similarly confessed that making love brought back her feelings for Ryan. She recalled what it felt like to be close to him and she missed the feeling. She then lamented her failed marriage.

Ryan affirmed that he did not make love to Kendall as a ploy to seek revenge on Zach. She trusted Ryan and knew that he was not using her. She said that they should not feel guilty for wanting to be together, but they both needed to be sure that they did not use their relationship to hurt Zach. Ryan agreed.

Kendall asked Ryan to hold her. He pulled her close to him as she kissed his hand. Then, they made love.

Zach was with Reese at the hospital. Angie explained that a new MRI revealed a cyst in Reese's eye. Angie said that a surgeon would surgically remove the cyst, which would hopefully restore Reese's eyesight.

Reese was ecstatic that she might be able to see again, but Zach looked skeptical. He promised her that if the surgery did not work, he would find another way to heal her. She told him to stop acting guilty and pessimistic because she did not blame him for her accident. She affirmed that he was a good man and she did not want to lose him as a friend. He promised to be the first person she saw after the surgery was over.

Zach told Angie that he was going to wait at the hospital while Reese was in surgery. Angie commented that it was not too long before that Zach was pacing the hospital halls, waiting for news on Kendall.

Aidan found Zach at the hospital and revealed that he had news on Ryan. Aidan said that he found suspicious emails from Ryan, but he did not tell Zach about finding Ryan and Kendall in bed together. Zach did not care about the emails and told Aidan to keep him posted only on pressing matters.

Ryan and Kendall arrived at the hospital because Greenlee's body was transported to Pine Valley Hospital. Ryan told Jesse that he wanted Greenlee's body released as soon as possible.

Kendall noticed Zach and Aidan were at the hospital and she approached them. With tears in her eyes, she gave them the details of Greenlee's body. Kendall stated that the ordeal was awful and Zach coldly replied, "At least you had Ryan."

Aidan spoke with Ryan privately. Aidan revealed that he, too, went to the morgue. Aidan stated, "I saw." Ryan looked nervous.

Reese was asleep in her hospital room after her surgery. Zach asked Angie if he could stay in Reese's room while she slept. Angie said yes, so Zach sat by Reese's side. Reese called out for Bianca. Zach told her that he was there, not Bianca.

Colby and Pete went for a run together. Afterwards, they hung out at Colby's home. Pete mentioned that he needed to leave because he and Opal were moving into Tad's house, due to the fire. JR overheard and told Pete to watch out for Amanda. Colby inquired why JR was mad at Amanda. He revealed that the baby Amanda was carrying was David's, not his.

Tad, Jake, Kathy, and Amanda prepared for Opal's arrival. Opal was touched to see Kathy made a sign for her that read, "Welcome Home Grandma!" Opal was happy to be with family, but she was distraught over her dreary situation. Opal commented that she was rich one day and then homeless and broke the next day. She explained that her financial advisor was a cheat that took all of her money. Tad promised to help Opal though her hard time.

Tad and Jake tried to move a bed into the house as Pete and Colby arrived. It was obvious that there was not a lot of room in the house for so many houseguests. Tad asked Jake how long Amanda planned to stay. Jake said that she would stay until she got back on her feet. Jake urged Tad to empathize with Amanda's situation because she was dealing with David. Tad understood and said Amanda could stay.

Everyone in Tad's house played a board game as they ate pizza. Opal sadly noted that she could not even afford to buy the pizza. Pete pulled out a wad of cash and said dinner was on him. Everyone wondered where he got the money. He announced that he got a promotion at Fusion.

Krystal entered the Martin household. Krystal asked Opal how she was doing. Opal stated that she was fine-until Krystal arrived. Krystal knew that Opal lost all of her belongings in the fire, so Krystal gave some of her clothes to Opal.

Krystal informed Amanda that David signed a legal document stating he would not pursue custody of her child. Amanda looked shocked.

Krystal wanted to hold Jenny, but Tad would not let her. Tad wondered if her relationship with David went sour and she was sniffing around Tad for a second chance. He adamantly affirmed that he would never reunite with her. She shook her head with disgust.

Jake asked Amanda how she felt about Krystal's news. Amanda felt that no legal document would stop David from taking her baby. She stated that she made her decision and would not change her mind.

David had a judge order Adam to appear in court. The judge also granted a search warrant of Adam's mansion to find out where Adam took Little Adam.

Krystal visited JR. She told him that David was not pursuing custody of Amanda's baby. JR did not care. He informed Krystal that he wanted nothing to do with Amanda. Then he called Krystal a traitor. She said that Little Adam would be better off with her and David, while JR got sober. She stated that, after JR recovered, she would reconsider JR taking Little Adam back. He did not believe Krystal, and told her to get out of his house.

As Krystal left the mansion, David and Jesse arrived with the warrant. David said that he wanted to discuss with Krystal why she was at the mansion. The police searched the mansion and JR claimed that he did not know where Adam was. David was extremely frustrated and affirmed that JR was not worthy of Little Adam. David blamed JR for Babe's death. JR stated that David wanted Little Adam for selfish reasons. David vowed to get custody of Little Adam, no matter what.

David went home. He was upset because the police did not find any clues at the mansion. He vowed to get Adam back into the country. Krystal asked what David planned to do. David revealed nothing and warned Krystal that she needed to remain loyal to him.

David stealthily entered the mansion through the secret tunnels."

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