01/29/2009 David Gives Krystal More Pills

"Reese and Bianca woke up in bed together on the day of their wedding shower. Erica called to the couple from downstairs as Zach came home with coffee. Reese and Bianca dressed and came downstairs as decorators finished up last-minute touches. Zach decided to escape the bridal shower before all the ladies arrived.

Ryan found Greenlee lounging on the couch in her bathrobe only hours before the bridal shower. Greenlee said she did not want to attend the shower because Kendall was not there. But after talking to Ryan, Greenlee decided to join the shower just as Reese and Bianca were opening gifts. The laughter was cut short when Reese's mother, Claire Williams, showed up for the shower.

Claire said Erica invited her. Bianca was upset with her mother. Erica knew that Claire did not accept Reese being a lesbian. Erica said she thought Reese would want to reconcile with her mother before the wedding. Greenlee accused Erica of trying to break up Reese and Bianca by inviting Claire. Greenlee said Erica knew it would cause tension between the couple. Bianca offered Claire a chance to meet Gabrielle, but Claire said she did not want her to wake the baby up. Greenlee got a surprise when her mother, Mary Smythe, was the next guest to arrive at the shower.

Colby won a game and put on a silly hat. Randi and Amanda were laughing so hard at Colby's outfit that they fell on the couch. Claire asked Randi and Amanda if they were a lesbian couple, too. Reese told her mother that Amanda and Randi were two heterosexual females who knew how to enjoy each other's company. Claire thought Reese enjoyed embarrassing her. Reese told her mother to shut up, and rushed to the bedroom. Before saying goodbye, Mary reminded Greenlee to send her a wedding invitation.

After the guests left, Bianca scolded Claire for being so hard on Reese. Erica ushered Bianca away so Claire and Reese could speak alone. Reese said her mother needed to accept the fact that Reese was a lesbian. As Zach walked in the door, he saw Claire slap Reese across the face.

Outside, Bianca told Erica that it was evident her mother did not like Reese. Erica threw a handful of snow at Bianca to calm her down. Erica apologized for inviting Claire to the shower. Bianca did not believe her mother. She said Erica still thought Reese and Zach were having an affair. Bianca said she needed to talk to someone else. Erica went to her hotel room and picked up a picture of Josh. When she looked in the mirror, Josh appeared behind her and faded away.

Krystal told David that she and Tad signed their divorce papers. David asked Krystal how she felt about the divorce. Krystal pretended that it didn't bother her, but David knew she was lying. He said they could not have a relationship if Krystal was not honest about her feelings. Krystal said she did not want to burden David with her problems. David thought Krystal regretted being in a romantic relationship with him. But Krystal said that was not the case at all. She claimed David practically saved her life after Babe died. But deep down, Krystal still wondered how life would be if Babe had lived, and David had not returned. David said living with the "what ifs" was a waste of time. David said Krystal needed to decide if she wanted to with him or Tad. Krystal admitted that she was not sure how she felt about David. David told Krystal to take some time before making a final decision.

At the hospital, David told Zach that he had no indication Kendall was going to come out of her coma soon. Zach said Kendall was fighting to come back home, and walked away. Brot agreed with Zach. He told David that he was once in a situation similar to Kendall's. Brot said he was in an induced coma on the flight home. Several times, doctors said Brot almost died. Brot said he remembered having dreams in the coma.

Dr. Sinclair watched Annie rock back and forth on the floor in her room. A nurse told Dr. Sinclair that Aidan was sleeping in his room. Tad decided to visit Dr. Sinclair at the mental hospital, but pretended to be an author interested in writing about her. Dr. Sinclair said Tad's gig was up. She knew he was a private investigator that Ryan and Greenlee had hired to scope her out. Dr. Sinclair still claimed that Annie was faking her mental disorder. She called Annie a "cold-blooded killer" who needed to pay for her crimes. Tad told the doctor that he knew she was up to something with Annie. Dr. Sinclair told Tad he should pay more attention to his crumbling marriage than to her patients. Tad said he was handling his personal business quite well, and left.

Tad went to Ryan's house to give him an update on Dr. Sinclair. Tad said Dr. Sinclair mentioned that he should be concerned about Krystal's relationship with David. The doctor even said that David had a habit of stealing Tad's old flames, such as Dixie. Ryan said he never mentioned anything about Dixie to Dr. Sinclair. Tad knew that Dr. Sinclair had done some research on him. Tad thought Dr. Sinclair was scared he would find out the secret she was hiding.

Tad found Krystal visiting Jenny at his home. Before Krystal left, Tad asked her when she would be moving all of her belongings into Wildwind with David. Krystal wished she and Tad could talk, but Tad did not want to hear what she had to say. Krystal tried to defend David, but Tad cut her off. He told her to pack her bags and get out of the house as soon as possible.

When David got home, he found Krystal frantically looking through his living room. He tossed a bottle of pills to her. Krystal realized that David had not been prescribing her sedatives. He had been giving her his own illegal drugs. Krystal said the pills made her feel like she was addicted to David. She begged for him to throw her out on the streets. She even beat her fists against his chest, screaming that she hated David. David kissed Krystal to calm her down.

Dr. Sinclair decided to do some visualization exercises with Annie. The doctor tried to jog Annie's memory of the night she killed Richie. But Annie remembered Aidan telling her not to tell Dr. Sinclair the truth. Annie said she did not know a Richie. Dr. Sinclair recounted Annie's last minutes with her brother and threw a tire iron on the floor. Annie screamed at Dr. Sinclair to get the tire iron away from her. Dr. Sinclair kept pushing Annie by telling her to admit she killed Richie. Annie grabbed the tire iron and held it up to Dr. Sinclair. Two nurses rushed in the room to sedate Annie. When Annie awoke, Dr. Sinclair showed her a picture of Richie after he was killed. Dr. Sinclair asked Annie if she remembered killing Richie. Annie started to tell Dr. Sinclair that she did not mean to kill Richie. But someone pulled a smoke alarm before Annie could say anything else.

Greenlee returned to Ryan's house after the shower. She told Ryan about Claire and Mary showing up at the party. Ryan could see how upset Greenlee was, so he gave her a shoulder massage. Ryan told Greenlee that Tad had a bad feeling about Dr. Sinclair. Greenlee told Ryan that she had another nightmare of Annie stabbing Ryan. Greenlee thought it was a sign they did not need to get married yet. Ryan offered to draw Greenlee a bath, but she said she needed to be somewhere else. Greenlee grabbed her keys, and left.

Kendall got visits from Greenlee and Bianca after the dramatic wedding shower. Bianca told Greenlee that she wanted Kendall by her side at the wedding. Greenlee said she missed her best friend. Greenlee and Bianca watched as Kendall's eyes fluttered open."

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