01/30/2009 Kendall Wakes Up

"Tad explained to Kathy that Krystal wouldn't live with them any longer. When she asked if Krystal still loved him, Tad tried to explain that they were in two different places. He then had to assure her that their fights hadn't been over the little girl; rather, the two adults just didn't love each other the same way as they had. Tad told her that Krystal would be back to visit, but Kathy tearfully said that when moms left, they never came back.

David made love to Krystal with wild abandon, and afterwards she noted the he had a hold over her - first with the pills and then with sex. He started to kiss and caress her again, but a phone call from the hospital interrupted them.

A short time later, Krystal showed up at the Martin residence and found out that Kathy knew about her departure. Tad told her how much Kathy had been hurt by the news, and Krystal said she had promised she wouldn't leave. Tad told her she had made a lot of promises she didn't keep, and that the hurt was the byproduct of decisions she made without consideration of the consequences. He was confrontational and Krystal said that she didn't want to fight, so she indicated that she would go say goodbye to the girls and leave. Tad forbade her from doing so and explained that she would only upset them further. Krystal told him not to push or she would disappear with Jenny. He told her that Jenny meant the world to him, and warned her to consider herself lucky that he let her see them at all. Kathy overheard the conversation and got upset because she thought that she was not loved.

Dr. Sinclair pushed for Annie to confess to the murder of her brother, but before Annie could do so, Aidan pulled the fire alarm in the hall, which caused sirens to blare. Dr. Sinclair left the room to attend to the problem, and Aidan tried to calm Annie down. Annie didn't hear him at first, and declared that she needed to go away for what she did. Aidan told her that Richie hurt a lot of people and needed to be stopped, and said that Richie had driven her to her breaking point. The sirens suddenly fell silent, and Aidan quickly demanded that Annie keep the truth to herself. Dr. Sinclair then came into Aidan's room and wanted to know whom he had been talking to.

Aidan chattered as if he were truly crazy, and then had to explain about how he'd gotten out of his room. He tried to play oblivious, but she patted him down and found the key he'd lifted. According to her, Aidan had chosen the hard way, so she called in a couple of orderlies to help. He thought that the syringe brought in was meant to sedate him, but she informed him that truth serum would actually be used. She asked about his spy activity and, because of his previous experiences, he was able to throw her off. She then asked his real name and he finally caved. As soon as she heard the confession, Dr. Sinclair knew exactly who he was. She thought that he wanted to break Annie out, but he assured her that he wanted nothing more than to make sure that Annie stayed locked up for the rest of her life.

Ryan surprised Erica at her suite and confronted her about the shower invitations she had extended to Greenlee's mother, Mary, and Reese's mother, Claire. Erica claimed that she followed Bianca's lead from when her youngest child had previously tried to bridge the gap with Claire. Ryan told her that she should have consulted Reese and Greenlee before she made such a gesture. He also told her that Greenlee hadn't thought about the wedding because she was afraid of what all of the omens meant. Erica suggested that the two of them getting married again might not be a good idea.

Reese took her mother to task for the way she had ruined not only Reese's life, but also Reese's father's. She continued with her verbal assault until her mother slapped her. Zach witnessed the action and demanded that Claire leave. Claire resisted and said that they didn't understand. Reese told her mother that they both needed to accept that Reese would never be what Claire wanted, and they needed to go their separate ways. With a family of her own, Reese said she no longer needed her mother. When Claire left, Zach embraced Reese warmly and let her cry. When the tears subsided, Zach talked her through the grief of the emotional loss of her mother, and Zach assured her that she had all she needed. Then, Reese admitted that the pure connection she shared with Bianca had been duplicated when she got to know Zach.

At the hospital, Bianca and Greenlee connected by Kendall's bedside over their unique family composition moments before the patient herself opened her eyes. She started to choke on the breathing tube but Bianca calmed her down, and then expressed how thankful she was that Kendall had woken up. She told Kendall how much she was needed. Bianca tried to quickly update her sister before the medical team came in to check Kendall's vitals. Bianca and Greenlee celebrated in the hall, and then Bianca ran off to call Zach.

Reese admitted that she started to depend on Zach because she could be herself around him, unfiltered. Zach tried to tell her it was okay, but Reese said that even though she was in love with and wanted to marry Bianca, she had feelings about Zach that didn't make sense. She asked him how he felt when he looked at her, but the phone rang before he could admit to anything.

Greenlee snuck back into Kendall's room before the line of visitors formed. She told Kendall that Kendall had been gone for three months, and then assured her that Zach never gave up. She also updated her about her impending marriage to Ryan and, just as David showed up, said that much more had happened in that time. She stepped back then and when David told Kendall about the transplant, her heartbeat spiked on the monitors.

Bianca called her mother to share the good news, just as Zach arrived at hospital, anxious to find out if his wife had actually regained consciousness. When it was confirmed, Zach rushed into Kendall's room and stared at her, amazed. David excused himself so that husband and wife could connect after such a long time apart. Zach shared how much he loved her, told her that she should never leave them again, and said that they were so glad that she came home. They caught up a bit more and then Kendall told him that before the tornado, she had said that she wanted to wait for more children, but after everything that happened, she was ready to give him the little girl he'd always dreamed of.

Erica and Ryan arrived at the hospital, and Erica talked to Bianca and Reese about telling Kendall about Gabrielle's parentage. Ryan found Greenlee and she told him that something seemed different with Kendall.

Zach skirted the issue of more children and instead told his wife that he wanted her to rest so that she could get better. Erica showed up at the door and said that she couldn't wait any longer to see her oldest child. After an extended hug, the group informed her of the accident with Josh and how she had his heart. They also told her about Bianca's wedding and took that moment to introduce Bianca's fiancée. Then they talked about how they had moved in with Zach to help with the boys, and filled her in about Gabrielle. Kendall noted that the little girl had to be perfect, sure that Bianca and Reese had found just the right donor. A few uncomfortable moments passed and then Bianca confessed that Zach had been their donor.

Krystal got back to Wildwind and reminisced about all she had lost as she looked at a picture of her with Tad. At the same time across town, Tad closed a book of photos. He then went to play dress-up with Kathy, but found that his daughter had disappeared.

Erica joined Ryan and Greenlee in the waiting room and Greenlee wanted to know if Erica had sensed something off about Kendall. Greenlee was dismayed to find that she was alone in the thought, but the conversation was truncated when David showed up and wanted to go over Kendall's test results. He and Erica stepped out into the hall and he told her that he expected Kendall to have a full recovery."

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