01/28/2009 David Causes JR Doubts

"JR went to the hospital to find Amanda, but he ran into David instead. David revealed that he knew Amanda was pregnant. JR pretended not to know anything, but David persisted. David commented that Amanda was quite a rebound for JR. David was stunned that JR got Amanda, Babe's best friend, pregnant only a few months after Babe's death. JR said that David was not mourning Babe's death; instead, David was ruining people's lives. David reminded JR that he and Krystal shared a daughter, so it was natural that they bonded over her death. JR thought it was convenient that David used the "father card" when it suited his purposes. JR noted that David had nothing to do with Babe's upbringing. David affirmed that he was Babe's real father. David then asked JR if he was certain he was the father of Amanda's baby. JR looked confused, so David informed him that Amanda slept with David, Jake, and JR around the same time. David commented that any one of them could be the baby's father.

Krystal noticed JR and David arguing. She was frustrated because David would not leave JR alone. JR reminded Krystal that David was a bad man, and walked away. Krystal demanded to know if David was using her to get custody of Little Adam. David swore that he was not manipulating Krystal. He stated that he put his life on hold for her and he was waiting for her to decide if she wanted to be with him. He asked her how many more times he needed to tell her that he loved her. She begged him to continue professing his love because his love was the only thing helping her survive. Then, they kissed.

Amanda asked Ryan and Greenlee to adopt her baby. They were surprised by her proposition. Greenlee wondered why Amanda chose them. Amanda explained that she would not be a good mother because she did not have a good role model. Greenlee reminded Amanda that Greenlee's mother, Mary, was a terrible role model. Amanda was sure that Greenlee would be a great mother because of her relationship with Emma. Amanda also liked that Greenlee and Ryan were in love. Ryan inquired about the baby's father, so Amanda admitted it was JR. Ryan said that Adam would never let his grandchild be adopted. Amanda assured him that JR was on board with her plans. Amanda said that Adam would never know JR was the father. Amanda further stated that she and JR could not give the baby the loving family that it deserved. Greenlee wondered if JR and Amanda could start a meaningful relationship, due to the baby. Amanda said that she could never replace Babe. Also, Amanda did not want JR to feel that he was "stuck" with her.

Greenlee and Ryan talked about Amanda's offer. They considered the idea, but both of them were doubtful that the arrangement would work. Ryan worried that Adam would find out he was related to the baby. Greenlee worried that Emma would not be ready for another sibling yet. Ryan affirmed that Greenlee would be an amazing mother. She suggested that, in the future, they find a surrogate to have their child. He felt lucky that she wanted to have children with him, especially since she did not want to have children with Aidan.

JR went to see Amanda on her yacht. She announced that she had found a couple to adopt their child. He demanded to know if the baby was his. She wondered why he doubted the baby's paternity. JR explained that David said he could be that father, as well. Amanda looked nervous when she heard that David knew she was pregnant. She promised JR that he was the father. She then revealed that she had asked Ryan and Greenlee to adopt the baby. JR thought it would be awkward for them to raise the child. JR did not want to see his child call Ryan "Daddy."

Dr. Sinclair talked with Tad, who worked under the alias of Mr. Pearson. Tad interviewed the doctor as if he were a reporter for a psychiatric magazine. Dr. Sinclair revealed that the bond she shared with her patients was similar to love. Tad did not think that the doctor could be objective if too many emotions were involved. Dr. Sinclair stated that every patient needed to be heard, so she urged them to share their feelings in an open and caring environment. She noted that she did not judge her patients. She then noticed the wedding ring on Tad's finger and questioned him about his marriage. He admitted that the marriage was in jeopardy. He turned the conversation back to the doctor. He asked why she felt the need to prove certain patients were faking their illnesses. Before she could answer, Jesse approached them. Jesse looked confused when Dr. Sinclair called Tad by his alias, Mr. Pearson.

After Dr. Sinclair left, Jesse inquired why Tad was with her. Tad said that he needed a favor from Jesse to find out why Dr. Sinclair was gunning for Annie. Jesse urged Tad to work on his marriage instead.

David and Krystal entered ConFusion and saw Tad. Krystal wanted to speak with Tad because she was tired of running away from her problems. Krystal and Tad sat together and he asked if she made a decision on their marriage. She informed Tad that she wanted a divorce. Tad signed the divorce papers. He told her, "I hope you find what you're looking for, and I'm sorry I couldn't give it to you."

David saw Amanda at ConFusion. Amanda affirmed that JR was the father of her baby, not David. David did not believe her claim. He vowed to have a DNA test conducted, so he could prove that he was the father.

Dr. Sinclair visited Ryan and Greenlee. The doctor notified Ryan and Greenlee that she knew Tad was a private investigator. She warned Ryan and Greenlee that if another doctor took over Annie's case, Annie might be set free. The doctor reminded Greenlee that Annie might attempt to kill her again.

Greenlee was worried that Annie might try to hurt her again. Ryan assured Greenlee that Annie could not hurt them anymore. Greenlee was still concerned, because she had a nightmare in which Annie stabbed Ryan.

Aidan was brought back into his room after three rounds of electroshock therapy. Annie told him that Dr. Sinclair tried to trick her into divulging her memories, but she did not tell the doctor anything. Aidan was pleased, and he promised to help Annie get out of Oak Haven.

Angie went to her court hearing with Jackson, her lawyer. Jesse arrived at the court and urged her to plead guilty, so she could cut a deal with the district attorney. Angie wondered why Jesse was being helpful, since he had her arrested. When the judge looked at her file, he asked how an upstanding doctor ended up on the wrong side of the law. She told the judge to ask her husband.

Natalia was at the courthouse because she had started her police training. She noticed that Angie and Jesse were fighting. Natalia encouraged Angie to fight for her marriage. Natalia reminded Angie that she and Jesse could withstand anything. Natalia did not want David to come between them. Angie agreed.

Angie found Jesse at ConFusion. She apologized for getting mad at him. She wished that she had never gotten involved with David. She refused to let David ruin their marriage, like he ruined Tad and Krystal's."

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