01/27/2009 Annie Plays Word Association

"Dr. Sinclair visited Greenlee and Ryan. They apologized to Dr. Sinclair for treating her so badly the last time they met. Dr. Sinclair said she still believed Annie was faking her insanity to avoid going to prison. Dr. Sinclair said Annie had displayed several indications that her behavior was not real. For example, Dr. Sinclair said Annie's delusions always seemed to be at "convenient" times. Also, Annie knew exactly where to find Ryan when she escaped from the hospital. Dr. Sinclair said she started a new treatment plan for Annie. If it worked, Annie would stand trial for her crimes, be convicted, and would go to prison. After Dr. Sinclair left, Tad came out of another room. He told Greenlee and Ryan that Dr. Sinclair was definitely after Annie for some reason. Ryan said he needed evidence that Dr. Sinclair was breaking patient care laws before going to Jesse. Greenlee went off to work, while Tad searched on the Internet at Ryan's home for any dirt on Dr. Sinclair. Tad found out that Dr. Sinclair spent two years unemployed, but returned to work at another hospital in another state.

Annie called out for Aidan through the vent, but Aidan was not in his room. A nurse came to check on Annie. She asked the nurse for Aidan, but the nurse said that Aidan was not at the hospital anymore. After the nurse left, Annie tried to call for Aidan again through the vent. Dr. Sinclair was listening to Annie's pleas on the other side.

JR visited Babe's grave with purple hyacinths. He asked Babe to forgive him for drinking and neglecting Little Adam. JR told Babe's headstone that Amanda was pregnant with his baby. JR said he wanted to help Amanda raise the baby, but wanted Babe to help him be a strong and sober father again.

Bianca and Reese received their wedding dresses at the Fusion office. They wanted to model the dresses for Pete, Erica, Randi, and Amanda. Erica protested, saying it would be bad luck for Reese and Bianca to see their dresses before the wedding. Reese and Bianca agreed to try on the dresses in separate rooms at Zach's home before the joint wedding shower with Greenlee. Reese suggested they make sure the plan was fine with Greenlee. Erica said she did not want Greenlee to get more attention than necessary at Reese and Bianca's shower.

As Greenlee arrived at work, she heard Erica's comments. Greenlee snapped that Erica was always the one trying to steal the spotlight. Erica decided to take Reese and Bianca to Zach's home for the fittings. But first, she gave Greenlee a detailed list of things to do, including organizing Erica's shoes by color. Greenlee gave Pete the list to throw out. Pete and Randi went to grab lunch, while Greenlee showed Amanda her newest Valentine's Day Fusion advertisement. Amanda asked Greenlee if she and Ryan had discussed having a family after getting married. Greenlee said the topic had not come up yet. Amanda grabbed her stomach and fell back on a chair. Greenlee asked Amanda what was wrong, but Amanda insisted she just had a stomach virus. Pete came back to ask what type of Chinese food Greenlee wanted. The mention of "moo shoo pork" was enough to send Amanda to the bathroom.

Amanda went to the hospital to find Jake, but instead, ran into David. David admitted that he spied on Amanda and JR the night JR almost drowned. Amanda told David to back off, and rushed to the bathroom. Brot gave Amanda her medication before she left. David told Brot he was Amanda's doctor and wanted to know more about the prescription. Brot said he thought the medicine was a vitamin.

A seamstress came to Zach's house to fit the wedding dresses for Bianca and Reese. Erica and Opal guided Bianca and Reese into two separate areas. Both brides showed off their dresses, but did not get the response they wanted from the audience. Erica and Opal said Reese could use some straps on her dress. Bianca's dress was a bit too long. Bianca felt that the reactions meant Opal and Erica thought the dresses were hideous. Erica said the dresses were lovely, but just needed some work. Miranda knocked down the curtain separating Reese and Bianca. Both brides looked at each other's dresses and smiled. Reese was worried about the bad luck omen. To ease Reese's mind, Bianca said they would both buy new dresses. Reese changed out of her dress and wrapped a towel around her body. She scurried down the hallway, but was spooked when Zach came out of the bathroom. The towel dropped to the floor. Zach and Reese looked at each other awkwardly before Reese scooped up the towel and went in the bathroom.

Frankie tried to update Zach on Kendall's condition, but David interrupted. David told Frankie that Kendall was his patient, and Frankie had no right to discuss her condition with Zach. Frankie said Zach had every right to know that his wife was showing signs of improvement. David told Frankie to check patient charts. He cautioned Zach not to let Frankie's news give him too much hope for Kendall. Frankie went to Fusion to take Randi out for lunch.

Brot introduced himself to David as the newest hospital employee. David welcomed Brot to the team and went to check on patients. Frankie told Brot to be careful around David, who was known for being untrustworthy.

Dr. Sinclair went to check on Annie. She tried to get Annie to talk to her, but Annie said she did not want the doctor's help. Annie said someone told her that Dr. Sinclair was not trying to help her. Dr. Sinclair demanded to know who the person was. Annie said she wanted to know about Ryan. Dr. Sinclair said she had just met with Ryan, and he was fine. Dr. Sinclair decided to play a word game with Annie. She said words, such as "tire iron," "brother," and "family" to trigger a negative reaction from Annie. But Annie's responses were normal. Dr. Sinclair said the word "stone." Annie's response was "solid." Dr. Sinclair felt Annie was not being honest with her. Annie said she had been dishonest about two flying monkeys that had been watching her in the room. Annie pointed to blank space on the wall, claiming she had seen flying monkeys, and ducked under the bed. Dr. Sinclair said she and Annie would talk later.

Tad called Dr. Sinclair and pretended to be an author who wanted to do a profile of her. Dr. Sinclair agreed and met Tad at ConFusion. Tad told Dr. Sinclair he was very impressed with her work with patients who had faked mental illness to avoid prison. Dr. Sinclair said she was able to empathize with killers after listening to their stories.

Amanda went to Ryan and Greenlee's house to tell them she was pregnant. She asked Greenlee and Ryan to adopt her child.

David managed to get JR to see him at the hospital by pretending Amanda was sick. By the time JR arrived, Amanda was gone. David told JR that he knew Amanda was pregnant with JR's child."

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