12/26/2008 David Saves Krystal

"JR finally gave in to Amanda's suggestion and took his first drink of alcohol after a long stint with sobriety. He justified his fall off the wagon when he said that Babe would understand, and invited Amanda to join him. She initially declined, but after he told her that her refusal meant more for him, she changed her mind. They toasted and JR slid headlong into a bender. He decided that he felt like dancing and suggested that they head down the road to a nearby bar with a jukebox. Amanda was alarmed, as it seemed that he was willing to leave his son in the house, sleeping and alone. Her alarm was stunted when JR fell over himself, spilling his drink, but in the process finding the missing magic shell that Babe had given to their son. Upon seeing it, he recalled how much he missed Babe and how sad he was that the shell hadn't been able to protect her, too. He collapsed into Amanda's arms, wracked by tears, and sobbed until he was too tired to keep his eyes open any longer.

After she threw David out of her house, Krystal trashed her living room in anger, and then went upstairs for the night, not realizing that she had knocked over a candle in the process. Outside, David started to leave but thought again and decided to leave her a note. As he wrote a message out to her, he heard the smoke alarms go off. He peered in the front window and was shocked when he saw the first floor filling with smoke. He banged on the door and shouted to get Krystal's attention, and only broke from that endeavor to call 9-1-1 so that the fire department could be alerted. He resumed banging on the door, and although Krystal finally responded, she tripped and fell down the stairs, and landed on the floor, unconscious. David soon realized that it was getting him nowhere, and started to throw himself against the door in an attempt to break it down. Once he did, he was able to locate Krystal's motionless body on the floor and carry her to clearer air outside. He hit her face lightly as he checked for her pulse, and was relieved when she started to cough and return to consciousness.

Emergency personnel arrived soon after and attended to the fire. Once it was out, they informed Krystal that although there was some smoke damage, she was lucky with regard to the fire's overall affect on the house. David promised EMS that he would take care of her, so they left, assured that Krystal would be fine. Krystal, mired in guilt over what she'd done, repeatedly reviewed all the things that could have happened. David told her that everything would be all right and invited her to stay at Wildwind for the night. She resisted at first, but he told her that she needed to let the house air out and get away from it for the night. She gave in, and he took her to his house and got her settled in. He left her for a short while, but she was grateful when he returned, as she saw that he had rescued the Christmas presents from the house. He then gave her his own present - a locket with a picture of Babe inside.

Krystal decided that she needed to get some sleep, and David offered to help the process along. Her anger flashed again and he immediately apologized and said that he'd laced the milk before because he knew that she needed to get some rest and was unable to do that. She accepted his apology and agreed to take his medication one more time. Soon after she had fallen asleep, David's phone began to ring. When he answered it, he found Amanda on the other end. She had taken that moment to call David and inform him that she had done his bidding. She told him that she hated him for making her push JR off the wagon, and he reminded her that she was getting paid for her deeds. He then told her to go out and celebrate, as she had just made herself a very rich woman.

Ryan found a note from Greenlee that told him that although she loved him, they needed to pretend that the previous night hadn't happened. He tried to call her, but she left the call unanswered. He ended the attempt and after he looked around, he found the sleeve to a family video that Emma had watched recently when she was missing her mother. He realized that Greenlee must have seen it, too, and that it had made her run. Unwilling to let her go again, he made a beeline to her place and demanded to be let in. She finally caved in and did that, but tried to make it clear that they needed to end things as quickly as they had started, for the sake of his family. Ryan explained that the family that she saw in the video no longer existed, and that he believed the doctors when they told him that the best option for him was to move on with his life. Greenlee refused to go along with him and said that she felt like she was stealing someone else's family, but Ryan worked overtime to change her mind. She halfheartedly chastised him for being difficult to resist, but he continued in his pursuit to win her over. She finally gave in and they made love. They fell into a light sleep afterwards, but Greenlee awoke startled from a dream where she slowly sank beneath the water level in a bathtub filled with water and flower petals.

Aidan broke into Annie's room again and woke her up. She sat up and correctly identified him as Aidan, but then tried to get away from him since he was friends with "the mean lady." Aidan confirmed that she meant Greenlee and was intrigued when she told him that her mommy had put her in the hospital to keep her safe from Greenlee, who was trying to steal Ryan and hurt her. He called her Annie and was further fascinated when she told him that her name was Emma. They conversed for a few more minutes and then she told him that she wanted to take a nap. He left, and in the hall, he ran into the doctor and kept up the façade of being another patient. Before she had him escorted back to his room, he convinced her that she needed to check on Annie.

The doctor did as Aidan had suggested and ended up in a heated argument with the patient over her identity. They struggled over a picture of Emma, and Annie managed to gain control, which flung the doctor against the dresser and knocked her out cold. Annie was upset and was frightened that she would get in trouble, but soon realized that she could take advantage of the situation. She switched clothes with the unconscious doctor and made an attempt to escape. She passed Aidan's room, which caused him to make a ruckus in an attempt to be let out. The orderly tried to ignore the din, but eventually opened the door to see if he could calm Aidan down. Aidan commanded the situation and rendered the orderly unconscious.

Annie arrived a short while later at an empty penthouse across town. Unfazed, she went to her room and settled in for a good night's sleep. Meanwhile, Aidan found the doctor on the floor of Annie's room as she was starting to wake up. The doctor asked after Annie, and Aidan had to inform her that Annie had escaped."

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