12/30/2008 Reese Suggests Eloping

"Brot packed headphones, water, and snacks in Taylor's knapsack. Taylor was touched that Brot remembered her favorite snack food. She started to talk about their time together in Iraq, but Brot interrupted and said they should leave. Taylor asked Brot why he always pulled away every time they seemed to get close. Brot said it was important for Taylor to make her physical therapy appointment.

Joe told Jake that Tad, along with Jamie and Jeff, was now missing, too. Joe said he had recently learned of a rebel uprising near the village where Jamie and Jeff were staying. Jake said he should have gone to find Jamie and Jeff so Tad could stay at home with his wife and children.

Krystal told David she made a mistake coming to see him. But David claimed Krystal practically saved his life after Babe died. Krystal admitted that David somehow rescued her, too, while she was grieving Babe. David leaned in to kiss Krystal. This time, she did not push him away. Krystal and David made love. Afterwards, Krystal got a call from Joe. Joe asked Krystal to come to the hospital to discuss something important. Krystal thought Joe knew that she spent the night with David. David said no one needed to know what happened between them.

Amanda ran into JR at the hospital before the Babe Chandler wing dedication. JR asked Amanda why she was avoiding his phone calls. Amanda said JR was better off without her as a friend. JR thought he should get to choose who his friends were. Amanda said bad things always happened to JR when she was around. JR told Amanda not to beat herself up for letting him drink on his first holiday without Babe. Amanda said she should have looked after JR more carefully out of respect for Babe. As Amanda rushed off, Jake came out of the elevator. Jake told JR that Tad was missing. JR said Tad needed to get back so he could straighten David out.

Erica was getting on a planning frenzy with Bianca and Reese's wedding. Bianca told Reese she loved her mother, but was not sure how to handle Erica's ideas. Reese suggested they elope in Connecticut. Bianca was tempted to take Reese's offer, but did not want people to think they were ashamed of their love. Reese and Bianca agreed to have a small wedding with only close family and friends. Zach came by and offered Reese and Bianca the casino to use for the ceremony. Bianca and Reese offered to spend New Year's Eve with Zach at the casino. Zach took them up on the offer.

Ryan assured Greenlee that Annie was locked up at Oak Haven. Greenlee said Annie would always be a part of their life because she was Emma's mother. Ryan said Annie was too sick to be Emma's mother any time soon. He hoped the therapists would be able to give Annie the help she needed. Ryan and Greenlee agreed to stop dwelling on the past as their New Year's resolutions. Greenlee went to see Kendall for a bit before starting her New Year's Eve celebration with Ryan. Emma came into the room looking for Greenlee. Ryan explained that Greenlee went to visit Spike's mom, Kendall. Emma asked if Greenlee was her new mommy. Ryan said Annie would always be Emma's mother, but she was just too sick to be at home with them. Emma said she did not mind if Greenlee spent more time with them because it always made Ryan happy.

Greenlee saw Reese and Bianca at the hospital. Greenlee asked if the couple had set a wedding date. Reese said no date had been set, but she was eager to marry Bianca. Greenlee returned home to find Ryan waiting for her.

Taylor saw Jake being short-tempered with a nurse in the hospital. Jake said the disappearance of his two brothers and a nephew was driving him crazy. Jake asked how Taylor was holding up. She suspected Brot was only sticking around Pine Valley because he felt obligated to help her. She thought Brot would skip town once she could walk again.

Brot paid Zach a visit at the casino to thank him for his help. Zach said he knew what it was like to want to be someone else. He told Brot about his attempt to make people believe he died. Zach said he wanted Brot to be free and clear, like he secretly wished for so long ago. Brot found Taylor back at her home. Taylor doubted her abilities to walk without the walker. Brot asked Taylor to walk to him without the walker. A few steps later, she walked to Brot and fell in his arms. Brot put Taylor on the couch and called it a night.

David and Krystal arrived at the hospital for the wing dedication. Joe pulled Krystal aside to tell her about Tad's disappearance. Krystal began hyperventilating and Joe called for a nurse. David tried to help Krystal, but she told him to leave her alone. Krystal finally calmed down after inhaling oxygen. Joe told Krystal to go home, but she wanted to stay for the wing dedication. Joe said David was only using Babe's memory as an excuse to make himself look like a hero. After a short speech, David unveiled the new sign for the wing. Before guests could toast David's honor, Jake announced that David had blackmailed Joe in order to become chief of staff. David said it was Joe's choice to step down and focus on his family, particularly Jake's reckless habits. David said he was firing Jake, effective immediately."

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