12/23/2008 Amanda Offers JR A Drink

"David carried a sleepy Krystal to her bedroom. She told him that someone needed to look after Jenny. David assured Krystal that Jenny was safe at home. Krystal asked for Tad, but David reminded her that Tad was not there. Krystal woke up and found David downstairs. She wanted to know why he was at her home. David reminded Krystal that she was not feeling well when he came by to visit her. Krystal was barely able to keep her eyes open so he again carried her upstairs to bed. Krystal realized that she only felt tired after David gave her milk. She accused David of putting drugs in the milk to seduce her.

Krystal said David used Babe's death to manipulate her. But David claimed he never did anything to hurt her family since returning to Pine Valley. David said he only gave Krystal drugs to help her rest. Krystal said David wanted to drug her so she would think about him all the time. David said Krystal's thoughts about him were not a side effect from the drugs. He said Krystal secretly wanted him. She told him to get out of the house. David said they should not fight on Christmas. Krystal claimed she hated Christmas and threw ornaments off the tree. David asked Krystal to admit she loved him. Krystal threw Christmas presents and screamed that she hated David for what he had done to her. David left as Krystal continued her rant. Krystal headed upstairs as a candle caught fire on newspaper.

JR told Amanda he was not sure how to have Christmas without Babe. Amanda told JR they would make it through the holiday together. Amanda and JR played with Little Adam. Amanda got a call from David to make sure she was getting JR drunk. Amanda told him she knew what needed to be done and hung up. JR asked why Amanda decided to visit him at the lodge. She said that she didn't want to spend Christmas alone. JR said he understood how Amanda felt. JR invited Amanda to spend the night if she did not mind sleeping on the couch. Amanda gladly accepted his invitation. JR was upset when he realized the shell Babe gave Little Adam was missing from his pocket. JR and Amanda began looking around the cabin for the shell. Amanda found the shell while JR was gone. She quickly hid it in her purse when JR returned. Amanda said maybe JR would find the shell another day. She offered him an alcoholic drink to help calm his nerves. Amanda said no one would need to know about it. JR decided to take the glass. Amanda had a change of heart and went to retrieve the shell from her purse. But when she looked back, JR had already taken a sip from the glass.

Reese and Bianca told the children Christmas stories as Zach came home. Kendall, who was having an out-of-body experience, told everyone she was there with them. But the family ignored her presence. Zach explained to Ian and Spike that they needed to be good boys for Santa Claus. Kendall painfully watched as Bianca and Reese helped the boys write a letter to Santa. The boys blew Kendall's picture a kiss before heading to bed. Bianca gave Reese an engagement ring as a Christmas gift. She officially proposed to Reese and, of course, Reese said yes. Kendall looked on as Zach read a story to Ian. Afterwards, Reese and Bianca suggested Reese spend Christmas Eve with Kendall. But Zach said there was no need. He felt as though Kendall was with them in spirit.

Annie was grateful for Aidan's Christmas gift. Annie called Aidan her father. But Aidan tried to explain that he was not her father, just a friend. Aidan wrapped his jacket around Annie. A doctor came into the room and escorted Aidan outside. Annie put her hands inside the pockets and found pills. She thought the pills were candy.

Oak Haven, where Annie was staying, called Ryan while he and Greenlee made love. Afterwards, Ryan said he realized Annie needed doctors and drugs instead of him to help her. Also, Ryan said he wanted happiness for his children and Greenlee. He thought obtaining both of those things was impossible. Ryan picked up the phone when Oak Haven called again. Greenlee put in a movie after Ryan left. She felt guilty after watching a happy Christmas home video of Ryan, Annie, and Emma.

Aidan saw Ryan come into the hospital, and hid. He overheard the doctor telling Ryan that Annie digested all of the pills found in Aidan's pocket. Doctors stabilized Annie by pumping the drugs out of her stomach. The doctor said she did not give the hospital approval to contact Ryan. The doctor still felt it was best for Ryan to leave Annie alone. His visits only made Annie upset and confused. Ryan said he needed the doctors to cure Annie quickly so she could go home to Emma. Ryan returned home to find a note from Greenlee. The note said, "I love you, but tonight never happened."

Aidan went into Annie's room to check on her. Annie recognized Aidan and asked him why he was there."

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