12/16/2008 Greenlee Fixes Emma's Costume

"Erica's crew brought Fusion products into Adam's home so she could work from his home. Adam joked that he was only expecting Erica to bring a few suitcases instead of her entire staff. She said that doctors insisted Erica take it easy for a few days before returning to her brand-new office. Val, Erica's assistant, went over Erica's "to-do list" while Amanda answered the telephones. David came by the Chandler mansion to check on Erica. He asked JR and Adam to leave him alone with Erica. Erica asked her staff, Adam, and JR for some privacy while David did a follow-up exam. David overheard JR thanking Amanda for helping him resist the temptation to drink again. Disappointed, David turned his attention to Erica. David reminded Erica that they'd had a deal several months earlier when David performed the surgery that kept Kendall alive. David said Erica owed him a favor. David said he wanted Erica to help him get custody of Little Adam. Erica refused to be a part of David's scheme. David told Erica that Kendall's life still hung in the balance. Erica took David's reminder as a threat against Kendall.

Greenlee was surprised to find the Fusion office vacant and a fax machine missing. She called Amanda and learned about Erica's plans to run the business from Adam's home. Ryan came into the office with Emma after failing to construct the little girl's angel costume for a dance recital. Greenlee gladly offered to help Ryan with Emma's fashion crisis. Greenlee found a big white heart that was used in a Valentine's Day photo shoot. She attached it to the back of Emma's costume to serve as wings and made Ryan close his eyes. Emma came running out with her wings and jumped in Ryan's arms. Ryan said he loved Emma's new wings. Emma sadly said she wished Annie could see her in the costume. Ryan took a picture and promised Emma he would show Annie the picture. Emma invited Greenlee to her recital, but Greenlee decided to continue working. Greenlee got a phone call from someone who spilled the news about Randi's promiscuous past.

Greenlee stormed her way past everyone in the Chandler mansion. She interrupted David's exam and flashed pictures of Randi's pornography in Erica's face. Erica said Fusion had plenty of time to change the campaign. Little Adam brought a big truck to show David. Adam demanded David leave his "grandson" alone when he came into the room. David reminded Adam that Little Adam was his grandson, too. Erica asked Adam to escort her on a walk outside while David watched Little Adam. JR was the next person to tell David to get away from Little Adam when he walked into the room. David left, but made sure to scold Amanda for not holding up her end of their bargain. JR was upset with Adam for letting David spend time alone with Little Adam. Adam apologized for his mistake.

Annie was happy to see Aidan, or "Daddy," when he came to visit her again. She begged him to let her go home, but Aidan insisted they stay for a little longer. Annie asked Aidan where the other children were hiding. Aidan said they were in the playroom. Annie wanted to join the other children, but Aidan said she needed to listen to the doctors first. Aidan quickly hid under the bed as he heard doctors coming to Annie's door. A doctor came into the room and immediately noticed Annie was very calm. The doctor left to check on another patient, but said she would return. Afterwards, Aidan emerged from under the bed. He told Annie that if the doctors knew he was visiting, she would get in trouble. Annie thought it would be fun if she got to hide, too. Aidan turned around and counted as Annie slipped under her blankets. She started giggling as Aidan sadly looked at the big lump on the bed. After they played hide-and-seek some more, Aidan saw Ryan enter the lobby.

A doctor stopped Ryan before he went into Annie's room. Ryan said he wanted to show Annie a picture of Emma to see if it would help her recovery. The doctor said it would take months of intensive therapy before Annie showed any progress. Ryan said he really wanted Annie to have the picture. The doctor agreed to give Annie the picture, but also asked Ryan what he knew about Annie's father. The doctor said Annie was gushing about a blue blanket from her father. Ryan didn't remember Annie ever mentioning a blue blanket in the past. He never packed her a blue blanket, either. Annie came out of her room and went after Ryan. She began hitting him on the chest. Doctors pulled her off Ryan and administered drugs to calm her down. Aidan listened painfully as Annie called out for her daddy's help. After Annie was calm, the doctor explained that Ryan was there to help her. Ryan showed Emma's picture to Annie. Annie thought it was a picture of her. Ryan said the picture was of Emma, Annie's daughter. But Annie said she was only six years old, so there was no way Emma was her daughter. Annie said Ryan could ask her daddy if he did not believe her. She told Ryan her daddy lived down the hall and visited her when she got scared. Annie asked Ryan if he would like to meet her daddy.

Greenlee managed to catch Emma's dance recital before Emma hit the stage. Greenlee wished Emma luck backstage and waited for Ryan in the audience. As the music started to play, Ryan was nowhere to be found. Greenlee took out a camcorder and started taping the show.

Krystal told Angie that she felt like a horrible wife to Tad, who recently went to see Jamie and Jeff in Africa. Angie said Tad would be back to help Krystal as soon as possible. Hoping to raise Krystal's spirits, Angie invited Krystal out for dinner and drinks. Krystal politely declined the offer to watch the children. Angie said she wish she knew where Frankie was. He was an hour late for his shift at the hospital. Angie said Frankie was lucky David was not working, or else Frankie would be in trouble. She was pretty sure David was gunning for the role of chief of staff.

Krystal went to David's home but he was not home. She accidentally kicked a plant and a spare key popped out. Krystal let herself inside and waited for David to come home. Amanda also arrived and knocked at David's door. She let herself into his home with her own key. Krystal pretended to drop pictures of Babe off for David. Amanda snidely remarked that, for a married woman, Krystal spent a lot of time at David's house. Krystal said David understood how she felt about Babe's death. David walked in and told Amanda he needed to discuss family business with Krystal. Krystal asked about David's relationship with Amanda. David said Amanda was a temporary fix to ease the pain of losing Babe. Krystal, on the other hand, meant more to him than anything, David said.

Frankie and Randi lay on bed after making love for the first time. Randi said she never knew sex could be more than a physical pleasure until Frankie came along. Frankie tried to convince Randi to skip work so they could continue romping around under the sheets. But Randi insisted she needed to get to work. It was not long before Randi and Frankie were making love again. Randi even ignored calls from Erica and Amanda. Angie knocked on the door a few times, but the couple ignored her. Angie asked the apartment manager to let her into Frankie's room because she thought Frankie was hurt. Angie was shocked to see Frankie and Randi snuggled under sheets on the couch. She said they would talk later and briskly walked out."

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