12/15/2008 Bianca Visits Reese's Father

"Taylor was in her hospital room when she received a phone call from Brot. She wished that he would visit her in person, instead of calling her. He asked if she had seen Jake recently. She did not want to discuss Jake because she wanted to focus on their relationship. Brot hung up on her.

Frankie visited Taylor. She expressed her frustration over Brot. She wanted Brot to know that she did not care about his burns. Frankie thought that she needed to look at the situation from Brot's perspective. She claimed that she tried to be compassionate, but Brot refused to open up about his injuries. Frankie did not need to know how Brot felt when he was burned, but Taylor did. She asked Frankie if seeing Brot brought back memories for him. He admitted that Brot was a reminder of his redeployment. Frankie was sad to leave his friends and family, especially Randi. Taylor thought that Frankie would fight hard, so he could return safely to Randi.

Taylor was surprised to see Brot enter her room. He asked if she wanted to learn more about the day he was burned and she said yes. He recalled Frankie holding him as he writhed in pain from the burns. He could see Frankie talking, but he could not hear the words because his ears were ringing. He said that the pain was unbearable and he felt his life slipping away, but then he heard Taylor's voice. He explained that when he heard Taylor begging him to stay alive, he decided to fight for his life. He stated that she was the reason he survived. Then, he was brought to a hospital where they scrubbed his skin. He said this was even more painful than being engulfed in flames. Finally, he convinced a nurse to give him a mirror. He could not recognize himself and he knew, at that moment, he was a different man. Taylor affirmed that he was the same Sergeant Brot Monroe to her, regardless of the scars. He strongly disagreed and stated that the real Brot was buried at his funeral. Taylor put out her arms to hug him, but he pulled away and left the room.

Natalia questioned Randi about her relationship with Frankie. Natalia wondered why they slept in different bedrooms, even though they were dating. Randi admitted that she was dealing with "issues" from her past when she met Frankie. She explained that it had been difficult for her to be intimate with Frankie because she did not trust him. Natalia inquired if Randi trusted Frankie yet. Randi did trust Frankie, but there was something holding her back from being intimate with him. Natalia urged Randi to let go of her inhibitions, so she could show Frankie how much she loved him.

Frankie arrived home with a pizza that he bought for Natalia and Randi. He looked around, but he could not find the two women. Then, Randi yelled that she was in the bedroom. When he entered the room, he saw candles everywhere and Randi sitting on the bed in lingerie. She announced that they were alone for the night. He joked, "This is my kind of pizza party!" They began to kiss, and Frankie stopped to ask if Randi was ready to take their relationship to the next level. She was sure that she wanted to be intimate with him. They both professed their love for each other and made love.

Zach was at the hospital. He stared at Kendall as a nurse approached him. The nurse urged him to believe in miracles.

Bianca came home and could tell that Reese was upset. Reese revealed that her father had visited her. Reese was furious that Bianca went behind her back and called her parents about Gabrielle's christening. Bianca thought that contacting Reese's parents would help them accept her lifestyle. Reese said that Bianca was wrong, but Bianca felt it was a good sign that her father came to see Reese and Gabrielle. Reese revealed that it was not a good meeting because her father refused to meet Bianca. Bianca understood why Reese's father did not want to meet her. Bianca wondered if she should go to his hotel to initiate their first encounter. Reese begged her not to go. Bianca left, claiming that she was going to visit Kendall.

Zach came home and sensed that Reese was frazzled. She did not want to talk about it. He assumed that she was having a hard time keeping the truth about Kendall's condition from Bianca. He apologized for asking her to keep the secret.

Bianca went to see Reese's father, Forrest, at his hotel. Bianca announced herself as Reese's fiancée and he looked uncomfortable, but he still invited her inside. Bianca asked why he and his wife could not accept Reese as a lesbian. He explained that they raised their daughter with "standards." Bianca did not think that Reese did anything wrong by falling in love and having a baby. She encouraged him to be involved in Gabrielle's life. She also urged him to help his wife accept Reese's lifestyle. He admitted that his wife was hard on Reese, but he claimed that she was not the monster that Reese portrayed her to be. He further explained that his wife had to go into therapy and be put on medication after Reese called off her engagement. Bianca was confused, so Forrest revealed that Reese had been engaged to Simon, but called off the engagement just a few weeks before the wedding. He said that Reese did not explain why she called it off and, after she did, she left town and cut off contact with them. He stated that Reese turned her back on them first. Bianca was shocked, but tried to maintain her composure. Once again, she pleaded with him to accept Reese, and then left.

Bianca came home and asked Zach if Reese told him she had been engaged to a man. He said no and she wondered why Reese lied. He looked sheepish and stated that people often lied to protect those that they loved.

Bianca confronted Reese about her engagement. Reese was furious that Bianca met with her father. Bianca was equally as angry because of Reese's lies. Reese explained that she did not tell Bianca because she was ashamed. Reese wanted to be "out and proud" like Bianca. She also knew that Bianca was let down by ex-girlfriends who were confused about their sexuality, and she did not want Bianca to think that she was the same way. Reese cried as she told Bianca that she could live without her parents, but she could not live without Bianca. Bianca understood what Reese was going through and she hugged and kissed her fiancée.

JR punched Jake after he called Amanda a slut. Amanda and JR then had dinner together at ConFusion. She had a glass of wine and asked if it bothered him. He claimed that he was fine being around alcohol. She said that she would understand if he wanted a glass. He thought that Babe would be disappointed if he fell off the wagon, but Amanda assured him that Babe would understand, too. After Amanda left, JR picked up a glass of wine and put it to his lips. Just as he was about to take a sip, Amanda returned and stopped him. She said that her car broke down and she needed a ride home.

Greenlee found Jake very intoxicated at ConFusion. He rambled on about people needing to be with people they loved. Greenlee assumed that he was upset over Taylor. He assumed that Greenlee was upset over Ryan. Jake affirmed that Ryan was Greenlee's "person" and left the bar.

Jake went to Ryan's penthouse. Ryan told Jake to be quiet because Emma was asleep. Jake did not pay attention and yelled that Ryan needed to be with Greenlee. Jake urged Ryan to go to ConFusion to meet her.

Ryan entered ConFusion and saw Greenlee sitting alone at the bar. He imagined kissing her and ripping off her clothes on top of the bar. After his daydream ended, he walked out of the bar without saying anything to Greenlee."

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