12/17/2008 Emma's Pageant

"Ryan told Annie that her father was not at the hospital. She became agitated and screamed at Ryan to get out of her room. An orderly came and restrained Annie and kicked Ryan out of the room. The doctor asked Ryan to stop visiting Annie because he undermined the progress she was making. Ryan wanted to help Annie, but the doctor said he was making things worse. The doctor encouraged him to focus on Emma and their life together.

Aidan sneaked into Annie's room. She was upset because Ryan did not believe her father was in the hospital. Aidan, pretending to be Annie's father, told her not to tell anyone he was there. He said that, if people knew he was there, they would make him leave. He urged her not to trust anyone but him and she agreed. Meanwhile, Annie did not know that she was being videotaped in her room.

Zach entered the casino and criticized all of the construction workers. Reese and Bianca saw this and tried to calm Zach down. Reese explained that the renovations on his casino were going well. Bianca reminded Zach that it was his turn to visit Kendall in the hospital. He asked Bianca if she would cover his shift.

Bianca was concerned about Zach. Bianca told Reese that Zach no longer held Kendall's hand when he visited her. She worried that he was giving up on Kendall. Reese said that Zach was stressed out. Then, a construction worker made a pass at Reese. Bianca looked uncomfortable and admitted that she still felt uneasy about Reese's ex-fiancé. Reese assured Bianca that she only loved Bianca. Bianca and Reese kissed as the construction workers watched.

Zach thought that it was time to tell Bianca and Erica the truth about Kendall's condition. Reese wondered why he changed his mind. He felt guilty for keeping them in the dark while he was preparing for the worst. Reese reminded Zach that the hope of Kendall's recovery was keeping Bianca and Erica sane. Zach agreed.

After she finished her Christmas pageant, Emma asked Greenlee where her father was. Greenlee told the little girl that Ryan could not come, but he would see the pageant on tape. Emma assumed that her father did not love her anymore. Greenlee stated that Ryan loved her very much. Greenlee explained that Ryan was helping Annie get healthy. Greenlee told Emma that she needed to take care of her father, like he took care of her. Emma agreed to watch over her father.

Ryan returned home from the hospital and found Greenlee in his penthouse. She informed him that Emma went to get ice cream with Corinna. He felt very guilty over missing his daughter's pageant. Greenlee said that Emma was sad, but Greenlee cheered her up. Ryan was thrilled when he saw that Greenlee taped the pageant for him. He exclaimed, "I love you." He looked embarrassed after the statement and changed the subject by mentioning that he was going to the hospital. Greenlee said that she was going also, and offered him a ride.

Taylor was frustrated with being in the hospital and wanted to leave. Frankie told her that she could not leave until she had a place to stay. She asked if he wanted another roommate and he joked that he had enough estrogen in his apartment. Frankie said that there were many apartments for rent in Pine Valley. She reminded him that she was broke. Then, Brot entered and offered to help Taylor pay rent. So, Taylor, Frankie, and Brot went looking for apartments together.

Frankie asked Brot why he wanted to help Taylor. Brot stated that he was only staying in town until Taylor was settled. He planned to leave after he knew Taylor was back on her feet. However, he promised to say goodbye before he left. He did not wish to hurt Taylor by vanishing again.

A military police officer went to Pine Valley Hospital seeking information on Brot. The officer approached a nurse and explained that he was looking for Brot because the military suspected that he was faking his death. Jake overheard him and told the officer that he was misinformed; Brot was never at the hospital. However, David refused to lie to the officer and told him that Brot was a patient. David gave the officer a copy of Brot's medical records.

Jake was mad at David for telling the officer that Brot was alive. David chastised Jake for lying to an officer about a patient. David felt that Jake was putting his personal life ahead of his job at the hospital. Jake thought that David was not a compassionate doctor. Jake then turned to leave and David reminded him that he had a surgery scheduled. Jake snidely told David to find a replacement for him, since he liked acting as if he were the chief of staff.

David called Joe and told him that Jake disobeyed hospital policy again. Joe said that he would talk to Jake, but David was not satisfied. David thought that Jake needed to be punished for his incompetence. David then encouraged Joe to resign as chief of staff so David could fill the position.

Taylor found a condo that she really liked and decided to sign a lease. Brot was happy to help her with the rent. Taylor noted that the condo next to hers was for rent, also. Brot was hesitant to get close to Taylor and she could tell. She wished he would let his guard down and let her love him. He stated that he was a different man.

Jake went to Taylor's condo and revealed that a military officer was looking for Brot. Jake said that Brot needed to leave or he would be arrested. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Greenlee saw Jack at the hospital and asked him to handle her divorce. Jack agreed and wondered if she was going to start a relationship with Ryan. She said no. Jack encouraged her to follow her heart, even if it meant being with Ryan. She was shocked that he wanted her to be with Ryan. He stated that he wanted her to be happy.

Greenlee called Aidan to tell him that Jack was sending him divorce papers. Aidan looked disappointed, but agreed not to contest the divorce.

Ryan visited Kendall. He admitted that she was right about Annie and Greenlee. As he divulged his problems, Kendall's head moved. Zach and David rushed into the room. David examined Kendall and found that her condition was the same. David explained that Kendall had an involuntary movement, which was common in coma patients.

Zach was furious and asked Ryan what happened. Ryan swore that Kendall moved, as if she was responding to him. Zach warned Ryan to stay away from Kendall.

Reese planned a special night for Bianca; however, Bianca was not in the mood for romance because she was still aggravated with Reese for lying to her. Bianca wondered if Reese was bisexual because she had been engaged to a man. Reese swore that she was not bisexual. Bianca wanted to know about the men in Reese's past. Reese explained that her relationships with men never felt "right." Reese revealed that her "first time" was in the back of a car. Reese said that the experience was awful and unromantic. Bianca said that her "first time" was with a girl she met in rehab. Bianca recalled the experience as being loving and gentle. Reese affirmed that her real "first time" was with Bianca. Reese professed her undying love to Bianca. Then, Reese asked to know more about Bianca's first love. Bianca stated that her first girlfriend left her for a man."

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