12/10/2008 Zach & Reese Return

"Zach and Reese woke up in the hunter's cabin. He apologized for making her keep his secret about Kendall's worsening condition. She admitted that it was difficult keeping the truth from Bianca, but she understood why Zach did not want to tell Bianca and Erica about Kendall's state.

Bianca arrived home with Gabrielle and found Ryan babysitting the kids. She inquired about Zach and Reese's whereabouts. Ryan explained that he was watching the kids because Zach and Reese did not return the previous night. Bianca was concerned that they were stuck in the snowstorm, like she was. Then, Ryan received a call from Zach saying that they were fine. Zach told Bianca to clear a space in the living room because they were bringing home a big tree.

Zach and Reese came home. Reese explained that Zach's car got stuck in the snow, so they had to spend the night in a cabin. Bianca noted that their predicament sounded romantic, and Reese replied that it would have been-if Bianca were there. Zach left for the hospital. Bianca asked why Reese seemed upset about something. Reese claimed that she was worried about Zach, but Bianca knew instantly that she was lying. Reese looked nervous.

Greenlee saw Aidan at the hospital. She wondered how he was doing and he replied that his injury was healed. Then, the doors to the elevator opened and they heard Annie screaming. Annie was in a wheelchair and was begging the nurses to let her go home to see her daughter. The nurses pushed Annie into her hospital room. Greenlee looked horrified and asked what would happen to Annie. Aidan said that they were going to restrain and sedate Annie and bring her to Oak Haven, a mental hospital. Greenlee called Ryan to tell him. After she got off the phone with Ryan, Aidan revealed that he was moving to Washington, D.C., because he was offered a job in an unnamed government agency. She was sad to see him go and claimed that she loved him. He stated that with him gone, she could fully concentrate on Ryan. As they hugged, Ryan entered the hospital with Emma.

Aidan said goodbye to Ryan and Emma, and left. Ryan asked Greenlee if she could watch Emma while he talked to the doctor about Annie. She agreed and took Emma to the cafeteria so he could speak with Dr. Hathaway. The doctor said the police mandated that Annie be brought to Oak Haven. Ryan then visited with Annie. She was relaxed due to medication. When she saw Ryan she said, "Daddy." She proceeded to talk to him as if she were his child. Meanwhile, Emma overheard a nurse say which room Annie was in. Emma ran away from Greenlee and found Annie. Emma was excited to see her mother, but Annie just stared blankly at her daughter.

David saw Joe and demanded to know why he did not return his voicemails. Joe said that he was behind on his messages. Joe snidely commented that he was surprised David was consulting him on any issue, since he normally took matters into his own hands. After Joe walked away, David commented that he would tend to the issue himself.

Angie admitted Rebecca into the hospital and put her on life support. Natalia asked if her mother could hear her. Frankie explained that she was in a coma and they did not know the level of Rebecca's brain function. She asked if her mother would wake up. He was not sure, but he noted that there was always a chance.

Randi came to the hospital and saw Rebecca. Randi said that Rebecca's condition reminded her of her mother's. Randi revealed to Frankie that her mother died of breast cancer when she was seven. Because she knew what it was like to watch a loved one die, Randi felt bad for Natalia.

Angie was distraught because she resuscitated Rebecca, even though Rebecca had signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" order. Jesse assured her that she did the right thing. David overheard the conversation and disagreed. He said that Angie was personally involved with the patient, so she acted inappropriately. David urged Angie to take Rebecca off of the life support. Then, Natalia approached Angie and David and asked what they were discussing. Angie explained that her mother had not wanted to be resuscitated. Natalia did not want to accept her mother's decision, and began to cry.

David told Joe that Angie resuscitated a patient that did not want to be on life support. Angie protested that she did so because the patient's daughter begged for Angie to save her mother. Joe said that Angie needed to remove Rebecca from life support within twenty-four hours. David offered to help Angie remove Rebecca from the machines. Angie replied, "Go to hell!"

David called Sad, a doctor that he knew in Africa. Sad worked for Doctors Without Borders and knew Jeff and Jamie Martin. David inquired about the Martins' status. Sad said that they were in a remote location in the "bush." Sad had no reason to believe that they were in distress, even though he had not heard from them in a week. David said that he needed people to think that the Martins were in danger. Sad agreed to carry out David's plan because he owed David for saving his life.

Sad called Tad to inform him that Jeff and Jamie were in a potentially life-threatening situation. Sad claimed that Jeff and Jamie entered a remote area, which was plagued with guerilla warfare. Sad pretended to fear that Jeff and Jamie were kidnapped. Tad relayed this information to Joe. Joe wondered what they should do. Tad said that he was going to Africa to find his brother and his son.

Tad went home and told Krystal about Jeff and Jamie. She was concerned for the Martins, but when Tad revealed that he was going to Africa, she freaked out. She did not want him to go. He insisted that he had to leave because his son was in danger. She said that she understood and supported his plans. He apologized for leaving at a bad time for her, but he was confident that she would be fine. He called her the strongest woman he knew, and left.

Kathy wanted to play, and asked to build a snowman. Krystal looked uneasy, but took Kathy and Jenny outside, anyway. When they went back inside, Krystal snapped at Kathy when she ran into the house without taking her boots off. Kathy gave her stepmother a dirty look and Krystal apologized for yelling. Then, Krystal felt a sharp pain in her chest. She called David and asked him to come over because she was having a panic attack. He rushed over and offered to make her a drink. He proceeded to pour her a glass of milk and secretly put a pill into it."

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