12/11/2008 Bianca Accuses Reese of Lying

"Krystal told David she felt silly for asking him to come take care of her. Krystal said it upset her that Tad was leaving to see Jamie while she was still mourning Babe. David advised Krystal not to get herself riled up again because it would cause another panic attack. David wrapped Krystal in a blanket and urged her to keep drinking the warm milk. Kathy bustled into the room, but was surprised to see David. Krystal suggested David read Kathy her new Christmas book. Kathy shrugged her shoulders and went to get the book. David asked Krystal if Tad was upset when she came home after spending the night on David's couch. Krsytal said Tad understood the situation, but David figured Krystal lied to Tad about where she'd spent the evening. Krystal admitted that she hid the truth from Tad. Krystal thought Tad would not understand and, more than likely, would give David a black eye. Memories of Babe haunted David as he read the story to Kathy. Afterwards, he grabbed his coat and abruptly left.

David went home and looked at pictures of Babe. He began to play a Christmas tune on the piano, but could not finish the song. Krystal came by to check on David, but he was not interested in having any company. Krystal asked David why he despised Christmas so much. David said all of the people he would want to spend the holidays with were gone. Plus, David thought it was a holiday more for children. Krystal said she understood David's feelings and kissed him. Quickly, Krystal pulled away from David. He offered to take her home before another anxiety attack hit.

Bianca said she felt that Reese was lying to her about something. Reese got offended that Bianca would not trust her. Bianca apologized for hurting Reese and hugged her. Bianca went to see Kendall.

Emma ran into Annie's arms and gave her a hug. But Annie looked confused as Emma said, "Mommy, I missed you!" Emma wanted to know if Annie was coming home. Ryan tried to explain that Annie needed to go to another hospital. Annie told Emma she looked so pretty and had gotten so big since they last saw each other. Then Annie quickly pulled away and told Ryan she needed to go to class. Greenlee ushered Emma away so Ryan could handle Annie. Annie called Ryan "daddy" and asked if Emma was in her class. Ryan said Annie would see Emma again before the doctors took Annie away.

Greenlee watched Emma while Ryan went to see Annie at Oak Haven. A nurse showed Annie her room, but Ryan was not allowed inside. He was not even given privileges to visit Annie. Ryan knew it was time for him to say goodbye to Annie. As Annie looked around her room, she realized no other children were in the "classroom" with her. She asked Ryan where the teacher and the desks were. Ryan gave Annie a big hug and said he had to leave. Annie paced back and forth as a nurse put sheets on her bed. Annie said she wanted to go home and screamed for her dad. Doctors were able to calm Annie down. She lay on her bed and kept whispering, "No doctors." Aidan came into Annie's room and said he would help her.

After a hospital board meeting, JR and Joe said they were surprised David was not there. JR wanted Joe to fire David. Even though Joe was not David's biggest fan, he said David was an excellent doctor. Joe also thought that Babe's death might have instilled some good in him. JR doubted any good existed in David.

Natalia told Angie she did not want Angie around Rebecca. Frankie told his mother he would talk to Natalia alone. Natalia hated seeing her mother looking so helpless and sick in the hospital bed. Frankie said Rebecca did not want to spend her last minutes connected to tubes and machines. He told Natalia she needed to let go of her mother. Natalia refused to let her mother die. Frankie gave Natalia some time alone with Rebecca.

Zach overheard Angie blaming herself for Natalia's outburst outside Rebecca's room. Angie told Jesse she should not have resuscitated Rebecca. But Jesse insisted that Angie was only trying to do what she felt was right for Natalia. Angie worried that Natalia would think she killed Rebecca the minute the machines were cut off. Natalia told Angie that she was ready to say goodbye to her mother. Angie and the rest of the family said their last words to Rebecca. Angie stopped the machines and took a tube out of Rebecca's mouth. To everyone's surprise, Rebecca started coughing and rolled her eyes. Rebecca asked why she was in the hospital.

Reese called Zach to let him know that Bianca suspected she was lying about Kendall. Reese said she would not keep lying to Bianca, but Zach insisted they were giving Kendall's family hope. Bianca came up and heard Zach say he would handle Bianca. Zach explained that Reese thought Bianca was mad at her. Bianca said she worried Reese was hiding something from her. Zach said Reese did not want Bianca to worry about him around the holidays.

Bianca and Zach went home to help Reese and the children decorate a Christmas tree. They finished decorating the tree and had gingerbread cookies. Bianca kept saying she wished Kendall were with them. Bianca said she was not upset at Reese, but hated feeling like Reese was hiding something from her. Zach came out and lit the tree before Reese could tell Bianca the truth.

JR and Little Adam went to Krystal's house for their planned sleepover, but Krystal was not there. They decided to wait for her to return home. JR was not happy when he saw David helping Krystal inside."

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