12/09/2008 David Drugs Bianca

"Angie and Jesse cuddled as they looked at the snow falling outside. Angie said it finally felt like Christmas was coming. Rebecca came to see if Angie and Jesse needed help making lunch. Angie said everything was ready, but she appreciated Rebecca's offer. Frankie and Natalia came into the home after having a snowball fight outside. Jesse pulled Angie aside to make sure that she was not uncomfortable with Rebecca and Natalia there. Angie said it was good for Frankie and Natalia to establish a relationship. And, Angie felt it was the right thing to do for everyone. Jesse lit the tree, while Natalia brought out a box of family ornaments. Angie watched as Jesse and Natalia scoured through the ornaments and talked about their Christmas memories. Rebecca noticed that Angie was bothered by the ornaments. Rebecca told Angie that Natalia wanted the ornaments on the tree because Rebecca feared it might be her last Christmas. Angie received a call from Cassie, who was unable to make it home for Christmas. Natalia yelled for Angie after Rebecca fainted and stopped breathing. Angie said Rebecca signed documentation stating she did not want to be revived. Jesse begged Angie to save Rebecca.

Zach and Reese frantically hid in someone's cabin as the snow came down outside. Zach was unable to get cell phone reception. He said it looked like they were bunking at the cabin for at least one night. Zach felt guilty for being at the cabin instead of by Kendall's side. Reese asked Zach to tell her more about Kendall. Zach talked about how Kendall saved his life by giving him happiness and a beautiful family. Reese said Kendall sounded perfect. But Zach joked that Kendall had her faults. She was stubborn and sometimes a bit too passionate. Despite those flaws, Zach said he loved Kendall. Reese told Zach to be strong for Kendall. Zach admitted that he was having a hard time being strong for Kendall when the doctors believed she was going to die. He rushed outside to see if the car would budge, but had no luck. He came back inside the cabin and warmed up by the fire. Reese placed a blanket on Zach as he slept.

David was surprised to see Krystal at his door. Krystal said she was not sure what to make of the previous night's events. David said he found Krystal at Babe's grave and took her to his house until she felt better. Krystal was not sure how David cured her sadness, but she came back for more. David said Krystal simply felt comfortable sharing her pain with him. David offered Krystal a glass of warm milk. He broke a few pills into the mixture before handing it to Krystal. A knock at the door interrupted David and Krystal before she could sip the milk.

Bianca walked into Wildwind carrying Gabriella after getting stuck in the snow. Krystal offered Bianca the milk David had made for her. Before David could get Bianca her own glass, Bianca was sipping on Krystal's glass. Bianca said she felt so relaxed in David's house since returning from Pine Valley. Bianca apologized for seeming insensitive toward Krystal's grief. Krystal was not offended by Bianca's feelings. But she did ask to hold Gabriella. Bianca fell asleep on the couch. Krystal remembered listening to Babe's heartbeat as she held the baby. Krystal said she always thought Babe didn't need a father, but perhaps Babe would be alive if David had been in their lives. David said he was in no shape to be a father to Babe, but would have gladly taken care of them. David credited Krystal for raising Babe into a wonderful woman.

Taylor told Brot he was not leaving until she got some answers. Brot said he gave Taylor all the answers she needed. Taylor refused to believe Brot never loved her. She pulled out an engagement ring that was in Brot's pocket. Angrily, Taylor threw the engagement ring at Brot. She said he was hiding his feelings behind the scars on his face. Brot tried to walk away, but Taylor stopped him. She asked Brot to look into her eyes and say he never really loved her. If Brot was able to do that, Taylor said she would let him go without a fight. Brot looked into Taylor's eyes, but walked away without saying anything.

Taylor picked up the ring and slipped it on her finger. Brot got into the elevator with Jake, but an electrical problem stopped the elevator. Jake thought Brot needed to stay in Pine Valley so Taylor could sort out her feelings. Jake said it was obvious Taylor still loved Brot. Brot continued to claim he did not want Taylor. Plus, Brot said Jake was much more attractive than he would ever be. Jake said he believed Taylor could look past Brot's facial scars if it meant being with the man she loved. Jake said Taylor would follow Brot no matter where he went. The electrical problem was repaired and the elevator door opened on Taylor's floor. Brot decided to get off the elevator and find Taylor. Taylor and Brot agreed to try to rediscover the friendship they once shared."

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