12/08/2008 Aidan Takes a Polygraph Test

"Aidan sneaked into Annie's hospital room. She acted glad to see him and told him to come closer. When Aidan walked towards her, she threw him onto the bed and choked him. She screamed for him to make sure that Greenlee stayed away from Ryan. Jesse and a doctor entered the room. Annie let go of Aidan and declared that Greenlee sent Aidan to kill her. She yelled that Ryan was the only person she could trust because everyone else was on Greenlee's side. The doctor had two orderlies restrain Annie. Jesse was very suspicious of why Aidan kept sneaking into Annie's room. Aidan said that he wanted to prove his innocence once and for all with a polygraph test.

Annie was given a sedative and put to bed. She sang Silent Night as she drifted off to sleep. She imagined herself covering Greenlee's corpse with a sheet.

Angie was paged to come into the hospital to cover David's shift because he had called in sick. Angie remarked that David did not seem sick when she last saw him. Tad arrived at the hospital to ask Angie if she knew where Krystal was. Angie said that she looked everywhere, but she could not find Krystal. Tad was very concerned.

Jake called Taylor to tell her that Brot collapsed and was admitted into the hospital. She came to the hospital to visit Brot, but he was not happy to see her. He told her to get over him because he had never loved her. She refused to believe that their affair in Iraq was just a fling. He claimed that he wanted to be alone and she called him a coward. Then, Brot was taken away for testing. Angie told Taylor that Brot probably had an infection, which was dangerous for burn victims. Taylor said that it was difficult grieving for Brot and then discovering that he was alive. Angie understood Taylor's pain because she had grieved Jesse's death for twenty years. Angie reminded Taylor that, although it would be hard for her to adjust, she was lucky to have Brot back in her life. After Angie left the room, Taylor hugged Brot's jacket. She then discovered her engagement ring in the pocket.

Krystal was at David's house. She was seeking comfort in David's company. He offered her some warm milk and she accepted; however, she did not realize that he secretly slipped a pill into her drink. She drank the milk and began to calm down. He told her to take deep breaths and relax, which she did. She explained that Tad wanted her to act "normal," but she felt she would never be capable of normalcy again. She stated that most of her life was spent with Babe and she did not know how to live without her daughter. David reminded her that she had friends and family to help her through the difficult time. She admitted that Tad did not know her anymore and she wondered if he ever did. David smirked and asked if she was happy with Tad before Babe died. She confessed that she did not have the same chemistry with Tad that she had with Adam. David inquired if she missed the excitement that she felt with Adam. She replied that Adam could not be trusted and that Tad was a good man. Then, she fell asleep.

Amanda banged on David's front door. When he opened the door, she wanted to come in, but he refused to admit her. She announced that she wanted another "installment." David told her that she would not receive another check until she made progress with JR. She informed him that she spent the entire day decorating a Christmas tree with JR and Little Adam. David replied that it would take a lot more than decorating to make JR fall off the wagon. Amanda pushed her way into the house and saw Krystal asleep on the couch. Amanda demanded to know what David did to Krystal. He claimed that he merely ran into Krystal at the cemetery and he brought her home to help her get some rest. Amanda assumed that he had a hidden agenda when it came to Krystal, but he feigned innocence.

Krystal dreamed that she begged David to make love to her. She suddenly woke up and panicked. She realized that she had been gone for a very long time and worried that Tad was looking for her. David urged her to stay, but she insisted on going home. David offered to drive her to the cemetery, which was where her car was.

Tad went to the police station to ask Jesse for help finding Krystal. Jesse had officers look for her. As Tad waited, he saw Aidan at the station. Aidan informed Tad that Jesse was trying to build a case against him. Tad told Jesse that he would vouch for Aidan's honesty and loyalty. Jesse then got a call from an officer saying that they spotted Krystal's car at the cemetery. Tad rushed off.

David and Krystal were standing at Babe's grave when they noticed Tad pull up. Krystal asked David to leave. Tad ran up to Krystal and gave her a big hug.

An officer gave Aidan a lie detector test. The officer asked Aidan a myriad of questions regarding his involvement in Emma's kidnapping. After the test was over, the officer announced that Aidan was not lying. Aidan affirmed to Jesse that he was pretending to help Annie, so he could find Emma and bring her home safely.

Greenlee brought a Christmas tree to Ryan's penthouse. She thought that the tree would cheer Emma up. Ryan thanked Greenlee and, just as they were about to kiss, Emma entered the room. Emma was excited to see the tree and asked to decorate it immediately. Ryan, Emma, and Greenlee put up the tree together. Emma then fell asleep and Greenlee grabbed her belongings to leave. Ryan urged her to stay, but she thought it was a bad idea.

Jack visited Ryan. Ryan informed Jack that he did not have to lecture him about staying away from Greenlee, since they already decided to end their relationship. Jack said that he knew they parted ways, but it was not comforting to him because he also knew that Greenlee would always love Ryan. Ryan replied that he would always love Greenlee, which worried Jack. Ryan then asked Jack if he would help him finalize his divorce from Annie. Jack agreed to be Ryan's lawyer.

Greenlee and Jake met at the boathouse. Greenlee explained that she could not be with Ryan because their relationship was destructive. Jake explained that he could not be with Taylor because her dead fiancé was actually alive. He then joked that they should move back in together and they both laughed.

Jake left the boathouse and Aidan arrived. Aidan gloated to Greenlee about the lie detector test. He snidely told her to tell her "boyfriend" that he was innocent. She replied that she and Ryan were not together. Aidan chuckled because he assumed that Ryan no longer wanted Greenlee because he could actually have her. He then told her that he no longer wanted her, either."

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