12/05/2008 Annie's Hearing

"After Kathy ran to the basement to fetch the ornaments, Krystal showed up in the living room and saw that Tad had purchased a tree. He offered to fix it, as it stood slightly crooked in the corner, but Krystal told him to get rid of it completely. Tad tried to convince her that the holidays were more for the children than anyone else, but his words fell on deaf ears when Kathy returned with a box and pulled out a cow ornament Krystal had given to Babe. She harshly ordered the little girl to hand over the ornament. Kathy quickly did so and then ran upstairs. Krystal winced at what had happened, and then bit back all of her emotions as she tried to explain why she couldn't celebrate. When Tad tried to comfort her, she yanked away, told him she needed space, and stormed out of the house.

Amanda arrived at the cemetery with a wreath of flowers just as David revealed the headstone he'd picked out for Babe. Once uncovered, tears sprung to Amanda's eyes, as it just served as another reminder that her best friend had gone too soon. David put his arm around her and promised Babe that together, they would save Little Adam from the Chandlers. Amanda was insulted and reminded David that she would take JR down in her own way, and didn't need his coaching. David told her that he simply wanted to remind her that his whole plan was about saving Little Adam from becoming a Chandler clone like JR had, much the way Trevor had saved Amanda from the horrors that could have been her life. She stalked off with the reminder of her father seared into her brain and left David to daydream. He thought to a future with a grown-up Little A who planned to attend medical school and go into cardiology like his grandfather.

Jesse made a surprise visit to the hospital and kidnapped his wife, as he felt they needed something light and fun to get them into the holiday spirit. They delivered themselves and a box of ornaments to the Martin residence to help decorate, but after they joked around a few times, they realized that something was amiss. Tad informed them that the party was a bust as Kathy was locked up in her room and Krystal had run off so she could be alone. Angie offered to go look for Krystal and quickly exited.

Krystal went to the cemetery and found David there. She bypassed him and thumped on the ground, angry that her daughter was underneath and not in her arms. Her anger quickly turned to tears and David wrapped his arms around her and promised he would take care of her. He then lifted her into his arms and carried her away from Babe's plot.

Adam visited Erica at the hospital under the ruse of delivering a plant, and reminded her that her life was spared because of his blood. Erica wanted to know what kind of outrageous payback she would have to submit to in order to get Adam to leave her alone. The mogul turned more serious then as he asked her to help him hold on to his son. Adam explained that after the grief over Babe's passing had subsided somewhat, he hoped that JR would want to reconnect with him. Erica commiserated and said the disconnect with her children was especially true with Kendall. She followed by saying that both Kendall and JR would make their way back to their parents. She then remarked how amusing it was that no matter how old her children got, she always worried about them.

Adam offered to let Erica stay at the mansion to recuperate once she was released from the hospital, but she told him that she'd already received and accepted another offer. Adam wanted to know who had offered, but Erica coyly refused. Adam then started to take his leave, but returned to her side when she asked if he would give her a get-well kiss. He tried to lay one on her lips, but she turned her head, accepted a kiss on the cheek, and then thanked him in earnest for all he had done.

JR sat on the floor at the Chandler mansion, lost in thought about a time in the recent past when he and Babe had exchanged gifts. His reverie was interrupted when his son came over and told him that Mommy was home. JR rose from his station and looked at a box that had been delivered to the foyer. After he saw his son's name on the package, he pointed out to the young boy that there was no return address, and that his mother couldn't send him presents from where she was.

Greenlee arrived at the hospital meeting room and, when she saw Ryan, she apologized and told him that she was denied the opportunity to submit her testimony over the phone. The other medical and legal personnel started to file in, and they announced that they needed to decide the next step in Annie's treatment for her mental issues. At that moment, they brought Annie into the room and, when she spotted Greenlee, she started to yell her protest. Although they tried to get her to settle down, Annie wavered between the past and present, verbally attacking the people she thought were her parents, and then directly threatening Greenlee. The doctors ordered that she be taken back to her room but, before she left, she promised that she would make Greenlee pay, and then told Ryan not to take long, as she would wait for him in the honeymoon suite.

After Annie had been removed, the doctor explained that after Annie's evaluation, and the outburst she'd had, it was clear that Annie needed to be committed. He then asked for Ryan's opinion, and Ryan related that he was at a loss as to who his wife was when she showed up at ConFusion in her wedding dress, unconcerned that she was holding a knife and was covered with blood. He also shared that she had done horrid things before - killed both Di Henry and her brother, and kidnapped her child - and it all seemed to be for one purpose: to get Ryan back. He felt that all of her actions warranted help, and Annie's legal counsel agreed. The doctor said he would issue the needed documents so that Annie could be transferred to an institution that would be able to help around the clock.

In her room, Annie paced as she muttered that it was the eve of their wedding and that she would not let Greenlee get in the way of that. When the orderlies came in, she told them to tell 'that bitch' to watch her back.

In the hall, Greenlee apologized for showing up to the meeting and making things worse. Ryan, who still struggled with the fact that Greenlee had ended things between them, simply stated that he hadn't spent enough time with his daughter and that he would go home and do something that his little girl deserved. A short time later, Jack found his daughter as she sat alone in the hall, and asked how she'd been doing. She mentioned that she would visit Kendall before she left, and he asked if Ryan had done something to make her sad. Greenlee fired off that Ryan had a full load with a young child and a sick wife to deal with, and then demanded that her father take it easy on him. Jack realized that Greenlee's anger was mostly because she couldn't be with Ryan and called her on it. She admitted that all she wanted to do was comfort Ryan in the proceedings, but knew that she couldn't. Jack commended her on her selfless choices and assured her that he was proud of her. He then told her that even though she and Ryan couldn't be together, they could be friends.

Amanda paid a visit to the Chandler mansion and was pleased to see that her gift had arrived. JR was relieved to hear that news, and then explained that since Little A had opened it himself and they hadn't seen the card, the little boy believed that the gift was from his mother. Amanda knelt near Little A and told him that she had purchased the angel and that it was from his mother in a way because she had thought about Babe when she bought it. Little A understood somewhat and then suggested that they put the angel on top of the tree so that Babe could see it.

JR pulled out the ladder and once he placed the angel on the top of the tree, Amanda and Little Adam blew kisses to Babe up in heaven. JR then sent his son off to get cookies from the kitchen and when the little guy disappeared, Amanda admitted that she was falling in love with Little A. Adam overhead her and scoffed, believing that Amanda was nothing but a gold digger. Amanda was unwilling to listen to yet another assault on her character, so she excused herself to the kitchen, as well. JR turned to his father and reminded him that he had only moved back into the house for his son, and that Adam needed to stay out of his personal life.

After Adam had vacated the scene, Amanda and Little A rejoined JR in the living room with the intent of continued tree decorating. JR suggested that the staff could take care of it, but Amanda convinced Little A to nicely ask his father if they could assume those duties. Unable to resist his son, JR caved in and they all had fun covering the tree with tinsel, ornaments, and the like. A short while later, Amanda got ready to head home for the night, but as she stood at the doorway to the living room and took in one last look at JR and his son, she was yanked to the side by Adam, who warned her to think about Babe as she did her best to reel JR in. He told her that if she continued to mess with JR, she would have to worry that she would meet an untimely death as well. Then, he yanked open the main door as a signal for her to leave immediately.

While they waited for Angie's return, Kathy decorated the tree, and Tad related all of his wishes for family, including a place that really felt like home. He admitted that although he felt horrible that Babe was gone, he really wanted Krystal to move on as he had done when Dixie died. He thought that line of thinking made him sound like a bad man, but Jesse assured him that he just had a complicated family.

David and Krystal got back to Wildwind and, after he wrapped her in a blanket to warm her, he poured her a glass of warm milk. He used his body to shield the cup, which prevented Krystal from seeing a pill that he mixed into her drink. He started to hand her the cup when a knock was heard at the front door. Krystal believed it would be Tad, and insisted that David not reveal her presence. David did as asked and closed the doors to the living room before he answered the main door. He was caught off-guard when he saw that Angie was on the other side of the door. David insisted that Krystal wasn't inside, and then told Angie that if she was worried about the kiss he'd shared with Krystal, there was no need. The mere mention of the kiss made Angie flustered, but David told her it meant nothing and that she needed to leave. Before she could say anything else, he shut the door in her face.

Ryan went home and, after he sent Corinna on her way, explained to Emma that her mom would stay at the hospital until she got all the help she needed. Then, when Emma put her head down and covered her eyes, Ryan told her that he wished she wouldn't cry. Emma told him that she had actually said a prayer - one that would bring her mother home by Christmas.

Jack stopped by to see Erica and she told him that she not only felt great, but she thought that she would be discharged any day. She confessed that she had her heart set on a move into a wonderful condo, but the construction had been delayed due to the tornado. Without a missed beat, Jack opened up his home to her. She acted surprised and used the offer to find out where his relationship with Carmen stood. Jack told her that they were fine and that she should consider his offer a favor for a friend. She quickly spun her options and told Jack that she would stay at the Chandler mansion. Although slightly taken aback, Jack mostly took the announcement in stride, and took his leave. Once gone, Erica called Adam and took him up on his original offer, much to Adam's glee.

Jesse decided that he would head home, so, after he left the Martin homestead, Tad placed a call to his wife's phone. He got her voicemail and asked that she either call him when she got the message, or just come home. Across town, Krystal's phone blinked to signify a new message. It went unnoticed as she stood by the fire crying until David came back in. He told her that Angie had been looking for her, but that he got rid of her. He then instructed Krystal to sit back down with the warm milk he had prepared for her, and, without prompting, she drank it.

Greenlee decided to be the friend her father suggested, and brought a tree over to Ryan's so that he could decorate it with his little girl. At the same moment, Aidan showed up at the hospital and paid an orderly to let him in to visit Annie. She acted dazed at his arrival, but told him that she needed something. When he asked after her request, she told him to come closer, which he did. When he got close enough, she caught him off guard, punched him in the stomach and then hopped on top of him and started to strangle him."

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