11/19/2008 Aidan Needs Surgery

"Ryan saved Emma from a burning church. Ryan and Annie were relieved to see their daughter alive and safe. Jesse pulled Ryan aside to discuss the kidnapping. Jesse thought that the kidnapping was a set up and Annie was involved. Ryan said that he could not think about that because he needed to concentrate on his daughter. Then, Ryan went to Emma and stated that her mother and father would never let anything bad happen to her again.

Aidan was writhing in pain in his hospital bed as he tried to talk to Greenlee. He obscurely stated, "It all began on the day of the tornados when I found you and Ryan together." She did not understand what he was trying to convey. He then said, "It was me." She was still confused. Aidan then passed out in pain and Jake rushed in. Jake announced that Aidan needed surgery immediately.

Ryan, Annie, Emma, and Jesse arrived at the hospital. As Emma was being treated for smoke inhalation, a Puerto Rican cop tried to arrest Annie. Ryan grabbed the cop and told him to leave his wife alone. Jesse asked to speak with the Puerto Rican Police privately.

Greenlee relayed Aidan's cryptic statements to Ryan. They wondered if Aidan knew Annie was involved in the kidnappings. Greenlee wanted Annie to pay, and Ryan promised that she would. But first, Ryan needed to get evidence that Annie was behind the kidnapping, which meant that he had to feign kindness towards Annie.

Jake came out of surgery and told Greenlee that he did not have the proper equipment and staff in the Puerto Rican clinic to save Aidan. Jake said that he needed to fly Aidan back to Pine Valley for emergency surgery.

Jesse announced that he and the Puerto Rican Police made a deal. Ryan and Annie could return to the U.S. because Jesse was taking over Di's murder case. In exchange, Ryan had to pay the police $10,000. Ryan told Emma that they were going home and that he loved her very much. Then, he took Annie by the hand and led his family out of the hospital. Annie smiled.

Colby was helping Brot leave the hospital unseen when they noticed a woman approach Frankie in the hall. Brot was surprised to see that the woman was his mother. Frankie asked Mrs. Monroe if she knew about Brot, and she looked confused. Frankie realized that she did not know her son was alive. Mrs. Monroe said that she came to see Taylor because she heard about her accident. Meanwhile, Colby asked Brot why his mother did not know he was alive. Brot affirmed that he did not want anyone to know, not even his mother.

Mrs. Monroe visited Taylor. Mrs. Monroe apologized to Taylor for lying, but Taylor was confused. Mrs. Monroe explained that she knew who Taylor was when she came to see her. Mrs. Monroe said that she formed a spiritual connection to Brot and she worried that Taylor would ruin it. Taylor said that she understood. Then, Mrs. Monroe revealed that Brot talked about Taylor a lot. Mrs. Monroe thanked Taylor for making her son happy and loving him. Mrs. Monroe handed Taylor a picture that Brot sent her. The picture showed Brot and Taylor hugging as Taylor showed off her engagement ring.

After Mrs. Monroe left, Frankie could tell that Taylor was upset. Taylor began to cry. She explained that she could sense Brot, as if he was close by. She admitted that she liked Jake, but she could not get over Brot. Frankie encouraged her to leave the past behind her and move on.

Adam feared that someone was in his house, so he searched the mansion with a gun in his hand. He was shocked to see Pete lurking in his living room. Pete explained that he was looking for Colby. Adam noticed that Pete was in a tuxedo and inquired why. Pete divulged that he was trying to impress Colby, but it did not work. Pete was worried because he could not find Colby anywhere. Adam assumed that Colby was hiding from Pete. Pete worried that Colby was infatuated with someone at the hospital. Adam told Pete to get his "mind out of his pants," so he could work at Fusion again. Adam wanted Pete to spy on Erica and get dirt on her. Pete said that he would consider returning to his job, if Colby was an intern at Fusion. Adam agreed to try to convince Colby to work at Fusion. Pete left, but after Adam went to sleep, Pete reentered the mansion.

Colby brought Brot into her home. Pete confronted Colby and demanded to know who she was with. When Pete saw Brot, he stared at his face. Colby told Pete to stop staring and to leave the property. Brot wanted to leave because he did not want to deal with Pete. Colby told Brot that she had a great place for him to stay and they left the mansion, but Pete stayed.

When Colby returned to the mansion, Pete inquired about Brot. Colby refused to answer any questions. He accused her of having feelings for Brot. She yelled at him to leave her alone, so he left the mansion.

Zach tape-recorded messages to Kendall, so the doctors could play them to her. Bianca overheard one of Zach's recordings and chimed in. Bianca told Kendall to wake up because she missed her very much.

Bianca, Reese, and Zach reminisced about the night that Zach agreed to be their donor. Bianca, Reese, and Zach were in France drinking wine at Bianca and Reese's favorite restaurant. Bianca and Reese revealed that they wanted to have a baby together and Bianca unexpectedly asked Zach to be the donor. Initially Zach refused, but after Bianca went to sleep, Zach and Reese stayed up until dawn talking. Zach could tell how much Reese and Bianca loved each other, so he agreed to be their donor.

Bianca and Reese told Zach that they wanted him and Kendall to be Gabrielle's godparents. Zach said that he would be honored, and he assumed that Kendall would be as well."

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