11/20/2008 Gabrielle's Christening

"Tad brought Krystal breakfast in bed, but she was not hungry. Tad said Krystal was being too hard on herself for Babe's death and JR's decision to move back into Adam's home. Krystal said Tad was being completely insensitive by suggesting she forget Babe. Tad told Krystal he would never want her to forget Babe. Krystal said Tad, of all people, should understand her loss. Angrily, Krystal threw on some new clothes and stormed out of the house.

JR dreamed of Babe telling him how much she loved him. JR awoke and stared at the empty spot beside him the bed. JR went downstairs, but Adam noticed he looked tired. JR said he had trouble sleeping in the bed without Babe. JR and Little Adam went to see Krystal and Tad. Tad said Krystal bolted out of the house after they got into a disagreement.

Amanda went to see David after he claimed to have urgent news. David wanted to remind Amanda that she needed to bring down JR. First, David suggested Amanda change her outfit. He showed her a blue dress Babe wore that was sprawled out on a chair. Amanda refused to wear the dress. She thought it was weird and disrespectful to Babe. David said that JR was the reason Babe died. Amanda allowed David to put the blue dress on her.

Krystal found herself seeking help from David. David asked Krystal why she was so upset. Krystal explained the fight she had with Tad. David said that no one, not even Tad, understood how Krystal was feeling without Babe. Krystal said the pain was so unbearable that it was hard not to cry in front of Kathy, Jenny, or Little Adam. Krystal sobbed in David's arms. Krystal said she felt like David understood her pain.

Erica told Adam she was not in love with him. Adam pushed Erica to admit she was wildly crazy about him. Erica said she only got close to Adam to save Fusion. She thanked him for allowing her to stay in the mansion, but asked that her belongings be sent to the newly renovated Yacht Club.

Zach visited Kendall before Gabrielle's christening ceremony. He begged her to wake up. A doctor told Zach that Kendall's condition was holding steady. Zach asked why Kendall was not making any progress. The doctor asked Zach to be patient and assured him Kendall was receiving the best care. The doctor hurried off to check on another patient. Zach kissed Kendall on the forehead, played a tape of Spike singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and left. Kendall's eyes fluttered open for a few seconds before she went back into a comatose state.

Bianca called someone Reese knew and said they both needed the person on the phone. Bianca quickly got off the phone as Reese walked into the room. Reese asked Bianca if she felt well. Bianca said she just wanted everything to be perfect for the christening. Reese said being a family was the only thing that mattered to her. Erica arrived at Zach's home for the christening. She called Amanda and Randi at Fusion to inform them that Fusion and Cambias Industries would host a fundraiser. All of the proceeds would go to help tornado victims. Erica asked Randi to head up the fundraiser, even though Amanda was in charge of special events.

The pastor arrived at Zach's house. He tried to tell Erica something, but she interrupted him so he could meet Bianca and Reese. The pastor said he was not aware Bianca's partner, Reese, was a woman. He assumed Reese was a man. The pastor said he did not feel comfortable performing the ceremony. Instead, the pastor suggested Reese and Bianca wait for Erica's regular pastor to return to Pine Valley. Appalled, Erica ushered the pastor out of Zach's house. Bianca thanked her mother for handling the preacher. Zach and Jackson arrived at the christening. Erica found another pastor who conducted the ceremony. Afterwards, Bianca admitted that she called Reese's mother to ask her to be a part of their family. But Reese's mother hung up. Erica said Reese had a new family of her own to love and support her.

Amanda was highly insulted with the way Erica treated her. She told Randi that one day she would be running Fusion. But first, Amanda figured she needed to get rich again. She called David to confirm their deal - she got $500,000 if she brought JR down. Amanda said it was practically a done deal already. She frantically called JR and claimed it was too overwhelming to be at Fusion without Babe. JR arrived and was immediately taken back when he saw Amanda wearing Babe's dress. Amanda claimed Babe gave it to her. JR started angrily untying and ripping the dress."

- Soap Central