11/18/2008 Annie & Ryan Escape

"Krystal told David that JR and Little Adam were moving back into the Chandler mansion. David said it was not wise for Little Adam to be near Adam. Krystal said Little Adam was having trouble sleeping without Adam around. She said the Chandler mansion was really the only home Little Adam knew. David said the home was surrounded with memories of Babe being emotionally tortured by JR. Krystal tried to convince David that JR had become a better man, but David figured it was only a matter time before JR became just like his father.

JR asked Amanda to stay at the mansion. He said it would help him to be near someone else who loved Babe. Krystal went inside the house to see Amanda and JR. Amanda said it felt strange to be in the house without Babe. Krystal asked JR if he had decided to move in with Adam. JR said it was what Little Adam wanted. Krystal left to go home. JR and Amanda shared stories about how Babe changed their lives. Before she left, JR thanked Amanda for listening to him.

Jake told Taylor he liked her beautiful, vulnerable side that many people don't get to see. Brot, who was listening outside the door, heard Taylor tell Jake she could possibly fall in love with him. Jake joked that most of his patients, including a bird with a broken wing, always fell in love with him. Greenlee called the hospital to speak to Jake. She told him that Aidan had been shot while they were in Pine Key. Greenlee begged Jake to come save Aidan. Jake told Greenlee he was on his way. She went into Aidan's room, grabbed his head and told him Jake was coming. The doctors managed to stabilize Aidan until Jake arrived. Once Jake got there, he told Greenlee that the bullet had to be removed. Aidan woke up and whispered that he needed to tell Greenlee something important.

Tad visited Taylor. Taylor apologized for being mean to him the last time they spoke. Tad said he figured Jake's influence played a role on her new positive attitude. Krystal snuggled into bed with Tad. She told him JR and Little Adam were moving back into the Chandler mansion. But Krystal admitted that, deep down, she worried Little Adam would be influenced by Adam. Tad said he and Krystal would make sure Little Adam turned out as well as JR had.

Colby found Brot in his nesting spot at the hospital. After seeing Brot watch Taylor and Jake, she knew that Brot was involved with Taylor. Frankie knocked on the door. Brot hid in the corner while Colby explained that she was taking a nap. Frankie said he heard Colby talking to someone. She said it was just talking in her sleep. Colby shut the door and pretended to walk away. But she went back inside after Frankie was gone. Brot thanked Colby for not ratting him out to Frankie. Colby encouraged Brot to come clean with Frankie and Taylor. She offered to help Brot, whether he stayed or left, but wanted to know more about him and why he was in Pine Valley. Brot explained his relationship to Taylor. Colby was shocked Brot would not tell his fiancée he was alive. But Brot was ashamed of his appearance. He said he came to Pine Valley to make sure Taylor was happy. Brot wanted to leave town after seeing Taylor was happy with Jake. Brot asked Colby to help him get to a bus station. Afterwards, Brot would figure out what to do with his life. Colby said she knew a place Brot could stay temporarily.

Rebecca and Natalia thanked Angie for the offer to stay with her and Jesse. David was surprised when he overheard Angie telling Rebecca and Natalia that they would be released. David was even more surprised the pair would be rooming with her and Jesse. Angie said David was invading her patients' privacy, and she would take it up with Joe. Angie asked Rebecca to sign a form that stated whether or not she wanted to be resuscitated should another medical emergency arise. Natalia thought the idea was insane. Rebecca insisted that she wanted to sign the form. Natalia snatched the form and Frankie escorted her out of the room. She decided to bring the form back to Rebecca. Rebecca signed it and handed it over to Angie. Rebecca told Natalia that she was not scared to die. In fact, she saw it as an adventure.

Annie looked at the key in Ryan's hand. She told him they needed to escape and find Emma. Ryan said he would look for Emma alone while Annie stayed behind. Annie was scared to be alone at the prison. She feared the police would think she killed Di. Annie said Di made it sound like Emma only had a limited amount of time left to live. When a guard was not looking, Ryan and Annie snuck out of the cell. They went back to the hotel room where Di was staying with Emma. Ryan frantically searched for clues as Annie assumed the worst for Emma. Ryan found a rosary and thought it might have belonged to Di. Jesse was not surprised to see Annie and Ryan back in the hotel room. Annie said she was not going back to jail. Jesse had no intentions of locking her back up. He sent the cop on a wild goose chase to give them time to search the room. Ryan showed Jesse the rosary, which had the same wax on it that Jesse found on Di's purse. The cop returned and pointed a gun at Ryan. Ryan managed to overcome the officer, pointed the gun at him, and demanded to know where all of the local churches were. Jesse handcuffed the cop to a chair as Annie and Ryan rushed off to the nearest church.

Emma woke up alone in a room and called out for Di. She walked around the room, which appeared to be inside a church. No one answered when Emma asked to be let out. Emma tried to open the door, but it was locked. Emma saw a window in the room. She pulled a chair over to the window. A flickering candle fell to the floor and set the curtains on fire. Smoke emerged from the building as Jesse, Annie, and Ryan arrived. They heard Emma crying out from inside. Jesse and Ryan kicked the door open. Ryan went inside for Emma while Jesse held a frantic Annie back from the flames."

- Soap Central