11/17/2008 Annie & Di Struggle

"David kissed Amanda long and hard. He stated that the purpose of a kiss was to leave the other person wanting more. Amanda promised to try to seduce JR again the next day, but David was not satisfied. He handed her a cup of coffee to help sober her up, so she could meet with JR right away. She started to feel guilty about playing JR. David reminded her that JR used her many times. He also stated that he was paying her a lot of money to ruin JR's life. Amanda drank the coffee.

Krystal brought Little Adam to his grandfather's mansion. Adam was surprised to see his ex-wife so late at night. She explained that Little Adam could not sleep because he wanted to be in his old bedroom. She said that she had tried everything to get the little boy to sleep, but nothing had worked. Adam was happy that she came to his home. Adam told his grandson that he was always welcome at the family home, as long as JR was fine with it. Adam asked Krystal if JR knew where she brought his son. She replied that she left JR a message.

JR was in the elevator at Fusion as he stared at the bottle of champagne in his hands. He almost took a sip of the alcohol, but he threw the bottle against the wall instead. Then, he saw the message from Krystal and rushed to the mansion.

JR arrived at the mansion to find Adam reading a bedtime story to Little Adam. The boy was asleep, but JR grabbed him and woke him up. Krystal explained that Little Adam was having trouble sleeping, so she brought him to the mansion to comfort him. Little Adam told his father that he wanted to sleep in his old bedroom. JR said Little Adam could stay one night, so Adam carried his grandson to bed. JR scolded Krystal for bringing Little Adam to the mansion. Krystal understood that JR did not want his son to be influenced by Adam, but she reminded JR that his son was mourning Babe. She felt that the mansion provided Little Adam with a connection to Babe because he grew up in the home with her. She asked JR to put his anger towards Adam aside to help Little Adam deal with his mother's passing. JR agreed.

David and Amanda went to the mansion and secretly watched JR through a window. As JR somberly looked at a picture of Babe, David asked Amanda what she saw. Amanda said that she saw a man in pain. David corrected her and said that she was looking at a vulnerable man that she could exploit. Once again, Amanda felt guilty about taking advantage of JR in his time of need. David commented that Amanda was not strong enough to take down JR. She wanted to prove that she was strong, so she vowed to enact David's treacherous plan. David said that she needed to act like Babe, so she could win JR's heart.

Amanda went inside the mansion to see JR. She profusely apologized for kissing him. She claimed that she did it because she was lonely and missed Babe. She said that she understood if he never wanted to speak to her again. Just as she started to leave, he told her to stay.

David was still peering through the window when Krystal noticed him. She went outside and threatened to call Adam's security detail. He confidently stated that she would not call security on him, and she looked annoyed.

Angie and Frankie talked to Rebecca's oncologist. He stated that, because Rebecca refused chemotherapy, she only had a few weeks to live. He further revealed that Rebecca wanted to go home for the last weeks of her life, instead of staying in the hospital.

Angie and Frankie entered Rebecca's hospital room. Natalia was begging her mother to stay in the hospital. Rebecca told Natalia that she needed to accept Rebecca's inevitable death. Angie told Rebecca that she supported Rebecca's decision to leave the hospital. Angie then pulled Frankie aside to speak privately. She told her son that she wanted to invite Rebecca and Natalia to live with them. Frankie called his mother a kind and caring person, and he promised to support her. Angie then asked Rebecca and Natalia to move into her home. Rebecca refused because she did not want to impose on Angie. Angie stated that Rebecca had sacrificed for others her whole life, so it was her turn to be taken care of. Rebecca began to cry and Angie comforted her.

Brot was hiding in the storage closet and Colby brought him food from the cafeteria. Brot was grateful, so he opened up to Colby. He told her the story of how he got burned in Iraq. She was moved by the story and tried to touch his arm to comfort him, but he pulled away. He yelled that he did not need her pity, so she ran away.

Jake was helping Taylor with her physical therapy. They laughed and flirted with each other. Jake had a French chef deliver Taylor an array of gourmet desserts. She was very impressed with his romantic gesture. She admitted that she could fall in love with him. Meanwhile, Taylor did not know that Brot was outside of her room, listening to her conversation with Jake.

Greenlee, Aidan, and Ryan were outside of Di's hotel room when they heard a gunshot. They entered the room and saw Di lying on the floor and Annie standing over her with a gun in her hand. Annie exclaimed that Di stole Emma and she had to shoot Di in self-defense. Ryan asked Di where Emma was and she replied, "Ask Annie." Just then, Di saw a gun on the floor and grabbed it. Aidan saw Di about to pull the trigger and he jumped in front of Greenlee. Aidan was hit by the bullet and fell to the ground. Then, Di died.

Jesse went to Puerto Rico to help Ryan and Annie find Emma. Jesse joined the Puerto Rican police when they arrived on the scene at the Palm Hotel. Ryan, Annie, and Greenlee were relieved to see Jesse. As the paramedics brought Aidan to the hospital, the police arrested Ryan, Annie, and Greenlee as suspects in Di's murder.

At the police station, Greenlee begged the police to let her see Aidan in the hospital, so they let her go, under Jesse's supervision. The police interrogated Annie. Annie claimed again that Di was the kidnapper and that she shot Di in self-defense. After Annie was put back into the cell with Ryan, they attempted to escape. They tried to flee the cell when a cop opened the door, but they were quickly caught. However, during the escape attempt, Ryan was able to secretly steal keys from one of the cops.

Greenlee was at the hospital and asked the doctor about Aidan's condition. The doctor said that Aidan needed treatment that their hospital could not give him. He feared that Aidan would die, and told Greenlee to say her goodbyes. She refused to let Aidan die and vowed to find a doctor that could save him."

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