11/14/2008 Reese Confides In Zach

"While she eavesdropped outside Zach's office, Bianca overheard Reese tell Zach that her parents had disowned her when she'd come out as a lesbian. She then knocked at the door and pretended that she hadn't heard the conversation. Reese welcomed her warmly and asked Bianca if she wanted to see the plans she'd drawn up for Zach's office. Reese and Zach continued to talk over some details after she finished showing off her designs to Bianca. Bianca crossly interrupted their small talk and asked if they were done. Zach picked up on her need to be alone with her fiancée, so he grabbed his jacket and left in short order.

Once Zach had vacated the office, Bianca immediately confronted Reese with the truth about her parents. Reese tried to pretend that it wasn't a big deal, but Bianca made it clear that it was a big deal to her when she realized that Reese had lied about her relationship with her parents. Reese told her that she'd moved on long before and that it really wasn't important in her life anymore, as she had all the family she needed in Bianca and their daughters. Bianca retorted that if it hadn't been important, she wouldn't have told Zach.

Reese insisted that her revelation hadn't been intentional, but Bianca felt more of an explanation was needed. Reese told her that she didn't have the support and love that she should have had, the way Bianca had. Bianca reminded her that Erica hadn't always understood, but Reese told her that eventually, Erica had accepted her as she was. Reese then pointed out that her mother was a control freak, and for as long as she could remember, she had always done what her mother demanded of her. Bianca then asked what had changed that had allowed her to come out, and Reese broke down and explained that Bianca herself had been the catalyst. When they'd met and Reese had realized that she had fallen in love with the woman she was supposed to be with, she'd wanted to tell everyone -- and that included her parents.

Reese sat Bianca down and explained in depth what had happened when she'd flown home to tell her parents that she was gay. Bianca shared every ounce of pain as the story flowed out and felt tremendous guilt at how she'd lashed out. Reese admitted that when she'd talked to Zach, he had reminded her of her father, and that was the only reason she had told him the story. She tried to apologize, but Bianca wouldn't hear of it. Bianca then realized that Reese's parents didn't know that they shared a child. Reese sorrowfully acknowledged that fact but promised that she would one day introduce her father to her daughter.

Bianca and Reese made their way home and, intent on making the end of the day better than the rest, Reese made Bianca lie back, relax, and enjoy a foot massage. Bianca acted as though she didn't remember what it meant to relax, so Reese gave her a brief list of the ways she could indulge. Delighted at the prospects, Bianca realized that she wasn't tired anymore and proceeded to make love to the woman that held her heart.

Zach got home, and after he poured himself a drink, he sat at the piano and stared forlornly at a picture of Kendall holding Ian.

David arrived at the Fusion offices and greeted Amanda with a bottle of wine and two glasses. After she asked why he'd stopped to visit, he told her that they needed to put their plan for destroying JR in motion. Amanda wasn't quite sure what he meant, so David explained that he wanted her to use JR's weakness for alcohol as a way to reel him in: get plastered a few times and call on JR for help. After that, he would start to feel more useful and less guarded. Once JR was completely vulnerable, David told her, she could take him down, and the faster she did it, the faster she would get paid. The last part of his statement was all Amanda really needed to hear; she disregarded her glass of wine and began to drink straight from the bottle.

Colby managed to clear the debris off of Brot and insisted that he needed to see a doctor. He refused and told her that if she wanted to help, she needed to unlock a nearby door. Without a thought, she did as he asked. Once he got resettled on the floor, Colby continued to offer assistance, all of which Brot hotly rejected. Frightened at his sharp tone, Colby started to edge toward the door, and when he demanded that she leave him alone, she quickly scurried out the door and closed it behind her.

Jake seemed incredulous that Taylor thought she would run a marathon anytime soon, but when she challenged him to be on the start line with her, he couldn't resist and signed up. He then relented a bit and tried to encourage Taylor to remember that rehab couldn't be rushed. She told him that she fully intended to push herself until she was marathon-ready. Just then, the therapist entered the room and she loudly prodded him to work her out all the time.

Jake tried to rein Taylor in, but she told him to help or get out. He left temporarily but returned just as the therapist ended his session and Taylor started to complain that they had a lot more work to do. The therapist made it out of the room but only because Jake had started to tell Taylor about a new therapy that was available when she was ready. She asked him about it but didn't leave enough time for an answer as she insisted that they go there right away.

Pete fought to get away from a nurse long enough to proclaim his love for Colby over the loudspeaker. She grabbed the receiver from him and warned him that she would call security if he didn't stop fooling around. Pete told her that he wasn't guilty of her charge; rather, he was in love.

Ryan expressed his exasperation over the fact that he and Annie could not get to their daughter. She assured him that the pilot was doing all he could to get them in the air, and Ryan pointed out that Annie's belief in happy endings was one of the things that initially attracted him to her. He then switched tacks back to his frustration over the wait.

In order to distract Ryan, Annie tried to paint a picture of life after Emma's return, where the little girl would share her every day with both of her parents in order to feel safe and secure. Ryan agreed wholeheartedly and, when Annie said that she was glad that she had him to lean on throughout the ordeal, he insisted that they needed to be completely honest with each other. As a way to demonstrate, he told her that when he found out who was responsible, he would make them pay. Before she could respond, the pilot returned and told them the plane had been fixed, and they all dashed off to the plane.

Greenlee vented about Annie's level of insanity if Ryan's belief that she had masterminded the whole scheme turned out to be true. Aidan told her that the only thing that mattered was finding Emma. Greenlee pointed out that the charter didn't take off for hours, and Aidan replied that if they waited that long, Ryan might not ever see his daughter again.

Pete caught up to Colby as she charged down the hall, and he found out that she had missed his PA declaration. Frustrated, she hurriedly asked him what his announcement had been, so he told her that he loved her. Seemingly unfazed, she told him that she had to go and left him beaming in the hall. He noted aloud that he would not give up and called out his love to her one more time. A short time later, Colby charged back through, and after a near run-in with Jake and Taylor, she ran into her hopeful paramour who still wanted to know her reaction to his proclamation. Distracted, Colby told him that sick people needed her and that he needed to grow up.

After Amanda was sufficiently drunk, she managed to get JR to visit her at the office. Moments before he arrived, David gave her a pep talk about what she needed to say and do to reel the young mogul in. When he heard that the elevator had reached their floor, he rushed to his hiding place. JR bustled into the office, and Amanda spun a tale about how she thought she might be an alcoholic and said that she'd called him because he knew what it was like.

After JR ascertained how drunk Amanda really was, he offered to get her food and coffee. David managed to catch her eye and signaled that she couldn't let JR leave, so Amanda sputtered that she wasn't sure what she would do if left alone -- without Babe. JR admitted that he missed Babe all day, every day, and Amanda began to act as though she had made a mistake when she'd called him.

Amanda told JR to leave because everyone else did, but when he told her that he wouldn't, she leaned in and kissed him. JR pulled back immediately and stared at her with alarm. He blasted her for the action, and she apologized, to no avail. He told her that he didn't have time to play her flirtatious games. As she promised it wouldn't happen again, he demanded her car keys, took the remaining wine, and told her not to call him again.

With JR gone, David blazed out into the open and berated Amanda for her botched attempt at carrying out the plan. She apologized repeatedly and said that she would try again when JR returned her keys. David didn't think it was good enough, and told her their deal was off. Meanwhile, in the elevator, JR contemplated the bottle of wine he held and went so far as to tip it up toward his lips. After a moment, he realized how wrong that choice would be, threw the bottle against the wall, and exited the building.

Colby returned to the room in the basement but promptly dropped the flashlight she held when she got a look at Brot's face. He thanked her for the insight into how others would react to him, and she apologized and said that she had just been caught off guard. She then told him that she'd gotten a first aid kit and offered to patch him up. He thanked her but said that when she was done and needed to leave. She left, but a short time later, she returned and asked if there was anyone she could call or anywhere she could take him, but he refused all of her help.

Jake and Taylor arrived at their destination, and Taylor was surprised to see a candlelit dinner for two. Jake explained that while the food was all the body needed to fuel the legs, the real therapy was his request that she dance with him. He turned on the music and told her that she was not allowed to say that she couldn't.

When they arrived at the hotel, Annie was able to lead Ryan to the room she believed held their daughter. He casually questioned why she hadn't mentioned the room number before, but Annie blew it off and said it didn't matter. Ryan made her stand back so that she could avoid further harm and kicked the door in. As he rushed around the interior, hoping to find their little girl, Annie stood near the doorway as a smirk crept across her face.

After Ryan turned up empty-handed, Ryan raged about how the kidnapper had jerked them around. Annie assured him that it had to be the place, as there was no other reason the kidnapper would have whispered the details. She then asked him if he'd slept recently, and when he told her that he wouldn't until he had their daughter back in his arms, she warned him that he wouldn't be able to reciprocate if he was running on fumes. He finally agreed and laid down to rest.

After she was sure he was asleep, Annie sneaked out of the room. As soon as the door clicked shut, Ryan's eyes snapped open. He made a beeline out the door, but his escape was cut short when he ran into Greenlee and Aidan in the hall. Ryan briefed them on what had happened, and the guys initially planned to have Greenlee wait in the room while they split up to track Annie down. Greenlee refused and insisted that she would accompany Ryan.

Annie rushed up two floors and knocked at the door to room 506, where Di was keeping her daughter. Di called out and told her to enter, so Annie rushed in and attempted to reunite with Emma. She was shocked when she realized that he daughter wasn't in the room. Di showed her face and said that Emma couldn't make it. When Annie demanded to see her daughter, Di revealed that she had uncovered Annie's plan via stories on the Internet and said that when all was said and done, Annie would need someone to blame. Annie continued to act as though she didn't know what Di meant, but Di told her that she refused to go to prison for the game that Annie insisted on playing and pointed a gun at her old friend

Ryan, Greenlee, and Aidan reconvened a short time later, and although Ryan and Greenlee hadn't found anything, Aidan reported that an American woman had checked into room 506 an hour before. Ryan said that he'd been with Annie at that time, and Greenlee wondered aloud who else could match that descriptor.

Reese wandered into an empty living room as tears rolled down her face. Zach found her, and when he asked if she was okay, she admitted that she missed her dad. He offered to hug her, but she knew the only hug she wanted was her father's and walked away.

Annie feared for her daughter's safety when Di detailed how she felt things would go. Annie demanded Emma's safe return, but Di said Annie needed to be more generous, as Di was the only one that knew Emma's location. Annie decided to take matters into her own hands and struggled for control of the gun. Just as Ryan, Aidan, and Greenlee arrived outside the door, the gun went off."

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